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A Techs Blog

Whilst we are broadcasting 7 days a week the small technical team are working behind the scenes. For those that might be interested I thought I start a blog of the sorts of technical problems and projects we have at Vintage Radio. I only enter stuff in this section at random, as and when the moment occurs. 

Radio DJ database problems

We use Radio DJ automation software to deliver our scheduled content even when we have Live Days as it also will schedule the live studio feed as well. A great package and its also free and well supported. We moved to the latest version a few months ago but have been having problems with the information about the duration of the programme to be scheduled. Basically some files display durations  exactly 1000 times larger than they actually are. It schedules the progs OK but the display shows the wrong times so its not so easy to check a scheduled play list. and makes the process of scheduling it more difficult than it ought to be. Some files are OK other are not but I cannot work out what needs to  change. Tried CBR and VBR coding, changed the bit rate. Changed the mySQL database character collation, changed Windows language settings - all to no avail. Have been talking with the developers on the  forum and we haven't a solution yet.

Possible aerial site for RSL's

On  17th May Mike and Gordon plus one of our presenters John, visited the owner of a prominent windmill on the Wirral to discuss possibility of installing an aerial and transmitter system. Problems we have to consider are: how to does the  transmitter connect to the studio? Microwave - do we use 5GHz or 2.4GHz systems. A pro spec 5GHz system cost at least £1000. Or do we use broadband but the location has rather flaky broadband with high contention from the ISP and there is no QOS on the link.  Then there is cost of power, insurance, 24/7 access, security, what equipment needs to be at the remote site, what do we install it in, are there any planning permissions or regulations for  the aerial etc.