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Silence is golden - not!

We have spent some considerable time updating our silence detection system to provide greater resilience in the event of studio failures, presenter no shows etc. so that when this happens we can minimise any dead air by playing some of our archive content.

We have been fine tuning our silence detector algorithms and now have two systems, one for our analogue domain and one for the network domain. The software send out an email to the technical team.  We finally installed our trial system this Sunday 28th July 2015 but we noticed the levels were a little awry but it all seemed to be working - until this Monday when it was noticed that the sound just wasn't right and there was some sub-sonic fedback occurring, plus excess noise being introduced into some of our audio codecs which we had been puzzling over for a couple of weeks. The problem we found was that we had managed to create some classic earth loops. It now works well and our audio levels are back on line. The oscillation was affecting the amplifiers and codecs causing the levels to be depressed. We also had some faulty cables which didn't help. We had to spend another couple of hours on Monday sorting it all out whilst live programmes were going out. We had to introduce quite a few programme breaks which didn't help the presenters whilst they were trying to broadcast and conduct interviews. There being two grown men lying on the studio floor recabling and setting up various pieces of electronics under the studio desk!