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I hate anti-virus software - not really!

I haven't posted on my Techs Blog for some time. We did some routine software upgrades last Saturday to our studio jukebox and to our streaming system. Both worked well. Managed to lose a few database entries on the jukebox but nothing that couldnt be easily fixed. Sunday morning came and no broadcast! Logged in remotely and no streamer! Attempted to reload remotely - nothing doing. So frantic drive into studio.Evntually worked out that it was possibly the  anti-virus but station back on air and then I had to drive to Stafford.  Monday morning came. Same thing. Dashed into studio. This tiem checked the forums. It seems that our anti-virus software (Microsoft Essential) has been flagged on the  Radio DJ forum as corrupting Radio DJ installations. In fact it had decided that the Radio DJ code was Malware and emoved every instance of it from the system. Odd but some werent't having anuy problems. We have now changed our Anti-virus software and have put in an excpetion just in case.

The story doesnt stop there. I wnet home, had a coffee and was monitoring teh system. teh new Av sofatwre asked to do an initial run. It worked quite happily then my remote access screen went blank. Back into studio. For me a 16 mile round trip,  the new anti-vrus software had decided our remote access software was malware and blocked its operation! Again another exception. Tuesday and all seems calm.