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A good engineering day in the studio

Had a good day in the studio. Steve, our new tech support team member sorted out the foam sound insulation. The manufacturer had told us to use a particular adhesive. We did and the tiles started to drop off – admittedly it took 2 years to do so. Steve did the regular updates on three of our PC's. I swapped out a Win 8 PC that runs our desk encoder function in the back office system with another. Both Windows 8 PC's work well but they refused to see our network drives. One was persuaded (after a lot of Googling) to speak to our net drives. The other is still sulking! Windows 7 never gave us a problem. Why does Microsoft always seem to have problems with networking.

Icecast decided to play hard ball but Steve sorted me out. Steve has now sorted out the WiFi in the studio and improved the Studio Live light.

The Desk Encoder PC, now that it can see the net drives, will hopefully start doing the auto backups again. Also we hope that the desk encoder on the new PC will start on our Tuesday Live day tomorrow. Radio DJ – our programming system always seems temperamental after a few days of not switching to the live studio feed. Its almost as if it wants a rest! I shall be sitting there at 8am waiting to see if it all comes on-line. It worked when I tested it today!

Took another PC home. The last one that's running Windows XP. Its used to run Audacity and provide an editing function in the studio. It will be converted to Linux Mint. Mint runs well on old PC's. We have three elderly PC's which ran XP. Two now run Mint and Firefox. They are only used for browsing.