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Vintage Radio PC upgrades - April 2014

All of our PC's are now upgraded to Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux Mint. We have no PC's running Windows XP. One is still to be finally upgraded to Windows 8.1 and then the application software downloaded and configured.


Whilst its not difficult, it does take quite a while to upgrade a PC. Firstly I have to collect the PC from the studio - an hour round trip plus time taken to extricate it from the  cabling and take it back (about 3 hours in total),  then I have to check that the PC is compatible with whatever OS is being loaded. Then I have to load Windows 8.1 etc. and then load all the subsequent updates since the Windows install disc was made. This typically takes several hours both to download and then install the updates. Then the application software has to be downloaded and confgured. This can also take several hours. Finally the PC has to be returned to the studio, installed and commissioned. All this, when  you add it up, typically takes a good day. Thats right - about 8 or 9 working hours per PC, if I am lucky.  So far I have upgraded 4 with a 5th waiting in the wings. The 5th is waiting finding sufficient funds to get a new Windows 8 licence. Until then we have to rely on nothing failing!