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A frustrating day in the studio 26/7/13

I ahd a list of things to do so arranged to spend most of the in the studio.  Got the new 4TB RAID system working but a) it wouldn't interface with the supposedly compatible APC UPS system we recently purchased and b) it wouldn't shut down or reboot via its management software. I also put some new firmware in but that made no discernible difference. So am sending it back to ebuyer and getting a refund and will get another make. The other RAID worked OK with the UPS. I have now given up on Seagate NAS's and will probably get a Buffalo or Zyxel once I get our money back.

I also looked at the three record decks in the studio as had been gettingrequest from presenters to be abale to play vinyl discs - remember those.  My old deck gives  a good sound but the cartridge keeps dropping out - due to some plastic mouldings that are broken, so that's a non-starter. The second desk is incompatible with my cartridge so can't use that as its cartridge is broken. There is a third one and that's sort of works but the sound quality is appalling. It now has an audio health warning attached to it. Have suggested to our vice-presidenthe might look for some of his £10 specials unless someone has one to donate. 

So I didn't get round to looking at sync software. All in all 1 step forward and 5 back! Very frustrating..