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Windows 7, Radio DJ and resilience

Added a new server to our back office systems last week. Split two sets of software on two Atom based PC's over three systems. Also had to put all software onto one of the PC's to act as a multi-purpose backup to any of the others. The new server is Windows 7  with Net4 installed. Then found that our streaming software works under net4 but is really less fragile and a lot happier with Net3.5. Installing Net3.5 and its service pack should have been straightforward but wasn't but it got there in the end. I really love Microsoft at times!

Unfortunately our recovery solution is not that  elegant but we have one and recovery will take several hours to a day but at least we have a backup strategy that gives us a degree of resilience against single faults. Our streamer was an Atom based Asus nettop (running Windows XP) that has been running for the past 2.5 years or so. We have to reboot to do OS updates. Similarly we have a smart ethernet switch which gives us multiple VLANs for the studio LAN and a enterprise scale router and firewall appliance.  If these break we have to use some spare 2nd hand consumer style kit. We lose the VLAN capability, not ideal but its a a solution. When you have little cash to build a solution you have to be a little creative at times.

Have finally managed to get in place a programme archive strategy that gives us physical and geographical resilience for our programme files. File structure still needs some work.

Found a really good and very flexible data file (and is free) backup software package called Cobian. (