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Recording our Live Day programmes

All our Live Day programmes are recorded automatically. We do this so we can re-use some of the live material again. For some time we have been recording the complete Live Days output as a single mp3 file. Mainly because we haven't been able to find the right software that didn't cost us anything that would produce recordings in 1 hour chunks! Our typical Live Day files produced mp3 files of about 1GB. Not exactly easy to move around let alone edit. We changed our software to one that could be fully automated earlier in the year. It had been working quite hqppily until November when we discovered that our recordings were being corrupted - actually the recordings were too distorted to re-use. We haven't been able to check all files yet as we have quite a back log of materail to check. It looks as if just recordings in the first 2 weeks of November were affected. We have no idea what has caused this as nothing had been changed. The only possible answer is that a Windows update had somehow affected the sound card drivers and hence the  sound levels. Unlikely but possible. However, since the middle of November we changed to a briliiant new piece of software by it uses a GUI based scheduling system and for the past month approx. has been totally bomb proof and has also produced excellent recordings. It allows us to produce our Live Day recording in  hourly files which makes moving them around and editing the files very straightforward. Most Live Day programmes are in 1 hr or 2 hr chunks.The software is also free. The developers are also very helpful and responsive.

We do have a studio based recorder but this is used for in-studio recording of prgrammes and those presenters that wish to make a individual record of their live programmes.