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Idle hands

In our Green Room we requred a PC for simple web browsing by office staff. As we had no spare Windows XP licences I installed Ubuntu Linux partly on the basis that we had no Linux users and hence would discourage tinkering whilst still offering a Windows like experience. It was only really there to offer a browser to access the Vintage web site and our webmail account. Despite that idle hand went to work and made a mess of the desktop and rendered the PC virtually unusable. It wasn't actually clear what they were doing. We have a technical team available to answer questions (me!) - like how do I do this????? and it doesn't work! So I normally would have had a 16 mile round trip to fix the problem. Fortuntely I was coming to listen to a lecture on FM vs DAB courtesy of the IET at the YMCA and someone drove me there so it wasn't too much of a problem.