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Thursday 23rd August

We are putting a small 2nd studio - primarily for training together and one of the PC's we use was on an extreme go slow. Sorted that - it was a donated freebie and the registry was clogged solid. Why can't people uninstall software properly  I'll nver know. It now runs surprisingly well for its age. Had to go in today as it now won't work with any of the spare monitors. It turns out that the video card was incompatible with the monitor - an elderly flat  screen. Don't know whay that was the case. All working now.

The  Green Room browser and email PC needed its firewall updating but  won't upgrade and hung at 90% complete. Eventually after giving it a good telling off it decided to install the new firewall and work properly. Zone Alarm has a lot to answer for! But its made me look at alternative firewalls - Online armour looks interesting.

Web site CMS (Joomal) software is now at latest security build but now its decided to become  partially incompatible with Chrome browsers.The backup software crashed after I did a backup and the new backup version won't run. As its free open source I shoudn't complain but I do expect stuff to be fit for purpose. 

Radio DJ - our scheduling system still gives wrong times for file duration. We are expecting a update soon but not holding my breath. Part from that it works a treat and is generally bomb proof. Must get back on forum to see what progress has been made. The only consolation is that  we are not alone in having this problem.