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July 26th Live Day - highs and lows.

System once again comes up and all is well with the world. The backup recording systems all function correctly. Then I find out that no one can access the  emails in the studio. Can't get down to studio until about 1pm - by then probably too late. However, PC works fine just needed to be logged in. For some RTeason Gmail insistes on that PC that we use a Captcha to login as well as the usual user name / password. No idea what teh problem was - all worked. 

Recently changed over some PC's to guest and admin account working. Then discovered LogMein won't work. Another trip looms. 

Having recently installed a new digital recorder in the studio to allow people to make their own single button recordings in the studio and edit them at their  leisure on their home PC's I now find that there  is a demand for in-studio editing. We have spare elderly PC, hasn't seen the net for 2 years - so out of date Wndows, virus checekers etc. - in fact out of date almost everything.  This takes all aftrennon to download all files and update everything. I still ahve to install Audacity and a card reader.

The Office browser is running slow. Too little memory, to old, too slow a processor but it works! But checked all updates are OK on that.

On of our presenters has donated a stack of kit which we plan to turn into a training/second (mini) studio for off-line work. The mixing desk is quite old and rather large and rumour has it that it contains some valves! Really too large so we have a small Behringer desk which needs to be re-purposed and used. This will give us the space we need. Another job for  next week. The PC which came with teh studio kit  just about works. Investigation with registry cleaner software expioes the main problem - registry bloat, software that hasn't been uninstalled correctly etc. has resulted in  a huge registry database full of c**p data. Cleaning this up seems to have now made it usable but not in any sense of the word would you use the term quick in describing its performance.

Still haven't got to the bottom of our file length problem with our scheduling software, have put several post on teh support forum. Several  other users world wide  have the same problem. I hope the developers are working on a solution.

Struggling with our web site access control database to give other users their own page access. The next problem to solve.