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Web site and other ramblings

Made some changes to the web site to make the players nearer the top and larger.  Every player I have tried always seems to have some flaw or won't work with a  particular operating system / browser combo. But at least we have three - an html5 option, a Windows Media player option and a Flash option. Taken off teh radio link as we don't go on the radio waves that often - too costly. The UK government doesn't make it easy for small stations like ours which are staffed by volunteers and rely on grants fro equipment. The big problem is that cash is available to buy, say a new PC but very little seems to be available to go towards \running costs. Perhaps its because you can see a PC but you can't see 12months of operation - what price entertainment?

When you apply for an RSL (Restricted Service Licence) - we have done three so fa since Feb 2009  it costs £400 just to apply irespective of whether or not you are successful! Then once that hurdle is passed you have to pay a couple of thousand for a Wirelsss Telegraphy licence and a Vraodcast Licence. Then if thats not enough you then need to increase your PPL and PRS payments. In a way thats not so bad as at least the musicians ultimately get some benefit but surely licences for community stations should be exempt and get a free licence? If we were commercial undertakings - fair enough but a volunteer based station surely shouldn't have to pay?