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Yet more intermittant problems with transmission

Spent an hour the other day finding a new Flash player several listeners reported intermittent breaks in our transmission. I can't identify any service provider or network faults so decided its the Flash player I put on-line a couple of weeks ago to replace the html5 player which we suspected of causing audio loops with some browser and PC combos.

Everthing seemed OK but after 24 hours started getting getting reports again. Spent more time looking for a new player as I then found our player is not supported. Found one and still get some fault reports. So have now changed the Home page to show three players with a user choice to select the one which works for them. Will have to check the network switches and router logs to see if they are logging any probs, may have to put a network probe on the LAN to see if we are in  fact getting short breaks but the different player buffering is reacting in different ways. We have had network problems due to a faulty LAN segment which we connecetd to on the YMCA network. But that was put apparently fixed by a firmware update to the relevant YMCA router.

Still haven't put a player on our Facebook page yet. Everytime I get close something gets in the way.