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A new studio recording system

When we have been recording progs in the studio we have been using an elderly PC running Audacity editing softawre. Both had the advantage of being free. We have now purchased a pro spec Denon digital recorder which one of our engineers - Ken,  has just installed and commissioned. User feedback is very good. The prog producer still has to edit the programme but they no longer have to babysit the Audacity system etc.. We were very fortunate that Riverside Housing Trust made us a significant award towards the costs of moving and upgrading our studio which has allowed us to buy this recorder. Indeed we should thank the many other organisations which include The Media Trust, Wirral Housing Partnership  etc who have been generous with their awards\and grants and allowed Vintage radio to create its studios provide a platform for both its matrure members as well as providing a compelling and interesting set of programmes 7 days a week.