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Looping audio progs

For some time now we have been having random listener reports whereby the audio stream from our web site seems to go into a loop. Its yet again one of those unrepeatable problems with a high annoyance factor.  We have been using a player called JPlayer that is coded using html5 and will fall back to Flash. The idea being that the html5 will give us compatability with some Apple products that don't support Flash. Regetably it doesn't work with all and only some Android products but works perfectly with Windows and Linux operating systems. But we get this occasional looping - it can usuially be cured by closing your browser and re-starting it. We suspect a browser player compatability issue but we have had problems with IE7,8 and 9 as well as Firefox. Not noticed it wiith any other browsers else yet although we have tried it with Chrome, Safari and Opera. So we have reverted to a Flash based player.with a option to go to another page with the Jplayer and a Windows Media player option.