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New studio build update

A little insight into our recent studio move and update process.

UPDATE 20th May

The new studio is working well, all who use it have appreciated the extra space.

We have had some programme related glitches this week. This has been due to file corruption which causes programmes to be less that their expected length and hence confuinsg the station automation software and creating havoc with our published schedules. We also suspect some problems with our Service Provider which has led to someshort but quite frequent transmission breaks on Thursday and Friday. This is something we are investigating.

UPDATE 3rd May - 0809hrs

We are running our first Live day in our new studio today. Everything seems to be working - possibly tempting fate! Stil have some tidyig up and some more electronics and PC's to upgrade but they are in hand.

UPDATE 27th April

We finally completed the electronics move and re-comissioned all the equipment but it meant we had to cancel or Thursday Live Day on the 26th April.

We still have to comission our recording system in the studio - we will be replacing a a PC running Audacity with a digital recorder which will accept standard SD and SDHC cards like you find in 90% of digital cameras. It will be ordered soon. We still have to finish some decorating in our office area, remove scrap timber etc.

Wez recommend all Vintage members find the time to go and have a look at the new studio. In terms of operating everything is the same place. The only significant difference is that we have a large switch in the studio to switch it on.(and off) although you still have to start and stop the PC's by the usual Windows method.

The move has been possible with the continuing and generous support of the YMCA here at Birkenhead and a grant from the Riverside Housing Trust.


Slow but steady progress today.  Network mostly up and running but still to set up our network VLANSs. A lot of time spent on running and fitting cables plus labelling plugs, sockets etc. Back in again tomorrow.

UPDATE 24th April

We now have a studio that looks like a studio with some working equipment but its not yet finished. We still have a fair bit of work to do hence we have had to postpone the Live Day this Thursday (26th April) but we will be playing some of our extensive back catalogue of programmes.

A couple of pics from today (24th April) showing Barry and Ken hard at work.

Barry and Ken hard at workKen and BArry hard at work

We have installed the basic studio and done some basic tests but have the following work still to do:

Check and set up levels for our distribution amplifier network

Setup the Live Day desk encoder system and run the cables to the encoder server.

Do basic studio audio check. We have out some new style acoustic cladding in and and we need to see that its doing the job and whether we need to add more on the other walls.

Finish attaching remaining acoustic tiles along bottom of wall - mainly for appearance sake

Bundle the audio, power and network cables into their cable runs.

Label all 13A plug tops and finish equipment labelling

Configure studio LAN - setting up three new VLANs

Test Live Day configuration

Move Streaming server and reconfigure in new location

Configure and test RAID storage

Setup Live Day recording system

Check that all studio PC's are up to date with latest software patches and anti-virus updates

Update playout software database

No doubt we will have forgotten something!

UPDATE 20th April

We started the move of the electronics today. Most of the equipment has been moved out of the old studio but nothig is connected yet. Still a lot to do. Aiming to be complete before our next Live day (Thursday 26th) but weshall see.

UPDATE 14th April

The studio area is now painted and ready to take the electronics, PC's etc and this phase  is planned to start on the Friday 20th.

We urgently need some volunteers to paint the Green Room/Office area. All paint and dustsheets are supplied you just need your old clothes ad some paint brushes (all paint is water based so the brushes will wash out). Contact Mike or Sandy.

The studio structure is finished pending sound checks and has had some mre paint since this pic was taken.. We may need to put some more acoustic cladding on the walls. As you can see the office area (left hand pic) is still not quite finished


We have finally started building our new studio build. The YMCA in Birkenhead, where we are based, kindly offered us a new larger room for our studio. This will allow us to create a larger studio as our current one is a little on the cosy side. It will also give us some much needed office space, our own 'green room' area for guests on our Live Days and it will also allow us to build an additional small studio for individual recording and training purposes.

We started the build on the 18th of March 2012. We have a lot of work to do just for the basic studio space. Once the studio structure is built, and decorated as required,   it will divide the room into two work areas.  Once the  partition is built the rest of the work starts. We have to sort out the acoustics, move all the electronics from the old studio to the new, hopefully with minimal downtime. The electronics move means the installation of a new studio LAN, addition of secure RAID storage for our archives, recabling of all audio and network cables including renaming and identifying all cables and running them in dedicated conduits. We are restructuring our power distribution to make it easier and simpler to switch the studio on for lIve day

Here are a few of pictures of our studio move building team Sandy, Jan and Ken who have done  fantatstic job. The first two were taken on the 19th March. The bottom two were taken on 26th Marc showing the tremendous progress the guys have made.

If any Vintage Radio members are reading this we do need some people to volunteer to help with painting and wall papering. We may also need some help with curtains.