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Wirral OPP Important Housing Event

As a member of Vintage Radio and Wirral OPP, I attended a packed house public meeting in the Magnificent Lever Hulme Hall on the Port Sunlight Estate.This event superbly organised By Cath Ford and Ray Johnson of Wirral OPP 

IMG 6624and assisted by Wendy Cox a well-known and respected advocate and campaigner for decent comfortable homes for the elderly with a long history of working with many organisations and authorities with the aims to have building organisations and federations design from the beginning to not only to house newlyweds with children growing but also sustainable and managed property able to accommodate the elderly needs of an ever growing population as people live longer and their personal needs change with time and the design, specification, and completions of new property should respect and reflect this plus the enormous task of conversion or adaptation of present property.

This whole event brought together Councils, Health Care Providers, Experts and Specialist in the fields of Housing, Downsizing, and “later Life Housing & Care Options” also “Care & Repair” “First Stop”, Wirral Age UK, plus valuable information from “SilverLinks” leaflets. Wirral Emergency Services booklet “Wirral Safety News” curtesy of Mid Wirral Crime Prevention Panel, together with Leaflets and contact details “Extra Help” cleaning services, “Home Share Possibilities’” and affordable accommodation and a host of representatives on the top table answering questions from the 100 invited guests from numerous groups and bodies involved in the Housing, Care, and Practical needs of the ever growing and aging population. The facilities and catering service for this important meeting was excellent as was the various speakers providing valuable and informative answers to the numerous questions and sometimes highlighting incidents or events raised by the public present. Including the needs and facilities for Disabled members of our communities. Jayne Green representing “Connect Us” asked for Your Ideas, Your Future, Your Community, and the influence “Involve” or the “Spark Fund” have on supporting social action. I am hoping Jayne Green will come along to our studio and we can chat about the work she is involved in. Of course, as normal Vintage Radio extends the invitation for any representatives of voluntary community groups to get in touch via our website and Programme Controller visit our studio for an informal chat about the work, ambitions, and events within the Community Sector.

Sandy Cameron Vintage Radio May 2018                                                                                                                 


Bidston Hill Celebrations 2018

This historic internationally renowned combination of Bidston Light House, The Observatory, and the Heritage Trail, The Windmill, all in close proximity to the Tam O’Shanter Cottage and Urban Farm are having a very special Open Day in May of 2018 and it’s a unique opportunity to learn and experience the fantastic history of this very special attraction clustered together on the magnificent Bidston Hill. The friends Groups and organisations connected with these special places have combined there forces to make the open day spectacular and a wonderful day out suitable for all the family on a fun day including Punch and Judy, Novelty Chocolate Stall,  Small Farm Animals, with the availability of refreshments and facilities. Get hold a of the booklet with umpteen pages of fascinating Historic Information , Photographs, and details of the features like Taylor's Wood, The Windmill, Rock Carvings, The Lighthouse and Observatory, the Cock pit, North Heath, and many other items on route to the Tam O’Shanter Cottage.


Colourful New Brighton

The title Colourful New Brighton does not just refer to the fantastic achievement for Carl and Rose Leckey in reaching the 100 mark with the wonderful benches now adorning the Promenade at New Brighton. This magnificent notable bench mark has been reached through the time and effort a number of willing Community people have put into the scheme.

IMG 0233

From the original concept of the idea and the use of the youngsters in the design and presentation to the Council Officials and convincing the engineering department this was a practical Design, Build, and Installation using an amazing recycling of waste plastic composition. Fully able to withstand all the rigours of public seating not to mention the weather conditions that can prevail along what is sometimes a storm swept coast line as the majestic promenade along the sea front in New Brighton.

Visitors and residents in New Brighton have welcomed the bright colourful seating and remarked how it helps to brighten up the day as well as the practical usage and an avid interest to read and take in the sentiments on the numerous little plaques attached to the seating. Messages both Personal and of Commercial interest for those who have kindly made donations offered practical support.

Carl and Rose very kindly came into Vintage Radio Studio and spent some time chatting about themselves and the various enterprising schemes they are involved in this well-known and wonderful couple spend all their spare time in promoting, encouraging, and assisting a wide range of Community Based activities plus championing the needs and necessary requirement’s for Disabled members of the public as active members of Wirral Older People Parliament amongst other equally worthwhile groups. Their visit to Voluntary Community Based Vintage Radio studio in the YMCA Building in the heart of Birkenhead was an honour, as well as profoundly entertaining for our members and the listeners alike. Vintage Radio has invited them to come back again at their convenience because we have only scratched the surface of the life style and upbringing of Carl and Rose.IMG 6589 Carl was interested in chatting to a couple of our presenters who were just about to embark on their own show Suzie and Ali have a regular spot every Tuesday and when not discussing “Earth Matters” environmental impact and events happening throughout the world, also do a session of “Chatty Ladies” and welcome people to come along and participate.

Sandy Cameron (March 2018)


Wirral History and Heritage Fair 2018

Their tenth year of featuring this event, also the tenth year that Vintage Radio has also had a presence In the Form of Roger Wright, Will Redfearn, Gordon Nicolson, certainly in the morning. To put things into a nutshell for the nostalgic you could taste a little of what is was like to travel round Merseyside in the years long ago, the magnificent Vintage Busses were lined up outside the entrance.  Then you enter the very Historic but vastly underused Birkenhead Town Hall, that in itself a delving into its own History would be a lifetime occupations. Visitors moved along the central Corridor to the ornate richly decorated staircase to the first floor and for those so inclined sample the delights of amongst others Riverside Museum curtesy of Chester University. The ever present Wilfred Owen Commemoration, and of course the world famous Woodside Model. The for the likes of myself more stairs up to the next level whilst many other availed themselves of the lift facilities on the second floor landing the golden opportunity to travel through time or chat to the Vintage Radio Members on station and even a blast from the past Lyn Quarrell and Mike McDonnell, catching up with some other founder members of Vintage Radio.


From here and other areas the huge number of exhibitors has their stalls a and displays for all to peruse, question , and explore what a complete Aladdin’s café of interest and hobbies  even dedications ranging from Antiques or Animals right through Birkenhead Society’s Cheshire Home Guard Conservation Areas, Family Histories, Friends of Numerous Local Organisations Hoylake

Historical Society. Merseyside, Groups, National Waterways, Port Sunlight, Red Cross, Riverside, Travelers, Wallasey Historical Society, Western Front, Windmills and Water Mills, Lighthouses, Wirral Society, Footpaths, Parks, Gardens, Cycle Tracks, Walking Holidays, and Leisure Activities, right back to Accommodation and mountains of Film, Photographs, and Reading Material. So as you will gather the phrase just about anything and everything you could ask for Many of the Exhibitors and Stallholders were made aware the facility to pop into our studio for an informal chat or full blown interview relating to our listeners about their particular interests and aspirations or planned events, all the need to do is make contact with the station as per the details on the leaflet and Website. To finish of course this whole proceedings and wonderful event launched by Wirral Borough Council with the present Lord Mayor’s Opening Ceremony.

Sandy Cameron Vintage Radio Presenter March 2018.



Saturday 10th of March the Wirral History and Heritage Fair will be hosting their annual Fair held in Birkenhead Town Hall. A fantastic use of this Famous old Building.

Over the years Vintage Radio stalwart members have attended this fair setting up our own stall there are many hundreds of visitors plus over other 100 organisations set up a multitude of stalls each with a unique style and method to show what they do and how they do it, probably more importantly why they do what they do.

Vintage Radio have take the opportunities for interviews and chats using their own recording systems or one of the four belong to the Station and incorporate these into radio programmes for later use. This has always attracted a lot of attention and listeners from all walks of life far and wide.

The History and Heritage Fair runs from 10am until 4pm and refreshments are available if you are available to distribute leaflets to visitors and other stalls get in touch with Susie Dodd the Vintage Radio Secretary. You will be making a valuable contribution in bringing Vintage Radio to the attention of countless others.



Roy Martins Radio Ramble
Deregulation is coming
Whilst there are still a few questions to be answered, it looks like most of what we expected from the Government is now confirmed
Local radio stations will be under no obligation to be based in the area they are broadcasting to, have no rules on playing a specific type of music, and will be able to broadcast networked content 24/7.
This is the future aim - this is what will be passed by Government if they ever get time to approve it in parliament. But because that's probably not going to happen anytime soon, Ofcom will be tasked with working out how much of the above they can do without changes to legislation.
Ofcom can already allow AM stations to do any of the above - so a quick change to include FM stations shouldn't be too tricky.
This will probably take 6-12 months. Some think it will happen sooner. But by this time next year, the current rule book and formats for each station should be history. We might not get everything straight away, but some groups will be pushing for as much as possible.
But what does this mean?
Some stations are expected to take full advantage of the new rules whilst others will wait. Others will go in the opposite direction and provide more than they need to. Of the big groups, Wireless particularly says it will stay local rather than networking everything on its local stations.
It pains me to say but the recent purchase of The Bay and Lakeland Radio by Global is probably a good indication of radio's future. Global can buy a station and turn it into a relay. It won't need anything in the area apart from a transmitter.
So long as it can prove it has 'locally sourced news' (What does that even mean?), then it's good to go. Locally sourced could mean news gathered from the area, not in the area. If Global's newsroom in London rings Lancaster police station for an update - is that locally sourced? Or does someone need to sit in Lancaster and chase ambulances to get a local story?
If you thought the changes over the last 10 years with co-location and national brands were the 'death of local radio', you ain't seen nothing yet!
Roy Martin is Managing Editor of RadioToday. Follow him on Twitter for occasional tweets about radio and stuff @RoyMartinRoy Martins Radio Ramble.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas you would like to discuss contact Roy at the above address.


Dying Matters are very Important.

In the beautiful settings of Williamson Art Gallery the conversation turned to Dying Matters, so you might ask to whom does it matter? Well certainly not the one who is about to pass on. To put it crudely they are here one minute and the next they are gone. But (and it’s a big but) in fact it can be a nightmare, not only immediately, but in the following days weeks even months and worst of all it can drag on for ages.

Why? Well it’s simple. The answer most often is “I did not expect it and made no plans”. Some have even admitted they have not thought or ever bothered to talk to anyone about something as important as life itself.  Amazing.

You can on the other had confound everybody and have what they call a Good Death. Wirral OPP gathered together all those who might or could be involved in your passing on to the happy hunting grounds leaving all behind you in Ship Shape order.  All it takes is a couple of sessions talking to the right people.

Solicitors, Undertakers, Care Specialists, Nursing Staff, and sympathetic Counsellors who can and will guide you on the right footpaths

These experts are experienced knowledgeable and practised caring people who save you and your loved ones all the Confusion, Hassle, Heartbreak, and Documentation required to have a Good Death. This special event in the Williamson brought together a collection of the very people to help you. They each gave a short informational talk, answered the questions, and gave valuable experiences on the dos and don’ts so nobody gets ripped off, nobody gets short changed, nobody has any confusion and all those who attend your final days, hours, minutes, can be truly appreciated and you have a great send off. Life goes on for those you leave behind know with a satisfied feeling that you got what you wanted and spared them all the unnecessary grief and worry. Organisations Like AGE UK Wirral, the staff of Wirral Palliative Care Partnership, Funeral Directors, Nursing Homes, Adult Social Services, Kare Plus and many others all assisted members, of Wirral OPP,  Ray Johnston, Sandra Wall, Jack Cuffe, Kath Ford, Bernd Heerwagen and Julie Kay. who put a lot of time and effort to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of the older population, is forefront in our communities.

If you want more information and in depth detail on the activities and actions from Wirral OPP make sure you get one of the latest “Newsletters” get in touch with Julie Kay telephone 0151 632 5170. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write or visit Wirral OPP office based in Hoylake Community Centre  31 Hoyle Road, Hoylake, CH47 3AG.

I attended on behalf of Vintage Radio explaining that we often have discussions in the studio with prominent representatives of Caring Organisations and many professional bodies related to all aspects of the elderly population. We invite people to visit our studio and just have a chat about issues within the communities, maybe play a little music, pass on greetings and salutations to loved ones be they near or far away Through the Magic of the internet we reach far and wide to pass on your good wishes to Family, Friends, and Neighbours. Sandy Cameron ( Vintage Radio June 2017) 



The Home Instead Senior Care Wirral Team are passionate about delivering high quality care for older people in their own homes where they feel happy and more comfortable. Our carefully selected and friendly CAREGivers help the elderly in Wirral remain independent for as long as possible. Whether it's companionship and company that is needed, help with housework and meals, or more personal care, the Wirral Team provide assurance to the elderly and their families that they are being cared for with dignity and empathy.

The Wirral Team’s story began when co-owner Catharine Chalton was a young teenager and her Grandma had two hip replacements. Catharine realised that things weren't going too well following the surgery due to the poor standard of care and support her Grandma received. Catharine identified the fact that the care available to her Grandma was inadequate and this was an immensely influential factor in Catharine joining the Army and entering the nursing profession. Catharine received exemplary training as a Queen Alexander nurse, standards which she has maintained throughout her nursing career. After nursing many of the service men injured in the Falklands War, Catharine received her commission as an officer at the young age of 24. Throughout her married life Catharine has nursed in Oxfordshire, Liverpool and Wirral. She went on to carry out research into Asthma and Chronic Pulmonary Disease and latterly managed a team of nurses for a pharmaceutical company. Catharine always maintained a great passion for geriatric care and knew she wanted to work in this sector and offer the best care possible.

Catharine’s husband and co-owner Mike Chalton also had a similar experience as a teenager watching his mother who worked and had three children, struggle to manage the care of his elderly Grandfather who was a Dementia sufferer. He felt that the support available to both his Grandfather and the family were inadequate. When Mike and Catharine met they realised that they were both very passionate about caring for the elderly in the UK. Mike went on to have a successful career in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Mike and Catharine listened to a radio programme in 2006 about care standards in Europe and knew they still wanted to make a difference to the lives of elderly people in the UK. They decided they  would like to become part of the care sector delivering the highest quality care to people with the utmost dignity and respect. Whilst they were both still working they spent a long time researching the sector and Mike discovered the US Company called Home Instead Senior Care which had just set up in the UK. In 2007, after much searching, they met Trevor Brocklebank the Master Franchisor for the United Kingdom and knew instantly that the Home Instead Senior Care model was just what they were looking for. Trevor’s passion to change the face of ageing was evident and infectious. Mike and Catharine and their Team have never looked back, in fact they look forward to changing even more clients' lives, no matter how big or small their care needs.

Standards are everything and Home Instead only accepts 30% of people who apply for a post with the company. Home Instead only want the best people to look after their clients whether it be for companionship or personal care standards are everything.

The Wirral Home Instead Senior Care Office in Prenton is part of a global network of more than 975 locally owned and operated offices. The dedication and success of the Wirral Franchise speaks for itself. The business has recently experienced huge growth, bringing new CAREGivers and office staff on board.

Home Instead Senior Care, Wirral were instrumental in the development and piloting of the Wirral Rapid Access Service.

Home Instead Senior Care works closely with the local National Health Service to facilitate the timely and safe discharge of patients from hospital to home.

Mike and Catharine are also delighted to have been recognised for their work to date with the following awards;

  • NHS North West Dignity in Care Award 2008
  • Ceretas Dignity in Care Award – Finalist 2009
  • Ceretas Home Care Worker of the Year – North West 2009
  • British Franchise Association Franchisee of the Year, Runner Up – 2010
  • British Franchise Association, Franchisee of the Year Winner – 20


Wirral OPP Event St Ann’s Church Hall Rock Ferry.

Wirral Older Peoples Parliament hosted a meeting with some 40 or more in attendance members of the public visited a number of stalls or tables from a wide variety of Service Suppliers and organisations with specialist knowledge of Housing and Living accommodation having a direct impact on the wellbeing of primarily the elderly generation, but also on Relatives and Friends or carers to the elderly. Advice and information was freely available from the providers both private,

IMG 6499

Wirral Council, and commercial, or charitable bodies present. Together with leaflets and documentation for study at ones leisure. Chairman Ray Johnson outlined some brief case histories and collated evidence referring to incidents and difficulties that had befallen some people as examples about situations that could arise within one home or incidents of things like moving, and downsizing or changing accommodation as a result of aging, illness, or limiting infirmities. Then the public engaged into a Question and Answer period with the Panel of Experts and Speakers sitting on the top table.

They were also able to speak to Councillor George Davies a leading member of Wirral Borough Council IMG 6497who answered questions and gave out some interesting information in relation to future housing developments or improvements planned. Many thanks to Wirral OPP Julie Kay and the organisation of Cath Ford, Ray Johnson, and Sandra Wall plus the contributors and Panel of Experts. As a Member of Vintage Radio I attended this valuable function and circulated amongst the contributors’ the possibility of them sending one of their representative to visit our studio and chat about the aims and ambitions of their respective organisations, so keep your eye on our programme schedules for further detail and information. Speaking to members of the Public there are many issues with the growing problem of suitable housing accommodation as became apparent from Councillor George Davies interaction with the public present. Vintage Radio has a long history of association with many other Voluntary Community Groups and charity organisations and is looked upon as a valuable means of Communication coupled with superb entertainment for all ages during live programmes and through the night with pre recorded or archive material. For more details please contact the Vintage Radio Web site. 

 Welcome to 2017, In this part of the country we have had a remarkably mild Christmas Period even to the extent of almost a frost free start to the New Year, but do not become complacent there is still a strong chance of some cold bitter weather just round the corner, and yes Snow, Ice, and all the problems that brings. However keep prepared with some emergency supplies and items within the household that can see you through these periods. Dried Packeted Soups and Tinned Goods are favourite Spaghetti Pasta in all its forms are a good way to prepare simple warming meals, you can add various other ingredients to ring the changes, items like Tuna or tinned meat and peas for instance.

There are lots of variety and variation on how to prepare simple sustaining meals in many Magazines, and of course on line if you have access to internet connection via a Smart Phone or Tablet these days, together with numerous community organisations. For entertainment and amusement tune in and listen to your radio while you move about maybe take in some gentle exercises, its good to move about if you are able walk from room to room and use the stairs if possible to keep your muscles and circulation going, access to the internet allows you to explore and inter communicate with Friends, Family, and Groups that make you welcome and a feeling of belonging, even stretch your mind with a quiz or two.

Make some plans for the spring and summer, places to visit, things to do in the garden as the weather improves, always remember here on Vintage Radio our presenters will be talking about a multitude of subjects along with sending out your dedications and playing something of your choice, to amuse , entertain, and interest others. We strive to welcome you and your thoughts either in person or via the air waves and let you participate in any community activities that take your fancy, just e-mail or call our studio and become part of the growing community of like minded people in whatever form you wish. best wishes Sandy Cameron.

 What is the difference between Night and Day?

Hello to you personally, I have attended a number of Meetings, Seminars, Consultation, and Opinion gathering occasions hosted by a number of different organisations but each have a slightly different approach to a mixture of Giving out Information and Gathering opinions or comments. Basically when you get down to the rock bottom I believe this can be categorised into what can realistically provided as to what can realistically be expected, there arises the. First Conundrum:

What will be provided and will you as the end customer be satisfied, the simple answer is No, it is no because we are all individuals and what we think we would like to happen is about as different as your name , address, post code, Telephone No, Colour of Hair, Eyes, and how many teeth you have.

Round about now you’re asking what the hell are we talking about its Death. That terrible word that is inevitable and as sure to happen as sunrise or sunset. Lots of very clever and learned people have tried and tried to come up with a phrase, or statement, even a description that makes it easier to talk about, and that means Talking to yourself first,  let alone Family, Friends, Neighbours’, Religious Leaders, Solicitors, Counsellors, Doctors, Nurses, and Undertakers. To name just a few.

Second Conundrum: Those in charge of our Government, Council, Society, and Community, have a job to do, they have a responsibility to carry out certain functions and manage the day-to-day running of whatever Group, Organisation, Department, or Community you live in and inevitably Die in. Yes I know that are being paid to do this job, I have learned through many years of experience that there is a world of difference between what you get paid to do and how you actually do it.

Now we get down to You: For instance do you know what you want to happen when your Clock of Live runs out. Have you thought about it? Have you made a Will, have you looked at what’s involved in a lasting power of Attorney, do you know where you want your last hours to be. Is it in Bed, Hospital, Hospice, Home, or maybe riding a horse at full gallop along the beach, does it matter, it’s not going to make or mean anything to you.

Third Conundrum: Your personal wishes means a mountain of things to those you leave behind, those who hold your hand when the clock stops, those who pay their last respects and those who remember long after the event, and strangely enough those whose job it is to see that you get tidied away nicely (As my great Aunt once said to me, that was all she wanted). At the time I did not have a clue what she wanted, buried or cremated, what hymns she liked, what to do with Flowers, Donations, Notifications, forms to fill, solicitors to see, and who to notify and a whole host of other things.

All I can say is I do now because all those services and help guidance and experience is freely available to you from numerous organisations and groups, bodies, or departments, so do yourself a favour and everybody else while you are fit and active get it sorted. There is no possible excuse you can make sure (You are Tidied up Nicely) and painlessly in peace and tranquillity when the


 A Fun Afternoon

I just happened to be in Birkenhead and popped into the Vintage Studio for five minutes but stayed for over TWO hours Entertained, Amused, and had a great time with Steve "D" presenting his special brand of Irish blarney with what I call Diddly Dee Music. Perhaps better described as Song and Dance together with Good humoured banter.

Then we were joined by Tom Platt and his combination of Rock and Roll classics and a little reminiscing of days and times gone by tales about fantastic holidays even more banter in an amazing atmosphere camaraderie all mates together listening to some great Tunes and anecdotes that had all three of us in stitches I can not think of an afternoon where we had so much laughter and fun with not a drop of the Mountain Dew in sight, a sort of a good old Irish “Ceilidh” or Kaylee and Rockabilly Hoedown, any time you get a chance do come along and join us for a pleasant afternoon of pleasure in Vintage Radio Studio. Or you can just log on to the WEB SITE and listen in and maybe contribute with an E-Mail straight to the desk.


Vintage Radio Station 2016 News Round UP

Hello, WE are seeking to recruit more members into This Community Radio Station of Distinction, Right Here.Vintage Radio. Gives unique and special chance plus location to display talents of all generations in relaxed convivial atmosphere presenting and contributing a friendly manner to the station output, we want people to help to Devise, Create, Manage, and Produce Simple Entertainment Programmes and support others .

 You are able to do this by just Volunteering to Read, Write, Talk, or Listen, to the public, who want to send a personal greeting. Have some music played, listen to Poetry, Drama, or just exchange News, Views, maybe address some Topical Issues, possibly just Chat, and perhaps join in with some interesting and amusing but harmless light-hearted banter.

Vintage Radio is an amazing opportunity to reach out to others, who for whatever reason may not be able to get out as they could once. Vintage Radio could be their only link to the outside world via the internet through you and your talents contributing in any way possible with information.


Vintage Radio’s Volunteers, presenters for the most part as the name would suggest, belong to the more mature generation. To be fair the average age is in the 50 plus bracket.  Most of the Music Played is also from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, right up to the present generation. In fact, we play whatever you or any of the listeners request. That is of course is determined by YOU at the desk. We want the style of presentation to be such that the listener knows that the presenter is perhaps an enthusiast and is addressing them individually.

 We aim that through the radio broadcasts to reach any isolated people, learn about others in a similar situation, and they have an opportunity to share taste in entertainment savour the programme output whatever that taste maybe. Even just, alleviate any sense of loneliness in our respective communities.

 Vintage Radio publicise and attend many events and occasions of interest to the listeners, even interviewing and chatting to all present at these events. The conversations after editing if required are then broadcast during our programmes of topical events and public occasions.

Depending on circumstances the conversations can are broadcast live via the magic of the internet and on line airwaves. Take a moment to think about it. Do you think you could take part in this, and then you need to contact us right away? (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Do not hesitate do it via this web page, come along dip your toes in and see if you like it before any commitment, you will be made most Welcome.  (

Numerous other Community Groups in the Merseyside Area, Including “Wirral Older Peoples Parliament”

Often take the opportunity for representatives to actually visit our studio and talk on live radio about their own particular events, and contact details. In addition, if they wish to make available to our presenters, Leaflets, Pamphlets etc. our presenters will read out the relevant information between music requests and dedications on World Wide Web.

   Log on to our superb web site, peruse the schedule ( see  yourself what variety of choice we offer, there is bound to be something that attracts your attention if not let us know and we can try to accommodate your wishes. You can listen to the broadcasts, put a face to a voice, make your comments and get in touch all from the website, whilst listening to the best sounds around.


From the Technical team:

 1) The technical team currently consists of Steve Pavett, Craig Mountfield and Mike Pill plus Richard Isles who has just joined the  team. Most of the time the amount of technical support we can give is sufficient but problems do occur and on occasion, we just cannot get to the studio or even fix the problem remotely. One of the problems of the tech team is that if it all works then no one notices but as soon as something breaks then everyone  wants it fixed now!

We have some quite complex systems which we use to broadcast our output and for cost reasons we are using home computer systems to deliver a 24/7 service. We have been broadcasting since February 2009, some of the computer systems we use are getting on for 5 or 6 years old, and some have been running 24/7 and getting a bit long in the tooth. We have just acquired two-second hand Windows 7 PC’s but these are over 5 years old. We have already worn out the original CD player together with two replacement CD drives.

 2) We have recently had a number of problems with the operation of the main studio mixing desk where someone has adjusted the desk settings for their show and not put the settings back to what they were when they started, as a result the next presenter has to work out what's not right. Please do not alter the desk settings. If it is not right for your show, please ask the technical team. If you do know what you are doing by al means alter the settings but please put things back to as they were before you started your show.

 3) Our mixing desk is showing signs of wearing out and we are saving hard to try to get a replacement desk, which costs around £3000. Any contributions towards its purchase would be appreciated, as would any practical offers of help to raise funds.

The main problem we are having with the current desk is wear out of the moving mechanical parts. This wear out problem includes all the faders, which were replaced about 5 or 6 years ago and are going noisy / intermittent, some of the rotary controls, also going noisy and /or intermittent and lastly the push button controls and   sockets are cases starting to wear. We have exceeded the expected life span for anything that has mechanical movement some years ago and are living on borrowed time. Inside the desk are a number of components called electrolytic capacitors, these have a typical lifespan of 10 to 15 years.  Some of the integrated circuits had to be replaced when we bought the desk. Some of the chips are over 25 years old! The power supply for the desk was partially refurbished about 5 years ago, but it is the only one we have and if that fails we will be off the air until we can repair it, find a replacement or buy a new desk.

 4) Our website. Its also getting a bit long in the tooth as the current design is getting on for three years old. We will be considering a redesign. We also want to integrate the site more closely with social media and expand this to include other social media sites beyond   Facebook and Twitter, for which we must thank Ray Lyons for managing. Mike Pill

(SEP 2016) Newsletter.



A number of people have commented that they have never quite known a period when some many things are undergoing changes.

It would seem that the NHS is on the verge of deep dramatic re-structuring (see and earlier posting on this site about "Vanguard") and of course we are all aware of the confrontation between so called "Junior Doctors" and the political decisions being made.

Plus we have the running saga of the peoples decision to exit from the Common Market, that is not quite right the common market in its beginnings raised few objectors what has now morphed into the European Union and a vast number of the population have growing qualms about where this leads and what could be the possible prospects in the years ahead.

Here in our own backyard Wirral Borough Council have introduced the plan for 2020, this is the forecasted period for drastic changes about how Council and Community Services will be presented, again nothing is clear yet all subject to a raft of Consultations.

I personally have lost count of the number of Petitions, Question and Answer request from all manner of Bodies and Authorities and the many Consultancies Exercises being carried out or analysed.

It is little wonder that the ordinary man in the street is in a semi permanent state of confusion even the major Political Parties are not in any state of agreement within their own ranks so what is the ordinary person going about his or her life in the best way they can supposed to make of all this chaotic bedlam and confusion.


Some interesting things happening in and out of the Vintage Radio Studio, numerous guests have paid us a visit and the number of presenters has increased. The other evening One wore Red, Another wore Blue, but this was not the stuff of a Derby Match, whist Stu McPherson who regales you with his Country and Western Music in the Red Corner, He Was followed by Paul Hale proudly wearing the Blue of his beloved Rugby Team soon to be competing for a coveted trophy in the world of the Oval Ball. Toe tapping Country Music followed by a lot of Soul, R&B, Smooth listening pleasure. These Stalwarts with many years of Hospital Radio Station under their belts together with Stu spending a number of years in far off places with exotic sounding names, provide hours of the best entertainment on the internet radio waves every Tuesday Evenings.

 IMG 6374   IMG 6376



Today I attended a Seminar at Arrowe Park Hospital, or to give it its proper title Wirral University Teaching Hospital (WUTH)

IMG 6322 In this well-appointed Training Centre this was a meeting to report and inform a whole host of Care Related Staff  Professionals, Members of the Public and dozens of other Palliative care organisation about the twelve months progress of the Wirral End of Life Charter.

St Johns Hospice based in the grounds of Clatterbridge Hospital, Mount Road, Higher Bebington, Wirral CH6JE started the proceedings last year with talks of a Wirral End of Life Charter. This charter devised to inform and educate every member of the Care Initiative Aspect from Consultant’s, Doctors, GPs, Nurses, Care Home Assistants, and Auxiliaries. All those involved in Hospices plus Family, Relatives, Carers or Friends, to the patients themselves, even The Clergy, Funeral Directors, and The Legal Profession to name a few

Now as you can gather this is a tremendous and complex array of people involved. A huge subject touching on a wide range of Health Organisations and Non Heath bodies so to cover all bases, and to get it Right for everybody involved with End of Life  Care and Treatment. System, and of course all that goes with this sometimes very traumatic and worrisome period in all of our lives.

I was there with some of my Colleagues from Wirral Older Peoples Parliament (Wirral OPP) and also as a member of Vintage Radio. Wirral OPP have been involved from the beginning quite rightly concerned for the Respect, Dignity, and Care system for our older population which as we know is  growing in number.

IMG 6323

It was good to see WUTH and the Community represented by the staff from the Chief Executive to a bewildering number of Care and Nursing staff nurses of every kind bearing Identification and Uniforms displaying Double Gold stripes through the Colours of the rainbow to White,   (Must get to know what all those striped sleeves represent one day). Plus every other branch and type of Care Homes and Nursing Homes, Rest Homes establishments all able to add to the gathering of information and implementation of care from every angle. 

In the coming months there will be Publications, Media Publicity, Radio and Television coverage with an open invitation to everybody to submit feedback about their, experience, suggestions, and ideas to Saint John’s Hospice about Patient Care in the End of Life Situation.

This is not an easy subject to talk about or discuss for many people, and that is understandable but it is a vitally important subject that everybody has to face one way or another. With the expert help and assistance of St Johns and many other groups it can be sorted and arranged to suit the wishes and aspirations of all those concerned. Ensuring that the Patient is as comfortable as possible and all their wishes are carried out to fulfilment and peace of mind. On Vintage Community Radio in Company with Wirral OPP we have from time to time featured articles and programmes, Talks and Interviews with prominent people and organisations about Patient Care in General, plus Healthy Eating, Gentle Exercise, Leisure, Learning, and Companionship combating Loneliness or isolation in our elderly communities. Here at Vintage Radio we have a standing offer to any Community Based Organisation or Individuals if you wish to visit our Studio and take part in any informal discussion on any related topics, please contact Vintage Radio by sending an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will endeavour to accommodate you and your representatives. Alternatively contact Wirral OPP based at the Hoylake Community Centre. In Hoyle Road, Hoylake.   Sandy Cameron (11.05.2016) 


Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

No doubt you have seen and heard most of the News and Media output about the need for people to lead healthier lifestyles and the key to all that is a combination of Diet and Exercise. Taken individually Diet or Exercise is not always understood so it means both together are even less understood. People will say “when I exercise it gives me an appetite so I then eat more” and conversely people will also claim “When I diet to any extent I no longer have the energy to Exercise” so I put on weight.

What is the magic formula that’s easy you exercises to the point of pushing up your heart rate therefore you burn more calories and you muscles get more supple and stronger, but you only eat the sort of foods that appease your hunger but do not add unwanted  calories to your requirement’s.

Now there are no such things as super foods good well prepared and cooked or raw foods come in many varieties and we are fortunate that our supermarkets have an abundance of them many in their natural state many ready or pre prepared for your convenience.

I have heard stories about the colour of our Fruit and Vegetables play an important part not only in Diet terms but probably just as important the presentation and appeal of meals, there is what is called the “Rainbow Diet” also often referred to as the “Mediterranean Diet” a sort of colourful and interesting healthy combination of Meat, Seafood, and Vegetables according to season, also incorporating Fruit, Dairy and Fats.

Now that seems to be a combination that should satisfy just about everybody’s preference , taste, or fancy, regardless of them being Vegetarian, Vegan, or have some allergy or aversion to certain items.

Apparently the humble Pizza is recognised as being a good combination for the majority of people just as long as there is no excessive use of Fat, Sugar, or Salt. This is Due to the Pastry Base, then a combination of Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onions, Red, Green and  Yellow peppers, Garlic, Sweetcorn, or Peas, with possibly some lean meat, seafood, and fish and cheese.

In Rainbow terms White Foods: (Mushrooms, Onions and Garlic) at some level contain  beta-glucans and lignin’s reported to be good for immune boosting qualities and balancing Hormone levels.

Red Foods: Tomatoes, (Red Bell Peppers, Radishes and Beetroot) all contain lycopene, ell argic acid, and Hesperidin, or Quercetin, reported to be good for reducing blood pressure and resisting some cancerous agent while aiding good cholesterol levels.

Orange Foods: (Carrots, Butternut Squash, Mangoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Peppers, Sweet Potatoes) all contain beta-carotene, flavonoids, lycopene, and potassium with vitamin C that assist with collagen formation, alkaline balance, or work with magnesium and calcium to build healthy bones.

Green Foods: (Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Beans, Green Peppers, Peas, Cabbage and Kale) contain Chlorophyll, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, and vitamin C that all help to reduce cancer risks, normalize digestion, plus support healthy vision and fight free radicals to boost your immune system.

Blue and purple Foods:  (Black Salsify, Plums, grapes, Purple Cabbage, Egg Plant and Raisins) all contain trace elements and nutrients similar to the other Vegetables that help to lower LDL cholesterol, boost the immune system, fight inflammation, or act as anti- carcinogens in the digestive system.

In another article we will go into Meat, Fish and Poultry, plus some cooking methods and maybe suggest some examples for you to try.



Statistics, In round figures over one hundred and thirty thousand residents in Wirral are over the age of fifty that is about forty percent of the entire population here. So what you might ask? do you care ?, should you care ?. It has been estimated that

130,000 Residents = 50+ years of age that’s about 40% of the population here in Wirral.

Well Look at this way if you take into consideration that the average life expectancy in Wirral for Men its 78 years for Women nearer 80 that is pretty close to the National Average so far so good. We are pretty close to the National Average right across the Country.

Wirral Average Life 78 to 80 years old           England Average Life 80 to 83 years old

 But in England the Average Healthy life for Men is 63 or 64 for Women, whereas the Average Healthy life expectancy for Wirral is only 60 for Men and 62 for Women, the Key word id Healthy Life Expectancy, now on the Wirral that is not so good.

 Wirral Healthy average Life 60 to 62             England Healthy average Life 63 to 64 years

 This means nearly half our population in Wirral have a healthy life expectancy that is some years less than the national average so the pressure on our Health Service and Local Government Services is at a huge level and its growing worse. That’s one reason why you should be concerned. The Health Service both Nationally and Locally have for years been collecting statistics and seeking methods to counteract the growing demand on our NHS and Local Councils simply because it costs so much, and the financial burden is growing as we all live longer than our predecessors, plus our children and grandchildren have a good chance to live even longer.

When you crunch these numbers you have a good chance to live some 15 to 17 years after your retire but not necessarily healthy happy years unless you do something about it and you start doing now. Taking some measures now to live a healthier active life style is your best bet for a long and successful retirement in pleasant and pleasing surroundings.

We can start with the dreaded exercise, no you do not need to get your running gear on or go to any great lengths, start by seeking out your local open green spaces Parks, Gardens, Promenade’s, Quite Roads if possible away from traffic. Remember you are not a on a route march or a mammoth trek, just go for a stroll, try to estimate one or two miles, I prefer a circular route but there are lots of variety’s and locations to choose from, if you have a dog you probably already know where to go and when.

There are also active local groups who have a routine of organised walks to suit all levels check your local newspaper or the Wirral Council Web Site, speak to your local park ranger, there are friendly groups of like minded people who will make you welcome and give you all the details, check in your local library, they usually have all the latest information.

In another article on another page we will start to look at Healthy Eating in a simple way.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (Vintage Radio)  

This is a reminder from our Webmeister you have the facility to work on your own personal web page, this gives you an unique opportunity to write about your programmed material, Past, Present,or Future, you can make mention of Events and Functions you are involved in and generally promote not just Vintage Radio, but yourself and your interests, to a wide audience in the public arena and listeners that log on to our Web Site. (If you need any assistance in these simple functions just ask)

If you are not sure of you access contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



2016 The New Year:

Like me folks you will be aware of some modifications, repairs, slight changes, and of course the dreaded notices that appear from time in the studio or the green room. (All Notes or Notices should be signed)

As you will appreciate the ongoing maintenance and small repairs carried out by the (Technical Crew) mean this keeps us on the internet this is vitally important, the bigger picture is we urgently need some new equipment, that take's money. So any assistance in that direction is very important.

Notices that appear from time to time in the studio or the green room, generally are the result of some frustration caused by people fiddling or messing about with the controls associated with the equipment, more than likely because they think they know better than the technical bods, all I would say is discuss any ideas you have with the technical team other wise just leave things alone.

There are and have always been a certain protocol or set of rules that for the most part are just common sense, things like Keep the Studio and the Green Room Clean and Tidy. Do not take Food or Drinks into the Studio. Remember if you have Guests in the studio You and You alone have the responsibility to ensure they are fully aware of the Protocol, or rules, and in particular Fire Regulations and Emergency Procedures.

Jan Kupeczek (Chairman) has derived a new schedule that should be in action February onwards, if for any reason you are not going to be available, try and arrange a substitute but in any event let him and anybody else know what is happening, you will be aware that we have an emergency procedure in the event of a presenter not being available or late in taking over the desk. Golden Rule if you are leaving the studio or the last person using the equipment either the emergency system should be activated or you switch the whole system off including the lights  and log out at the main YMCA Desk. (Do Not Leave any Equipment on)



Ferry Cross the Mersey The iconic Merseyside hit from the Swinging Sixties.

May well have provided the inspiration for a group of Merseysiders to come together in 2007 and to set up their own community radio station in Birkenhead, the city across the Mersey from Liverpool. 

Liverpool the original home of the boy band that became household name in every city across the world. Calling themselves Vintage Radio they quickly went from strength to strength, reaching out into the local community and later making global connections. Capital Radio presenters were delighted when Sandy Cameron, one of the original and current presenters with Vintage Radio, contacted our programme, Around the World with Capital, to introduce their station and request a musical message to a friend in Perth. Since 2013, our two radio stations have been i n frequent contact, winging messages back and forth across the world and sharing information about local broadcasting.

The story behind Vintage Radio comes to us from Sandy, who writes:

A guy named John Cotcher working with “A local charity organisation floated the idea of starting a Community Radio Station for older members of the community who would like to listen to music of their choice. The first meeting turned up 30 or 40 interested volunteers and we eventually sorted ourselves into three main groups - the Technical group, the Clerical and Administrative Group and The Rest of Us (including me).

“The Tech guys and gals consisted of ex-engineers, techs with a bit of history with radio communications, ex Forces technical and communication officers and others from the electronics industry. They got together some bits and pieces of computer parts, musical and telephone equipment, microphones, speakers and a lot of boxes with winky winky lights, turntables and disc players etc.  “The Clerical Bunch were clerks, managers, typists, telephonists, writers, poets, story tellers and others from the commercial and or educational worlds. They found files, folders, desks, chairs, printers and concocted some rules and regulations, guidance notes, advice and all sorts of other documents, wrote letters, appealed for funding and other things to get us off the ground. 

“The Rest of Us had never seen a radio station before but had worked in some industrial capacity like construction, factory or shipbuilding and included plumbers, painters and candle stick makers (to paraphrase the old nursery rhyme). Some of us went to a local radio station for some basic instruction about the whole new world of Radio Broadcasting. 

We collected CDs and records and one or two who had previous experience of radio showed those with no idea how to staff the play desk, play tracks and generally chat with ourselves or each other, taking turns at the play desk and learning about OffCom (the Communications Authority) regulations and licensing.

Studio June 20 croppedWe first operated from a tiny room in the YMCA building in Birkenhead

and with the help of a small funding grant we divided a larger room into two sections and built our present studio. I am a joiner by trade and with help from other members we created a makeshift desk, partition wall, window, fire door and soundproofing. So now we had a primitive basic Studio and a Green Room. In small groups we went out to nursing homes, rest homes, community functions and carried out informal interviews, delivered leaflets, collected requests and started broadcasting with a Restricted Service Licence, initially probably to ourselves but gradually gaining an audience and reacting to feedback. We even attracted the attention of the local sixth form college, who sent senior pupils for a bit of Work Experience, pictured one of the students with Members Tom, Jim, and the YMCA Chaplain Derek, who himself host an hour or two of sixties music on a regular basis.

Now we are live five days week for 10 hours a day plus all weekend with pre-recorded or streamed material and provide for a wide range of tastes, including classical music. Opera, country & western, folk, pop, rock & roll, jazz and massed voices of choirs, interspersed with story telling, poetry, and general discussion groups. In fact something for everyone, we hope. “We have a steady stream of local personalities and other interesting people who come into the studio for a chat. We are deeply involved with many community groups and charities.

We have fun and enjoy the company and camaraderie over a wide range of topics and events. I would hazard a guess that the average age of our members is 60+ and we also have a worldwide audience via the Internet.

vr 6060452

A small group of our members, like Stu McPherson pictured, who are accomplished musicians and performers, put together a Rock and Roll Band, “The Vintage Rockers” and they perform locally, entertaining the public to good old Rock and Roll sessions just like it was when they were all in their teens.  We spread the word through our Vintage website, Facebook and Twitter. many of the venues where they now appear also saw performances from The Beatles, Gerry and the Pace makers and The Swinging Blue Jeans, to name just a few during the Magical Period in History called The Swinging Sixties.

Remember The World is only a simple radio dial away.

Around the World with Capital will be sending a musical greeting to our friends at Vintage Radio over the Christmas season and we have already received some requests from Vintage members for messages to friends and relatives in Perth Western Australia. Take a look at their website on and why not drop in for a chat if you find yourself in Merseyside one day? I know Sandy and the others involved would love to hear from you.

Carol Kennedy (member of the board at Capitol Community Radio, Perth W A)



Vintage Radio a voluntary community organisation based in the Wirral YMCA Building, Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead. We aim to provide entertainment plus a form of communication that is easily reachable by Phone, Computer, and Lap Top.Or any of I-pad type pieces of equipment, including the growing number of popular Internet radios.A collection of pictures from our archives.

 I-pads and computers or smartphones have swept through the world of communications in a very short amount of time allowing instant access to mass communications like we have never seen before, friends reunited, face book and twitter are prime examples.

Here at Vintage Radio we have provided a centre point where you can contact almost anybody anywhere and send personal greetings, well wishes, and dedicate some music, perhaps listen to poetry, enjoy the works of story writers, get details about local news gossip and find out what is on in your own locality at just the click of a button.

Numerous other Community Groups in the Merseyside Area, Including Wirral OPP. Have and do avail themselves of the opportunity for some representatives to actually visit our studio and talk on radio about their own particular events, fundraising, and contact details. Also if they wish to make available to our presenters, Leaflets, Tracts, Pamphlets etc. our own volunteer presenters will also read out the relevant information between music requests and dedications on the World Wide Web.

Why not log on to our superb web site, peruse the schedule  see for yourself what variety of choice we offer, there is bound to be something that attracts your attention if not let us know and we can try to accommodate your wishes. You can listen to the broadcasts, put a face to a voice, make your comments and get in touch all from the website, whilst listening to the best sounds around.

Sandy Cameron (Vintage Radio) Nov 2015


Wirral OPP 

The Older Persons Parliament: Again Involved in yet another vital event staged at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. Numerous Stalls set up by a host of different organisations all with the full intent and purpose of making important information and expert knowledge freely available to enable the elderly population to be fully aware of all those things they can do for themselves. Plus the organisations that are best able to assist and help them to cope with acceptable standard of living conditions through what is forecast to be a difficult winter.

IMG 6255All the contributors had knowledgeable people present to help and advice; even in some instances demonstrate how to ensure adequate Heating, Accommodation, Clothing and Healthy Eating together with numerous gadgets and appliances involving Security, and Communications, also more importantly the Companies and Charities and Community Organisations that are there to help you.
Also the public and contributors present were all treated to some good quality entertainment as a bonus.

The Mayor was present together with a sprinkling of local councillors lots of Health Service Representatives and of Course Wirral OPP members all fully aware of the importance of the benefits to an elderly population to ensure they make provisions to combat Loneliness, Isolation, with the Community Facilities available to them, and the opportunities for assistance and advice as they require. Once the doors opened the stalls were inundated with people seeking information and assistance. Vintage Radio Volunteers spoke to lots of the members of public together with the stall holders and found that numerous people were delighted to learn about the organisations and their wealth of experience coupled with knowledge and demonstrations on how to prepare simple nourishing meals, hot drinks, suitable clothing’s and how to contact the relevant authorities like the Police, Fire Service, Hospitals, and Ambulances with other health related organisation in case of emergencies. Sandy Cameron (Wirral OPP and Vintage Community Radio) Nov 2015 



For a tremendous number of people in the world today it is great fun just being together actively well-wishing and communicating with each other. Contact with Family, Friends or Colleagues is the most fundamental action that gives a feeling of happiness, contentment, and wellbeing to all of Mankind.

Christmas is one of those occasions when this form of communication and togetherness is very profound and should be celebrated to the highest degree by people in the right manner.

There are also many other Beliefs, Faiths, and Creeds that also have a special or specific occasion when they celebrate in their own unique way, that’s not to say that one system is wrong or another is right, each are different and special to someone somewhere and the difference should be respected.

Technology now allows the ability for a mass of Ordinary Citizens to do this to and from any part of the planet, and the scope of this technology is growing at an amazing rate everywhere in fact right across all parts of the world.

Like all other Technology it is the youngsters who seem to take to it like ducks to water. While the older generations meanders along at a slower pace, and many of them get there eventually. This has happened throughout history just like driving cars, and the use of cameras, radio and television, telephones, computers, mobile phones, pads, tablets, and smart phones.

Here at Vintage Community Radio Station, a small bunch of volunteers decided to get together and create a radio station offering the sort of entertainment to one and all that covers a massive range of likes and tastes, Music, Drama, Poetry, Opera, Jazz, Country, Folk, Classical, and Pop, Talks and Discussions etc. The choice is endless and depends on what people want to hear and enjoy.

This Christmas period we are also communication with other radio stations round the Country and The World, community radio stations like ours exist all over the place and the number is growing. Due to the magic of the internet.

We are willing to help you to send greetings, salutations, messages and good cheer to those who live anywhere in the world, so if you’re interested get in touch with Vintage Radio, copy us into any of your messages and we can read those out over the internet, in turn other radio stations can read out messages and greeting in their locality.

This way we want to create a sort of Christmas Greetings Swap Shop, log on to our website and see how we can help you help yourself, visit our studio see what we do and if you are interested come join us, it is quite possible you will have the time of your life.

Send an E-Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Log on to for more information. 



Community Radio.

Chairman Jan Kuperczek: In arrangement with the local sixth Form, college has brought into the Vintage Radio Studio a young lad involved in Media Studies and Communications Exercise. For his qualifications and work experience.

Studio June 20 cropped

Kieran Priest is observing and learning from the presenters just what Vintage Radio is all about, the college recognises the value of their students in observing the wide rage of presenters.

Our Members “All Volunteers” with Vintage Radio Community Service, who put their time and effort into providing our listening audience with many forms of audio entertainment suitable for the over 50s age group, but also for a growing number of youngster’s who have re-discovered some of the glorious days of the Mersey Sound,

With some presenters music going way back in the 30s and 40s Dance Music with Big Band and Classical movies of yesteryear and Comedy all included. 

With Poster

Vintage Radio prides itself on providing a wide range of tastes Classical Music. Opera, Country & Weston, Folk, POP, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Orchestral and Massed Voices of Choirs, interspersed with Story Telling, Poetry, and General Discussion Groups, in fact something for everyone we hope.

Check out the Vintage Radio Web Site scheduled list of programmes plus photos of the presenters so you can put a face to a voice, send your dedications, or just make a request for a loved one we will try to make it all come true.

Pictured is Kieran Priest (6th form Student), Derek Marshal (YMCA Chaplain) Tom Platt (Deputy Chair Vintage) Jim Walsh (Presenter) at one of the early morning breakfast shows from Sandy Cameron (Presenter) June 2015. 


The Open Day is for you to appreciate and love your Parks and Open Spaces this takes place Wednesday July 29th between 2.30pm to 7.30pm you can pop along call into Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, CH44 8ED


 Learn about your local friends group helping to look after and assist with the maintenance, upkeep and improvements for your local park  open space, footpaths, and green public amenity, so vital to your health environment and well being.

There will be people just like you from Park lovers, Wildlife Interests and Sporting Associations all doing their bit to ensure we do not lose these vital amenities, not just for now but for generations to follow.


Vanguard is a vision for the future well at least a vision for 2018 at the moment, this is an element that will no doubt be under constant review, Vanguard is all about planning the years ahead and some changes, to Where, How, and When the National Health Service amongst other things will deliver the services required by the population.

The National Health Service is an organisation since its inception in 1947 has undergone many changes right across the country. Here locally Arrowe Park Hospital is less than forty years old since its particular planning and inception and we must all be aware that in the period of forty years there has been a constant and varied set of changes. Not just Structural Changes and they have been many.

Now we have far fewer actual locations connected to health and social care across the Wirral, at the same time those locations have changed in fundamental ways, with a combination of Technology, Practice, Techniques, Specialities, Training, Accommodation, Management, and Expectations.

These fewer locations deliver wide range of Medical, Physical, Operational, and Social Care services, covering Maternity, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Mental, and General Health Services to a growing population plus aging population.

The Wirral Clinical Commissioning NHS Group, in partnership with Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Wirral Community NHS Trust, and Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. That is many titles covering a huge area of our locality, as they are looking forward with Vision to a Healthier Wirral that is what Vanguard is all about.

Wirral is not on its own in such an endeavour as Vanguard, the same sort of operation is taking place at a number of locations throughout the country; Wirral is only one of 29 other areas engaged in this mammoth task that will change the way Health and Social Care will be delivered or carried out.

Of course as always ultimately paid for by the entire population of Great Britain. (Remember GB is also undergoing some fundamental changes that can possibly have ramifications on the overall enterprise of Vanguard Nationally)

Vanguard has been described  in un official terms as “throw away the present rule book” and re write the entire National Health Service in order to provide a more comprehensive medical health and social care system from the cradle to the grave, that is affordable and sustainable far into the future.

This is a personal view, I am not even sure there is such a thing as a Rule Book, but it will be interesting to see how al this inevitable change process evolves over the next few years.

Information that is much more detailed is available just by visiting www.wirralccg.nhs/Vision2018 .

There you can learn about how you can become involved in the consultation process, receive up to date information, ask questions, and have your voice heard. After all you or your loved ones will in one aspect or another be directly effected by the fundamental changes that will result from Vanguard and the vision for the future of a healthier Wirral    Sandy Cameron (Vintage Radio)                               


With the Bank Holiday on your doorstep get organised and take the family on a picnic locatioBournemouth PL 00009ns such as Birkenhead Priory, Wirral Country Park, Leasowe Light House, Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton, Monks Ferry, Vale Park, Storeton Woods, Royden Park, Birkenhead Central Park, etc there are a multitude of sites and locations availabNew Brighton Seashorele if you want more information get in touch with Wirral Council Web Site and see a complete list of attractions and what’s on Bank Holidays and throughout the summer months from Parkgate, to Heswall, West Kirby, Hoylake, Moreton, Seacombe, Birkenhead, to the Ferries, you can even follow the circular route right round the Wirral Peninsular the list is endless. Get out and about Explore. Get all the latest information listening to your own Vintage Radio on the world wide web.WaterfrontGo see the three Queens on a historic visit to the Three Graces, a once in a lifetime opportunity



Hey Folks: Vintage radio Honourable Webmaster has pointed out to me that from the beginning of Vintage Radio a whole lot of time and effort (Blood Sweat and Tears) has gone into the creation, update, and enhancement of the whole web site. I know this is very true and in respect for all that time and attention I have tried to do a bit myself to make the Web Site “more sticky” my personal page is not to bad, my attempts at the Blog Spot are getting better, and one or two other people have made some quite unique and special use of the personnel pages.

But most of you guys and girls have done naff all to even try your own personal pages let alone add to or improve and enhance the Web Page in general. So how about it get on to your computer sit down for an hour and write something, tell the listeners and readers about yourself, life, experience, anything so that those out there who do log on get some inkling about what Vintage Radio means to you or them and the public in general.

Now Mike Pill unlike me is a very patient nice guy Polite and Courteous and what he actually wrote  has been circulated. What I am asking is log on to the Web Page look at the other presenter’s personal pages or Biography’s and information Pages, look at the Blog Spot just to get an idea of what can be achieved. If you want any help and assistance get back to me. To use the software you may not be familiar with there is of course a downloadable instruction manual. The manual is 23 pages but if you get back to me I can make you a photocopy to help.

Please do give me any half hearted flimsy excuse that you don’t know what to do or how t do it, we both know you are quite capable, and it just becomes easier the more times you have a go, and the computers in the green room can be used if you wish and any other word processor you may have access to Smart Phone, Pad, Lap Top, etc. So come on pull your finger out.    


New Brighton Seashore

The  buzz of excitement runs through the atmosphere as local's, visitors, & travellers, from all walks of life anticipate the arrival of three queens, three of the largest maritime vessels afloat are making their way to the mighty River Mersey, passing the New Brighton lighthouse to pay homage before the world wide recognised spectacle of the three graces, a trio of magnificent architectural buildings that front the quayside of Liverpool since 1907 in the case of the Port of Liverpool Building and 1913 for the Cunard line Building, with the fantastic Royal Liver Building in between at 1911. So each of these ladies are over 100 years old and well deserve the recognition by the Queens. The Lighthouse itself is a little older, opened in 1827 by the then Lord Mayor of Liverpool. Constructed from stone quarried in North Wales and considered to be a masterpiece of masonry design. Originally coated with a sort of Volcanic Ash that hardens to a great strength, then painted many times throughout the ages and always looks a gleaming white. The revolving mechanism of the lantern light is one of the first in the UK 




Liverpool Visit April 00009

The Razzle Dazzle Boat they call it, recently I took some relatives staying with me on a little jaunt across the mighty River Mersey. We took in the delights of the Albert Dock, Museums, Galleries, and Sights and Scenes, etc.  But by far the three way trip on the "Snowdrop" was the highlight of the day, not just the smart new livery but the merseyside banter, a glorious sunny day with the whole atmosphere surrounding the Mersey Waterfront and beyond. Well done the Mersey Ferries fantastic tourist attraction long may they continue to enhance the region and far beyond.                             


YMCA Abseil 00002

Birkenhead , Whetstone Lane witnessed the amazing sight of willing volunteers  lined up to launch themselves from the roof of the YMCA Building with one or two giving a cheery wave through the windows of the Vintage Radio Studio on the way down. All in aid of a very worthwhile cause helping the Childrens Club, Here we see the ever smiling Sharron after her successful descent from the dizzy height. The clenched fist saying I cracked it, Yippee. Well done Sharon.



IMG 6029 Jane Kennedy Merseyside Police Commisioner. Copy

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy. With an assistant in the Vintage Radio Studio with Roger Wright. Talking about her duties in working with the Merseyside Chief Constable . Plus many other organisations and Local Council Officials. Jane herself turned out to be a very unique mixture of Academia, Practicality, and Necessity with a wide ranging Educational and Employment History, plus Trade Union activities thus giving her a comprehensive insight to working on what could be termed the front line of Community Support Services, right up to the Highest echelons of Merseyside Police Force Management. Giving Jane a strong sense of Honesty and Fair Play all round. 


Kathy Heywood WBCKathy Heywood WBC (Wirral Museums Learning Officer) Visited Sandy in the Vintage Radio Studio and chatted to the listeners on the Breakfast Show about the fantastic improvements and enhancement carried out at Birkenhead Priory. Speaking about the exciting opportunity for visitors to explore and learn about the extensive history of this location. Thought to be one of the oldest buildings in Merseyside. Plus when the historic event of “Three Queens” takes place in the river Mersey.  Birkenhead Priory will of course be one of the most advantageous locations to witness this once in a lifetime event. Three of the world’s largest ocean going liners together in the Mersey and the celebrations planned for both sides of the river, for further information visit your local Library, the Williamson Art Gallery or the Priory to obtain one of the informative documents freely available and plan your days out. Williamson Art Gallery itself being a vast treasure trove of Merseyside historic maritime information, and available for a multitude of special occasions. 


Monday 27th April 2015 Vintage Radio Annual General Meeting

In the YMCA Conference Room

One:    As requested most of the attendee’s arrived at 1.30pm in order that the collection of subscriptions could take place prior to the AGM this was largely undertaken by Tom Platt Deputy Chair Person.

Two:    Apologies for absence were recorded for Ann Platt, David Crosby, Allan Schroeder, Richard Wall, and Richard Ives. Jan Kupeczek (Chair) began his address by talking about correspondence he received from the local sixth form college, thanking him for the opportunity in allowing some students to take part in the Vintage Radio proceedings earlier in the year, and expressing the wish that this could be further progressed perhaps later this year.

Three: At this point, it was pointed out that we still had not formally accepted or recorded the membership of the management committee this was duly carried out with Tom Platt accepting some duties in respect of Treasurer Duties. It was also agreed that Steve Pavett would adopt the Secretary’s Role, resulting from Sandy Cameron would be stepping down following this AGM.

Most of these decisions had already been discussed and agreed at previous management committee meetings when all the present committee agreed to continue in their respective roles outlined in previous documents, and Sandy assured the membership he would still be around to offer any assistance requested.

Four:   Some discussion re-commenced about the requirement for possible under age students being suitably chaperoned and mentored during any attendance at the studio, it was agreed this would require some procedural requirement on behalf of Vintage Radio and the School Authorities to ensure everything was done in a correct and legislative manner as the current requirements.

Five:    Sandy Cameron was asked to comment on the previous documentation issued to all membership via e-mail addresses and or printed copy for those who did not have e-mail access this was largely self explanatory and involved two Pie Chart illustration’s indicating the Vintage Radio Annual Income of £2253 and an annual expenditure of £1800, leaving a balance of £453 in round figures.

It was not possible to go into any fine detail due to the absence of the Treasurer David Crosby and members that some still had cheque payments in respect of the financial year plus some further expenditure in connection with Insurance and PPL or PRS etc pointed it out. David had left some pre signed cheques in the Vintage Radio Cheque Book that could used as and when required.

Six:      Sandy Cameron explained that in recent weeks there had been an attempt to rationalise the financial information so that this would have been up to date and presented by the treasurer on the day, this had been hampered by one or two changes to days and date that the AGM would take place and peoples pre booked holiday commitments. However, this could all be sorted out when the Treasurer was back in circulation.

Seven: There was a lot of discussion about recording and being able to answer membership requests for information especially of a financial nature, one suggestion was that the administration computer system in the Green Room should be set up to accurately hold all the current details and regular attendance by committee members could keep this up to date and accessible as required, Mike Pill said technically this was quite possible and perhaps a better system than trying to contact individual members of the committee for up to date information. The management Committee would take this in hand.

Eight:   Mike Pill, Went on to Give an excellent presentation covering a host of Technical and Practical issues in relation to the running, maintenance, and upkeep of the Necessary equipment. In addition, the general maintenance both in financial terms and in just the manpower and man-hours covered by the small technical crew. Quite rightly crediting those involved for the effort put in in front and behind the scenes.

Nine:   There followed some discussion from various quarters that in order for Vintage Radio to be more successful and improve professionally, the total membership need to work together in all aspects treat the premises and facilities’ with respect, Remember the circumstances we are allowed to occupy in this building and treat not only our guests but the Guests and visitors of other presenters with upmost curtesy at all times.

Ten:     Roger Wright (Programme Controller) Spoke about the need for presenters to make and submit suitable programmes One Hour or Half Hour in length for inclusion via the “Dropbox” system to be broadcast during the non-live days as this was a very important part of any application for external funding.

Eleven:            Mike Pill: Explained all about the Vintage Radio Web Site, this plays an important part in reaching out to would be listeners, the Software has been updated together with instructions on how to make you own personal web page more interesting and attractive, again vital in presenting a true dedicated impression to fund distribution organizations.

Twelve:           My personal message: To put it quite simply it is up to you to make your pages something to be read, this will possibly encourage listeners to tune into your programme. A few of our presenters do this very well but too many of you do not even bother. Just take a little time and have a look at the Web Site, examine the pages of other presenters, help out and contribute to pages like the Blog Spot, I have said many time before before I can help you. Other can also help you, there is no excuse, all the equipment and systems are available either on your own computers or on the machines in the Green Room. If you are not sure just, ask for some assistance. It is not just for your own good but it is for the good of the organization as a whole.

Thirteen:         Gordon Nicholson: Spoke briefly about the national authorities and the slow painful progress with respect of DAB Radio and other areas like FM wave bands for Community Radio Stations. Bert Schroeder commented about there was nothing better than a live RSL and making radio programmes for general air time broadcast. This is very true the main requirements are firstly getting the money to do it, and having someone prepared to set about and organise, manage, and supervise, the whole operation, that is the part that is sadly lacking unfortunately.

Fourteen:        Tom Platt, with Jan Kupeczek, and others set about launching a “New Desk Fund” and kicked off the proceedings with instant cash donations. Can I ask that every person who comes into the studio is asked to make a donation to this fund. Everybody as near as possible encourage membership subscriptions from friends, guests, visitors, family, etc make donations to any member of the Management Committee or direct via the banking system, and lets see if we can collectively do something very positive for the sake of Vintage Community Radio.



Any other Business

Fifteen:           There was then a general round of open discussion, mainly to clear the air, some valued members were not happy about the conduct of recent events relating to last minute request for people to be present when VIP Visitors came to the studio. Then they felt they were totally ignored, apologies were made for that. There have been some elements in lack of information being shared to the rest of the membership and decisions being made without proper consideration of other interested members. It is abundantly clear that the membership require comprehensive accurate information in the financial management system. Will Redfearn has again requested a fully audited finance document to be used in funding applications. Jan Kupeczek has spent considerable time and effort in preparing presenters schedules for the day to day live transmittances but has been let down far too many times by members not turning up, plus there have been some pathetic excuses that people do not know what to do if a presenter is absent. Despite the numerous offer to instruct and assist any member to understand and use the RS2 playout system in emergency’s. Many times it has been said we are all here to help and assist each other, if you are not sure ask. There are now two methods of playout system available make yourself familiar with both, and if you think something is missing like a Jingle or something look for it possibly is in a different place than before but by and large it should still be there if not only then make a point of having it replaced.

Sixteen:           This is my recollection of the proceedings, If any person wishes to add or subtract any statements then speak to me, if you feel I have missed something important then please contact me

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sandy Cameron 1st may 2015.




Vintage Radio

In the local press recently a couple of articles in connection with Vintage Radio featured, it turns out that a young trainee reporter Daniel Baker was present at Gangsters & Gals night in the St Josephs, Community Centre. This highly successful gig

organised and presented by the Vintage Rockers, in their present line up, Allan Schroeder beating the drums, plus the occasion song or two, Bert (the Baron) Allan’s brother plucking the strings on the Bass Guitar, whilst the female element Lyn Jay, vocalist and player of many smaller but equally important instruments. The addition of Saxophonist Keith Parkins with lead Guitarists Stu (Flaco) McPherson and another Vocalists Alistair Mc Donald all combine to pound out the music that gets young and old up on there feet. Well done to the guys and gals some of whom are Vintage Radio Members of long standing. I am told that a good collection of fashion in certain era also added to the spectacle and all round entertainment. This particular evening was further enhanced during the interval with the delightful voice of Lili Moore another one of the Vintage Members singing her beautiful versions of some well know ballads, that no doubt conjured up some memories of their own amongst the appreciative audience, regulars to the St Joseph Community Centre.

It would appear that Jan Kupeczek the rockers groups Key Board player invited the reporter along to the Vintage Radio Studio to publicise and promote the book he has penned entitled “A Parallel World” that is now available for download on Amazon in Kindle Style. So for those with a fancy for the tales of the outer space and other worlds Jan Kupeczek latest book is available from the amazon website.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our membership of the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for the 27th April 2015 held in the large meeting room just next to the studio in the YMCA Building, Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead, at 1.30pm.

It would be very helpful to the treasurer in particular (David Crosby) if the annual subscription is paid in advance into the Vintage Radio bank account so you can just hand him the copy receipt of the payment or notify him via e-mail that such payment has been made. Once again, if anybody has a question to raise please communicate with one of the Management Committee to that effect, This helps the proceedings to run along smooth lines in everybody’s interest.

Thank You Sandy (Sec) 06/03/15



Vintage Radio General Meeting.

1:            Once a year we have an AGM. This is a time for reflection on the past year, and maybe a look forward to what we can achieve in the year to come.

2:            In the last year we have moved to broadcasting five days a week, and on certain days longer hours. This was to accommodate requests from the membership. There have been a number of equipment upgrades and changes, including adaptations in the studio and green room.

3:            The range of programmes; whilst remaining pretty much the same, some new additions have been incorporated, and some new members face's appearing in the studio. This is perfectly normal progress.

4:            If you have any ideas or thoughts, suggestions, that will help in this progress, do make your ideas known; speak or communicate with any members of the committee.

5:            At our AGM there is also a great opportunity for people to either volunteer or be nominated for position on the main management committee, or perhaps a sub committee to be formed.  You will be aware that we have a need for some assistance with generating wider Publicity, Marketing, Web site Content, Training or Mentoring; anything to improve and enhance Vintage Radio for the listeners.

6:            Now a short word about the Vintage Rockers: This group of Vintage Radio Presenters came about from some chance conversation between some very talented musician and vocalists. They have progressed into a highly successful entertainment group and have proved to be of great benefit to both to the YMCA and Vintage Radio. Vintage Rockers plus Rockettes, in whatever format they may take, run as a completely independent organisation and look after their own affairs; any enquiries for the Rockers must be with their members exclusively.

7:            Now for a word about the future: Obviously finance is of great importance. Attempts at obtaining Grants, Donations, and Sponsorship are an on-going operation, the distribution of our leaflets, and attendance at other functions collecting outside interviews and items of local, topical, interest are all important and we can all take an active part.

8:            We have a proposal that our annual membership subscription needs improving, and a figure of £30 PA has been suggested. £30 per year equates to less than 60 pence per week. To be accurate, it’s 57.69 pence, so it’s even less than 58 pence per week. I think that’s a bargain.

9:            To make things even easier you can pay your £30 directly into the Vintage Bank Account, you can transfer the money from your account to Vintage via the BACs System, or, by arrangement with the treasurer, you can send three payments of £10 by standing order, for instance in March, July and November.

10:          Normally at the end of each month, we have an opportunity for members who may not see each other during the various occasions they are in the studio to get together for an informal lunch in one of the local hostelries. The next occasion will be 30th March 2015 about noon in the Arrowe Park Hotel. Do come along for a chat with others.

11:          I would urge everyone to make more use of the Vintage Radio Web Site. We try to keep the information up to date; plus you have the facility to add to your own personal page, publicise your own programmes, write articles of interest, keep abreast of what is happening and what’s on in the locality.            

12:          If you have any information or comment, I would welcome any assistance in compiling a newsletter to circulate as wide as possible, so that the listening public have an idea of what Vintage Radio is about; and perhaps arouse some interest over a greater area. Please get back to me.

Cheers  Sandy (Secretary until the AGM)

Your Chance to get together with others from Vintage Radio, we have an informal lunch time chat on the 23rd Feb 2015 at about noon in the Arrowe Park Hotel.

Do come along and share your ideas, suggestions and the latest News, bring your friends, relatives, and any who may be interested in joining our Volunteer Organisation providing Radio Entertainment.


Vintage Radio Information Sheet.

Members now that we are live 5 days a week use of the studio equipment for Pre-Recording, Editing, and Compiling Non Live Day programmes is of course limited to Weekends. Saturday and Sunday.

1:            Please ensure you pre book the studio on the web site calendar, to avoid any disappointments or double bookings. You should have a personal log on password to access the member’s only part of the web site.

2:            Your personal access code also lets you add to, or amend your own personal page and promote your own programmes. Also access to the web site enables you to keep up to date with what is going on within the organisation and events etc. Do use it regularly in all its forms and contribute via Mike Pill to the content.

3:            Weekdays: You are still able to access the Green Room computers and equipment for editing by use of Audacity or Magix Software and other Software, you will need to use Headphones and remember to keep any noise to an absolute minimum while the main studio is in use for live recordings. Monday to Friday.

Temporary upgrade work Notice from the Technical Team.

(A.) The studio will be closed on the 24th for access and recording for phase 2 of upgrade works.

(B.) Audacity editor pc in the green room will be moved tomorrow morning to act as the of-com. recorder until we have our original of-com recorder back from the windows upgrade so it will be unavailable for use until around the 24th.

(C.) There will be a small pair of speakers installed into the greenroom in coming weeks for a low volume feed of the studio no one is to touch, or fiddle or mess around with them.

4:            If you require any guidance, instruction, and familiarity with the equipment, please asks one of the committee members or your colleagues, Vintage Radio has always worked on the principle of helping each other. Different people have various skill sets, we can all learn from each other, how to present good quality output.

5:            If you have guests in the studio on your programmes try to take some photographs together with some caption for use on the main Web Site, Facebook, or Twitter as part of the overall publicity. Send any photographs to Mike Pill, (Web Site) Roger Wright, (Facebook) or Ray Lyons, (Twitter) for this purpose.

6:            Keep Jan Kupeczek fully informed of any failure to turn up to the studio , for your spot and also make yourself familiar with Emergency Programmes & Procedures, just in case.

7:            Report any defects, breakages, or faults to members of the Technical Team so these can be dealt with as soon as possible, please keep the room’s clean and tidy at all times. Most important do ensure you are fully aware of the YMCA Fire Regulations and Procedures. Plus you are responsible for your guests while on the premises.

8:            You can make and contribute programme material in one Hour or Half Hour blocks via “Dropbox” for inclusion in non-live day schedules, informs Roger Wright of any small caption, keep an eye on the web site schedules so you can inform your guests when they are used and increase the circulation amongst your listeners.

9:            We have traditionally held informal get together in a local hostelry at the end of each month; this was normally on a non-live day I.E. Last Monday of each month. Any who want to continue with this arrangement please get back to me so I can circulate the information? If you have any suggestion or idea for a change of date, Venues, or Location, please let me know, all suggestions, thoughts, ideas, gratefully accepted for consideration.

10:          In the near future we will be organising an Annual General Meeting: If you wish to be considered for any position on the Main Management Committee please step forward. I personally will give any assistance help and information to any who wish to take the role of Secretary, as I will be stepping aside. Vintage Radio requires everybody to do their share in the organisation and running. All Ideas, Suggestions, thoughts and assistance is very much appreciated, this is your Community Radio Station if you want it to continue, prosper, and proceed, then you need to do your bit, and now is your chance.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (Sec)


Vintage Radio gives a chance and location to display the talents of an older generation In a convivial atmosphere and friendly manner, we need people to Devise, Create, Manage, and Produce Simple Entertainment Programmes.

You can do this by just Volunteering to Read, Write, Talk, and Listen to members of the public who may want to send a greeting, have some music played, listen to Poetry, Drama or just exchange News, Views, maybe address Topics Chat or perhaps join in with some Banter.

Vintage Radio is an amazing opportunity for you to reach out to others who

for whatever reason may not be able to get out and about,Vintage Radio could be their only link to the outside world through you and your talents.

A You Can become an exceptional

Voice for Older People

All our presenters for the most part as the name would suggest, belong to the more mature generation. To be fair the average age is in the 60s plus, some of the Music Played is also from the 50s 60s, 70s, 80s 90s and right up to the present generation, in fact we play whatever the listeners request. That of course is determined by YOU we want the style of presentation to be such that the listener feels that the programme presenter is a fellow enthusiast and addressing them individually.

We hope that through the radio broadcasts any isolated people should learn about others in a similar situation and they have an opportunity to share, taste, and savour the programme output whatever that taste is.

Vintage Radio publicises and attends many events and occasions of interest to the listeners, even interviewing and chatting to all at these events. The conversations after editing are then broadcast during our programmes of topical events and public occasions.

Depending on circumstances the conversations can be broadcast  Live via the magic of the internet and on line air waves, so if you think you could take part in this you need to contact us right away.



Vintage Radio Monthly Get Together (Pre-Christmas) 2014.

Hey folks this month I suggest we have our usual monthly get together in the Arrowe Park Hotel as normal round about midday on Monday 1st December, this is as near to the end of November as possible. And a month from our last meeting. 

This would provide an ideal opportunity for everybody that can make it to have a chat before Christmas and catch up on the items that will change in the New Year, you need to check with Jan Kupeczek and the technical Guys about who will want access to the studio during the Christmas period and of Course the New Year immediately following.

You will already be aware of the Monday becoming a live day, and a wider range of programme selection has now been introduced to Saturday curtesy of Roger Wright, plus the need for some pre-recorded programme material this will be mixed in with the present programme output. 

It looks very promising that we could undergo some major changes in 2015 and the possibility that Vintage Radio can become larger, better, and more widespread both in publicity and listening terms, if everybody plays their part.

We have some new members who will be adding their contribution to further increase the variety and personal programme presentation both in the studio and of course on the individual pages of the Web Site curtesy of Mike Pill. 

If you are not sure about the method of enhancing and adding to your personal web pages full instruction are downloadable from the members area, and if you look at some of the other members pages you can see just what is possible, a good example is the page presented by Ernie Hardwick, this shows you what is possible with a little effort and application.

As you already know equipment and software is available in the green room to access the internet, make programmes, edit and enhance any recording you have made on SD cards or memory sticks, you can even make some personal CDs if you wish to give these to your friends and relations. With minimal outlay and your own personal equipment the green room can be in use even when the main studio is busy, it is up to you. Cheers Sandy Cameron (Secretary)

Monday 1st December 2014 Arrowe Park Hotel about Noon, informal get together, come along bring you friends and relations and prospective new members All are Welcome.



Members of Vintage Radio
Attached are the notes of the recent Committee Meeting, please pass these on to any other members who may not receive E-Mail and prospective new members who I do not have full details of.
A General Meeting has been arranged  by the Chairman Jan Kupeczek for Tuesday the 11th November starting at 2.ooPM in the YMCA large meeting room,
In the main to discuss and explain the proposed changes that have been discussed by the committee. Contained in the attachment.
This is also the opportunity to understand what will be happening over the Christmas and New Year period, if you have any questions or suggestions please contact one of the Committee members before the event so they can be included in the Agenda if required.
Can you also ensure that Deputy Chairman Tom Platt has full up to date contact information Name, Address, Telephone, E-Mail, etc so that official records can be collected and all interested members can be kept fully informed.
Sandy Cameron (sec) 

Tuesday 28th October 2014 Vintage Radio Committee Meeting the ASDA Woodchurch


1:            Present Jan Kupeczek, Tom Platt, Mike Pill, Gordon Nicholas, Roger Wright, Sandy Cameron, with Ian Grant who also had other duties to perform but managed to pop in and out on occasions.

2:            Apologies received from Will Redfern, David Crosby, and John Blainey

3:            Minutes, Notes or Reports, of the last meeting were read and discussed accepted plus any actions required arising from any reports or requests emanating from the General Meeting and membership comments, etc.

4:            Jan has written to a number of people who have left the organisation for one reason or another Known or Unknown to some.

5:            Plus Jan also reiterated the wish for any of the membership who may wish to come along to committee meetings to outline a particular subject. It has always been the policy during my term as Secretary to invite any member of the organisation to bring forward their own Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, and Comments with any individual member of the committee, and it has always been the policy for any member of the committee to invite ordinary members to attend committee meetings so they could express and explain any subject that could be of benefit to Vintage Radio.

6:            Some discussion took place about our growing membership numbers, and the need to examine or maybe re-adjust the allocation of periods to make a longer spread or wider output of diverse programme material, this led to Jan’s Suggestion to include Monday as a Live Day, amongst the ideas discussed was longer hours of live day output, reduce the number of repeat programmes, more pre-recorded programme material made available, presenters to double up, (this does takes place to a small degree at present).

7:            Mike Pill and the technical Guys, From a technical point of view this is not a huge problem, it will mean some co-ordinated effort from Mike Pill, John Blainey, Roger Wright, to either extend the broadcasting hours, adjust some of the computer equipment, retrieve archive programme material, and for our Presenters to provide more pre-recorded programme material.

8:            In preparation for any changes plus the urgent need to work on the maintenance of our present equipment there will be a period when the station will be either taken off line or restricted usages and it was agreed that any major changes will take place in the New Year after we have had a General Meeting with the total membership, possibly a general meeting can take place between now and Christmas all being well. You will be informed in the usual manner.

9:            Some discussion took place about the possibilities surrounding a Wave Band, RSL, involvement with DAB radio Facebook and Twitter all of this is in hand and Gordon will keep us informed of any beneficial development, there is also the prospect of software changes, that may involve some additional Training or Familiarisation, these are all indications of progress for Vintage Radio adapting to external changes and striding forward wherever possible.

10:          This leads to all of our membership needing to strictly observe Studio Etiquette and being able to execute hand over periods on the Clock and in a courteous manner between presenters, briefly leave enough time for the next presenter to start their programme on the Hour Promptly, if anybody feels they need some assistance then ask. This also applies to editing programmes from your SD Card to either Disc or Dropbox all the required equipment is available in the green room.

11:          There will be a separate meeting with those concerned to have some new leaflets printed together with any other publicity material, remember you have the ability to use some parts of the Vintage Radio Web site to Promote, Encourage, and Interest listeners and would be members. Collect leaflets and flyers to be left on the desk so that we can keep the community aware of what is going on and the valuable part Vintage Radio play in the Wirral Communities.

12:          Despite the best efforts of the present committee to keep costs down, the overall cost of keeping and maintaining Vintage Radio in its present form means that we as an organisation urgently need Subscriptions, Donations, Sponsorship, Grants, and any other form of income. And that is down to you the Membership working jointly to spread the word, promote the influence and make Vintage Radio the choice of the general listening public in whatever format.

Sandy Cameron (Present Secretary until the next AGM) 30/10/14


Sandy's Blog Wednesday 16th Oct 2014

Vintage Radio Blogspot 16th October 2014 Revised

In my attempt to keep everybody in the loop, I would be good if all the presenters, in fact the membership in total give a little thought to the forthcoming Christmas Season.

Monday 22nd December: Is normally a Non Live Day and we have pretty much established the format for Mondays.Tuesday 23rd December: that too has an established pattern.

Wednesday 24th December: is Christmas Eve, from experience most people are quite busy on Christmas Eve, but those who may wish can still make their normal programmes.

Christmas Day Thursday: will more than likely be a Non Live Day

As will Friday or Boxing Day:

So some provision needs to be made to provide Pre-recorded programmes that can be put into an automatic broadcast system by the technical guys. It is not suggested that all the programme material needs to be Jingle Bells and Christmas Carols, perhaps some co-ordinated seasonal type material could be appropriate, that is up to the individual programme presenters concerned.

Two things need to be established One:Is let Jan Kupeczek, Roger Wright, in particular know if you will actually be present or if you will submit some pre-recorded programmes so that Web Site and Programme Scheduling can take place. The second thing Two:Is let Jan and Roger know if and when you want to either be in the studio personally or make some pre-recorded material. Remember all the programmes need to be One Hour long and as a rough guide include a jingle or Station Identity about every 15 minutes, with any other stuff or information relevant to your programme.

To remind you Monday 27th October is the last Monday of the Month and we normally have a little get together in the Arrowe Park Hotel about midday Noon, please use this opportunity to generally discuss options, maybe even arrange some details and assist each other with programme material over the Christmas Period, and for that matter New Year as well.

Things and events or equipment keep changing and we all need to adapt to changes but it is important that everybody has a say so these informal get together periods,  are a valuable time to submit ideas thoughts and suggestions. Introduce new members to the rest of the gang so that we can all work together improving and enhancing Vintage Radio.We have had remarkable success, the station keeps growing and is widely recognised in the community this helps our credibility to obtain more funding and another step forward to broadcasting with a waveband as well as on the internet, which is of course what everybody wants to see. It takes time patience and money that is not easy to come by.

You all know our studio equipment is long getting past its prime, and some expensive replacement will be required sooner or later, if you have any notions how we do that then speak to the technical guys without any delay. Any if the management Committee members will try and answer any questions or assist you only have to ask.  Sandy (Sec) 15th Oct 2014.





Vintage News Update and Blogspot Page

I have had a bit of a hectic time on the home front and have fallen behind on keeping everyone in the loop I hope to correct this now. I missed the end of month get together in September and asked for some feedback, many thanks to those who responded. 

Item One:Due to a number of incidents the general consensus seems to be that the new venue was not a roaring success an unexpected combination of road works and construction resulted in a bit of frustration in actually getting to the Swan resulting in at least two people gave it up as a bad job, one couple were not happy with the food service in quality and presentation, and perhaps the room or table arrangements did not quite work out as wished. My apologies the idea of trying a new venue did not sound like a resounding success on this occasion. 

Item Two:May I suggest that next month the 27th October we revert to the Arrowe Park Hotel for our last Monday in the month informal get together and maybe have a think about what we do next, any suggestions or ideas very welcome and perhaps some indication from those who will make the effort to turn up in particular committee members. 

Item Three:It is felt that we need to make some adjustments to the process of gaining entrée and exit to the studio without contravening the Fire Regulations, this is being looked at and it will involve co-operation in a sensible manner from presenters using the studio and others plus guests gaining access, especially at hand over periods, we are all aware of the frustration and sometimes irritation that can arise if handover procedure is not done in a professional and courteous way, so please bear this in mind. 

Item Four:You will not have failed to notice that the green room and studio has progressively been tidied up and looking more shipshape. This is due to the sterling work of some of our newest, younger, and quite technical members, I personally think this is great and I would ask all members if you have any suggestions or ideas please put these forward after all Vintage is your radio station, and the remarkable improvements, progress, and success is all down to the combined efforts from each member and their contribution. 

Item Five:An excellent suggestion put forward is that we should all try to listen to each other’s live programmes, even more important is listen to your own live programmes, that way you can pick up on good habits, maybe even reduce our own bad habits in a way that makes the whole output from the Radio Station that much more friendly appealing and professional. It has always been a maxim of Vintage Radio that we all can learn from each other. Plus all the equipment and software to make your own CD copies for your guests, friends, or family is available in the Green Room. 

Item Six:Give a thought to making some new fresh programme material ready for Christmas, it would be nice to have plenty of pre-recorded Christmas and New Year even Halloween or Bonfire Night programmes in hand to allow the scheduling to be planned and made ready. 

Item Seven: Make contact, talk to any member of the committee if you have any subject you wish to discuss, an idea to float, a constructive suggestion, Technical, Administrative, Programming, and Organisational wise, the committee members are always willing to help and assist. We have quite a number of new or newish members who can and would be delighted to be helped and assisted by the longer termed membership, and those with long experience in the broadcasting and radio world. 

Cheers Sandy (sec) 04/10/14.




Hey Folks Monday 29th September Vintage Radio Get Together.


Just a quick reminder we will be meeting on the last Monday of the Month as normal but the new venue we want to try out is the Swan Hotel at Prenton.

So remember to come along at about noon for a spot of Chat, and exchange latest news or ideas between the presenters, everybody welcome bring along the family, friends, and any prospective new members.

The Swan Hotel is situated about half way up on the hill of the main road into Birkenhead from Arrowe Park roundabout, after you cross the M53 Motorway at Woodchurch, the Swan is on the left, it has its own car park and there is a large open free car park just across the road.

Easy access and the swan is reachable on the major bus routes in and out of Birkenhead to or from Arrow Park Hospital and Arrowe Park Hotel our last venue for a get together.

So You should have no problem finding it. They serve a range of low cost pub grub, and bar snacks, tea, coffee, and any other drinks.

I have put a typical menu in the studio for those interested.

And remember we are always willing to try out any other venue you might think of just for the sake of variety and a change of location or we could return to any of the other locations if those interested prefer, Just let me know and I will circulate the information as always.

Cheer Sandy




27th August 2014:

The full compliment of Vintage Rockers and Rockettes were on display at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton, managing to set up in the glorious panoramic lounge after a short unavoidable delay.

The Rockers then proceeded to exhibit and entertain the public in attendance, some enjoying their lunch break in these wonderful surroundings with a medley of their own unique brand of Rockin music.

As the sounds circulated both inside and around the Floral Pavilion more and more of the general public came to enjoy the excellent rendition of songs and tunes they could remember from their youth.

For many of those present it was the music they danced to in their teens and twenties.

Speaking to one of the couples present on the occasion, they told me that was what they missed most "was some good rock and roll music that took them back to the glorious days of the 60s and 70s" when this sort of entertainment flooded the clubs and venues of the Merseyside entertainment scene.

Alas I was unable to stay for the whole performance due to other commitments, but in addition to the Musical entertainment there was also the promise of some poignant poetry from Ron Entwhistle and perhaps others, similar to the fantastic show that was held in Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton recently, if I get more information I will report this in the same manner. 

Sandy (Sec) 28th August 2014




Hey Folks

Sorry about any delay, but in view of the Bank Holiday I propose we defer our usual end of Month Get together in the Arrowe Park Hotel.

Instead I would like for interested members to maybe meet at about Noon.

Monday 29th September 2014, it has been suggested that we try a different location and one was mentioned for Monday 29th September as being the Swan Hotel situated half way up the Swan Hill Birkenhead. It is also on all the major bus routes, it has a car park and I believe there is a large Public Car Park on the corner of the road.

If anybody is either interested to come along great, or feels that maybe the Swan is not a suitable location, please get back to me with a view of circulating the information to all our members, many thanks and have a good Bank Holiday.

I will be in the Studio on Monday 1st of September with a couple of our members who want some instruction on the use of the RS2 player system. We will be there from about midday for a few hours if you want to pop along. I have to be honest; my knowledge is limited but will try and pass on what I can that helps members to use the RS2 play out system.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (Sec)





Notes and observations from Vintage Radio General Meeting held 18th August 2014 in the YMCA

1: Jan Kupeczek opened the meeting and an attendance sheet was passed round for everybody to sign, this generated some 24 signatures yet there were some 30 people attending and we must welcome that Stu Dunn and Susan Reid Povall as new faces. That means in simple maths that 4 people failed to sign the attendance sheet. I received 2 apologies from Allan Schroder, and Will Redfern, despite the fact that on the reminder Note sent out to all the membership I specifically asked for acknowledgement that people had received the reminder. You might well ask why I have written this in such a way the simple answer is much of the meeting was talk about Communications. This is my way of reminding everybody that Communications is a two way routine and every member has a duty to fully communicate, so that we can all work together and the Committee Members know who is doing what and when, for Vintage Radio to grow and prosper everybody needs to make a fair contribution, and don’t just imagine that somebody will do it for you.

2: Jan proposed two options longer broadcasting hours for example through the night with pre recorded programmes and library stock. The second proposal was for Monday to become a live day.

This needs to be fully discussed because there are pros and cons briefly it will need enough committed presenters to man the station, for the hours required it will have to be better controlled than what we do at present and the membership will need to be reliable and able to carry out the functions and use the equipment that is available.

We also need to take into consideration that some members use the Non live Days to organise and make pre recorded programmes, maintenance and repairs from the technical team are usually carried out on a Monday, and their seems to be no appetitive for people to give up their weekends which are the only other Non Live Days.

I would suggest this idea needs careful consideration for the best result.

3: Ernie Hardwick brought up and mentioned the visits to Nursing Homes and Rest Homes that were carried out successfully in the early days of Vintage Radio, I think everybody agreed this was excellent and should be brought into the mixture again. This operation needs for someone to set to and organise, oversee and where necessary supervise Volunteers to carry this out.

4: Mike Pill and Gordon Nicholas together with the Technical Team answered some questions and explained that due to server failures outside their control there had been some breaks in transmission and to some extent this was being dealt with. This also led to discussion about the studio equipment in general take notice there will be no more replacement maybe not even repairs to broken headphones, this has happened far too many times and cost too much time effort and finance, so the best advice is bring your own headphones and suitable conversion jacks if you wish to use headphones, Some members already do this now, not only is it more hygienic but history shows that if people use their own equipment there is less incidents of breakages. Members who have connections with other radio stations say this is quite common practice elsewhere for presenters to have their own equipment.

5: Mike Pill also pointed out that the play desk in particular is long past its best days, a suitable replacement is likely to cost in excess of £4.000 and some sort of major expenditure could be required at any time. From what I understand financially at the moment we cannot afford this, So it is of prime importance that every effort is made to either generate income or obtain funding from some source, at present Will Redfern with the assistance of Nicky Carr are working on some funding exercise,

Will sent his apologies and could not attend this meeting, But If I get any news I will circulate this in the usual manner.

6: The funding conversations continued with many good ideas and suggestions from Sponsorship and Advertising, along with spreading information via whatever media communications available, gathering of listener information, e-mails and connections with interested people and organisations, none of this was new Communications, and spreading the word about Vintage Radio has been an ongoing operation since the beginning, leaflets have been printed, circulated, and large and small events by other organisations have been attended, manned and publicised both personally and via the web site and on air by presenters, this will of course continue, but once again it needs the support and involvement from all quarters and every member must get involved, it cannot be just left to a small handful of members, to be successful it needs everybody to get involved.

7: The Vintage Rockers and Rockettes have been remarkably successful in not only generating money but in spreading the word, getting Vintage Radio known and recognised across a wide range of people and organisations, they have also managed, organised, and been heavily involved in rehearsals, practice, gigs, publicity, and all that goes along with it, and I hope this continues long into the future, I also hope that the general membership will give support and assistance in every way possible. The Vintage Rockers and Rockettes have organised themselves and run as a sub group to Vintage Radio, I for one will give any assistance that I can whenever requested.

8: Various topics of conversation raised a number of points Copywrite Protection and Rules Regulations etc I do not think there has been any infringements but all presenters must make themselves familiar with any regulations required. A copy of the weekly schedule on the desk would benefit some presenters as a source of community information about what is on and what functions are taking place across the peninsular. To this aim any leaflets, publicity documents and information should be made available on the play desk and used by presenters at any opportunity during live programmes. Security and Identification badges, many of the membership have been issued with these, any newish members or those who do not have them get your photograph taken by Mike Pill and Jon Kupeczek so these can be processed. In view of one member made to feel uncomfortable by a stranger, please ensure your personal safety, lock the studio door if you so wish. We need some sort of communication system if doors are locked, all members are reminded if you have guests in the studio they are your full responsibility for their behaviour and conduct.

9: A fully working telephone in the studio was discussed this would be looked into, the Web Cam was agreed as a great step forward and some possible improvement may be possible there. Bert Schroeder put forward a suggestion about a sort of easy simple group communication system was possible this would help quite a bit for members to be in full communication, hopefully that can be achieved. Roger Wright wants members to communicate to him about any features, comments, and information to be included on the weekly schedule. Mike Pill has been asking for ages for the individual members to take full ownership of their individual web pages and make them interesting in their own special manner. Recording Microphones are available there are four in number if you want to use one ask and keep Mike Pill aware of who has one and if they are available. Jan Kupeczek wants members to use camcorders and make videos or publicity material; these can sometimes go on the web site. Do not ignore the Web Site there are reams of information, detail, documents stored there for members usage, many of the questions asked could have been answered if people had looked on the web site in the first place.

10: Examples of individual or collective income generation via Donations, Events, Recomendations, Talks,and Sales etc are recorded by the treasurer David Crosby. And many thanks to those stalwart members who took part and played such a vital role. The Vintage Rockers & Rockettes Colectivly, Ray Lyons, Ian Grant, Bert & Fred, Mike Pill and all those who helped out on various occasions.

Now I hope I have covered everything, If I have missed something just let me know. Sandy Cameron (Sec) 18/8/2014



IMG 5965 BBQ 


The Vintage Team of Mike , Ian, & Steve, set up the Semi Annual BBQ at the ASDA Store Woodchurch and apart from tempting customers to bargain priced Food. They also enetertained them with some music from Steve's vast collection, many thanks for the support shown, and the spread of information about Vintage Radio to the public at large.






Vintage Radio Blog Spot on the Web Site

Hey Folks The Chairman Jan Kupeczek tells me he has arranged for a General Meeting so all the members can get together and talk about what is happening, what we want to see happening the direction we take to go onwards and upwards with the spread of the Vintage Radio name and reputation.

Monday 18th August 2014 in the Conference room at the YMCA

Starting prompt at 2.00pm to about 4.30pm

Now this is the perfect opportunity to bring in your ideas, thoughts, comments and suggestions to the forefront, those who visit the studio quite often will have noticed some changes and improvements thanks to the stalwart efforts of one or two members. This will continue and if you have any spare time your help and assistance would be most appreciated, there is a plan to install a camera system on the main desk this will be beamed out at the same time as your programme if you wish

the choice is simply yours.

There is a possibility that we may get access to a waveband in one form or another, don’t ask me about the technical details but that will all be explained.

If all goes well you may be able to broadcast on air live plus on the internet

at the same time.

The broadcast sound quality has been improved and if you want to test this out go on the web site and click on the (purple square button on the front page and check this out for yourself,) the quality of your programme as always depends on you.

All the equipment for you to make programmes are available in the green room that you can use even if the studio is busy, if you want any assistance just ask.

This also applies to jingles or intro tracks some new ones for the station in the pipe line all from your suggestions, or the equipment is available in the green room to make your own, we all can learn and become more by professional with help from each other.

Financial Funding is of course a big issue and very important this needs everybody to lend a hand in any way possible, You can by giving support and assistance in areas like publicity and getting the name of Vintage Radio widely known right across the Peninsular and beyond.

Ian Grant will be organising the usual BBQ at the ASDA Store Woodchurch

Saturday 9th August starting about 10.00pm through to 3.00pm,

Simple tasks like distributing leaflets and talking to the public about Vintage Radio have a great effect so come and join in. You may even want to do your weekly shopping while you are at it.

If am notified of any changes or additions I will pass the information on, if you are unable to attends and of the functions due to holiday commitments you can always communicate by E-mail with any thoughts, Ideas, suggestions, comments always welcome. Remember Vintage Radio can only be successful if you participate and take a pro-active part. Sandy Cameron (Sec)30/07/2014



Vintage Radio Live Community Recordings

Tragic Loss of the Thetis Submarine

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

Birkenhead Central Library (Oct 2010)


Liverpool Overhead Railway

Derek Arnold Historian

Birkenhead Central Library (March 2011)  

Nelson and Trafalgar

Derek Arnold Historian

Upton Village Library


History of Storeton Woods

David Casement Chair of the Friends Group

Birkenhead Central Library (April 2011)


Death camp Auschwitz

Derek Arnold Historian

Home of Oasis member


Gunboats on the Mersey

David Owens Local Historian

Bebington Central Library (September 2011)


Fortunatus Wright the Wirral Privateer

Gavin Chappell Local Author

Wallasey Central Library (october 2011)


Birkenhead Priory

Colin Simpson Curator

Wallasey Central Library


History of Comedy Performance and Talk

Brian Lloyd Local Historian

Bebington Central Library (February 2012)


The Titanic Band

Fred Eccleston Vintage Radio Presenter

Prenton Library with B/H History Society


The Bounty the real story

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

United Reform Church Rock Ferry


F E POW Association Memorial Plaque (Far East POW Association)

Bert Schroeder Recording for Vintage Radio

Ceremony at Pier Head Liverpool (May 2012)


Thomas Brassey the Railway king

David Casement Local Historian

Prenton Central Library Bookfest Week (2012)


Oradur Sur Glane by Derek Arnold

Annihilation of a French Village WW11

St Barnabus Church Bromborough (Nov 2012)


Atlantic Convoys the Liverpool Story

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

Fort Perch Rock New Brighton (may 2013)


Richard the Third

David Owen Local historian

Bebington Central library (June 2013)


George Ward Gunn VC

His own story

Neston library


The History of Fort Perch Rock

Derek Arnold Local Historian

Irby Village Library (October 2012)


Agent ZIG ZAG World war Two Double agent

Derek Arnold in the company of ladies

Greasby Ladies Group (November 2013)


This is a list of superbly presented CDs Organised and presented By Fred Eccleston with the assistance of Technical Director Bert Schroeder all made as part of the Live Community Recordings that gained an exceptional award for Vintage Radio. Discs are available and not only are they extremely interesting they make very special presents for people who may have an interest in Local and National History in particular Maritime History.

In order to obtain Colourful Cleverly designed and presented copy’s please contact Fred Eccleston direct

you can also leave a message for his attention by e-mailingVintage Radio from the web Site




 The Vintage Rockers and Rockettes in Fine Form 20/07/14 

VintageRockersThe Vintage Rockers had yet another resounding success with a Show in Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton. New Brighton Seashore

They spent a few hours playing to a select audience under the marquee in glorious weather, with some great rocking music and entertainment that very soon had some of the audience dancing under the the canvas.

New Brighton on that Sunday was teeming with people enjoying the glorious weather that reminded me of the days in the 60s when Rock and Roll was King. SandyFortPerchRock

Along with the music from the Rockers and Rockettes, we were treated to Budge Grounsell on the mike with his tunes from yester year.  

Alan Schroeder conducted a little informal chat with Len Burnett about his fantastic book which went into detail of the Rogue Dockers and the exploits both sides of the river in the heyday of the thriving River Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. 

img 5926

 During the show were enthralled by some first class poetry readings from the renowned and talented Ron Entwhistle.

Congratulations to the line-up of Ken, Janet, Jan, Alan, Lyn Stu and Bert, but check out the Vintage Web Site for many more quality photographs of the event from Mike Pill.   

Many thanks to for the support of Fred, Ray, Jim, in addition to the three inanimate regulars that are apparently always there clustered round the baptismal font in sharp suits but not saying much. Cheers Sandy.



General Roundup Dear Members: We are soon to have one of our few general meetings in the Large Meeting room at the YMCA. Before that meeting I would like you all to take a look at the Vintage Radio Web Site, Mike Pill has spent a lot of time and effort to make the web site look more attractive and better giving maximum information for listeners logging on to the station. This is where you as individuals come into the process, many of you have a personal page and you are encouraged to update and amend that as and when you wish.

Important: There is also a need for some of you to take ownership of publicity and general interest for the public to read and or listen to during the broadcasting hours of Vintage Radio. The purpose of the meeting is to explain in more detail about the phase Vintage Radio is going through and the part played by yourselves and the management committee members to ensure that the station becomes even more successful. We together have made remarkable progress in the past year but we still need to progress further if we are to attract the sort of Sponsorship and Financial support required to keep the station alive.

Facebook and Twitter: Both have played an important role in spreading the word about Vintage Radio the Facebook page managed by Roger Wright, and the Twitter feed thanks to Ray Lyon (you can see both on the front page of our web site) please use these and send any interesting photographs or comments to add interest.

Recently: The Vintage Rockers and the Rockettes, have in a very short time had a tremendous impact in Promotion, Publicity, Funding, and Generally Spreading the word about Vintage Radio with some amazing entertainment extended into whole new areas for a huge number of the public, and deserves all the support you can give.

Mike Pill: would really like to expand the content and material on the web site by appointing an events editor to capture local events and add them to the web site – with possibility of having a regular broadcast slot about local events. I'd also like to see someone take on the role of overall content editor for the web site – a sort of newspaper editor role. This person would be responsible for finding, writing and adding interesting content, ideally complementary content to the programs, to the website. It could for example include content about housing, medical, legal, financial issues etc. It could also act as a vehicle for short stories and articles. But committed volunteers are required for both of these posts. So if you wish to assist in this manner Mike Pill. Web site editing training will be given and user guide is available. The training required is just a couple of hours.

Sandy Blog Spot: As part of the duties of Secretary I am also very keen to widen the appeal of the radio station not just for the elderly population but those maybe not so elderly who relish the opportunity to put something back into society. Apart from doing a bit in the studio maybe playing music, reading poetry, chatting to others we have some excellent presenters who are good at this, and I believe you could do more, if it’s a case of you want some assistance then just ask. The Committee always welcome your thoughts Ideas, and Suggestions for consideration.

Presenters in general: The need for your One Hour Programmes: Now you need to make sure you have done this adequately. All you need is a simple SD Card to use on the equipment available in the Studio. You need to make sure the programme is not date or time specific in order that this material can be used during any period required. If you need any assistance just ask.

Informal Get Together: The last Monday of each month at about 12 noon is an ideal opportunity for any who are interested to get together let’s say to meet and greet others from the membership who maybe you do not get a chance to see or chat with normally. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and maybe learn from each other and discuss things in general about 12 noon come along to the Arrowe Park Hotel, perhaps have lunch or just a coffee, all are welcome bring along your friends and family or any others who may be interested in joining us.

Sandy Blog Page 20th July 2014.



 Sandy Blog Spot 12th July 2014

 Saturday July 12th the fantastic New Ferry Community Summer Event by popular demand kicked off with a very varied display of talent and fun for all ages, from solo performance from gifted amateurs to carefully scripted and rehearsed local school entertainment with teachers leading the various groups of children through amazing routines and dressed in all their finery.

Some amazing displays of drumming and dance from various organisations determined to make this occasion a spectacular unique day of glorious fun filled entrainment, the military display of vehicles plus equipment and lots of youngsters dressed in combat uniform made for a colourful display.

Numerous vintage and not so old beautifully maintained cars and buses reminded everybody of what transport and cars looked like in the past decades with some of their proud owners explaining about the mechanics and intricacies or motoring in a bygone decades.

After Lunch it was the turn of the “ Vintage Rockers complete with most of the Rockettes” to take to the stage and within a very short time the resounding rocking music literally had people dancing in the street with the sounds of good old fashioned Rock and Roll as it was in the fabulous sixties, a number of people remarked how good it as to hear those toe tapping tunes with Alan Schroeder belting out the beat on Drums, Ken Smith a true exponent of guitar magic along with Stu McPherson guitar and vocals aided by the lovely Rockettes Lyn and Janet with Bert Schroeder Guitar and Jan Kupeczek on the keyboard all joining in to give the unique sounds of the “Vintage Rockers” all volunteers with Vintage Radio Community Station , based in the YMCA Birkenhead.

Fred Eccleston dispensed the numerous recorded programmes on beautifully inscribed Compact Discs under the shade of a gazebo many thanks to Mr and Mrs John Blainey members of the New Ferry Community organisation who set up and organised the whole event and supporting the local charity “Stick n Step”.

And once again a very heartfelt tribute to the Volunteer members of ”Vintage Radio Community Station” all donating their time and considerable effort to providing a wide range of entertainment and amusement to all the listening public on the World Wide Web. Well Done Guys.

Sandy Cameron (Sec)




 Sandy Blogspot June 20th 2014

Hi folks as you will know we usually try and have a little informal lunchtime get-together in a local hostelry so this month the last Monday of the Month is the 30th June so I look forward to maybe seeing some of you following the fantastic night of the “Vintage Rockers” in St Josephs Hall.

I personally enjoyed the evening as a good night of fun with everyone enjoying the fantastic music and evening of all round entertainment, Now I hear that the Vintage Rockers have another gig booked this time in the fabulous Fort Perch Rock on the seafront New Brighton.

No doubt the Rockers and Rockettes will be busy rehearsing and brushing up their respective talents and will be relying on our fellow members to spread the word and encourage your friends and relatives to come along and enjoy another night of good old sixties rock & roll.

There are undoubtedly a number of other questions, thoughts, ideas, hat our members will want to swap and have maybe a chat about, so these occasions to get together provide a unique opportunity to perhaps meet some of the others, and of course all suggestions, ideas, and thought will be taken into consideration when the elected members of the committee meet.

You will no doubt have noticed that there have been some changes to the Vintage Radio Web Page including clearer information with regard to schedules and the variety of programme material along with the regular programme output. Roger Wright is always willing to include interesting material in the Monday line up; some of this is also repeated over the weekend, so consider for yourself any interesting programmes either one Hour or Half Hour in duration that you can submit.

Facilities and Equipment are available in the Green Room to assist you with any editing and or adding dialogue to your programmes, for any advice or assistance in these matters speak to Jan Kupeczek or myself and Tom Platt has been exceptionally helpful in assisting members to get familiar with the play desk etc. If you want further information just ask other members to show you what they do and it is amazing just what we all can learn from each other.

This is the time of year that many organisation arrange and carry out numerous functions and events in all areas of the Wirral, and this is a valuable source of outside interviews, chats with many other community based organisations and groups, that make Community Radio so popular and of course promotes the name of Vintage Radio in many new locations.

Don’t forget you personally have the opportunity to add material to the web site, plus Roger Wright can add photographs to the Facebook pages and Ray Lyons will do the same to the Twitter Account, as always I will try and include any of your contribution into the “Blog Spot”.

 Look forward to seeing you on Monday 30th June, about Noon in the Arrowe Park Hotel our usual venue, If you can recommend perhaps an alternative venue for informal get together let me know and maybe we could try something different once in a while.

 Sandy Cameron (Sec)


Sandy Blog Spot 6th June 2014


Well what can you say, The Vintage Rockers together with the Rockets, belted out the rhythm and had St Joey’s Community Centre bouncing from 7.00pm to gone midnight with a collection of those oldies but goodies from the great days of the swinging 60s.


Absolutley Superb contributions from over 400 years of Rock and Roll Experience on stage and the general participation from many times that number of years from young to mature in the 200 odd appreciative audience that sang along and had the dance floor bouncing with the beat.


Many thanks to likes of Allan Schroeder, who beat the hell out of the drum kit and even gave a bit of a performance on the washboard at one point, to the superb twang of guitars with virtuoso material from Ken Smith, Stu McPherson, Roger Wright and Bert Schroeder all in turn giving fine renditions of the sounds that ruled the world in the late fifties and sixties from right here on Merseyside.


Jan Kupeczek on keyboards with lots of vocals from Tom Platt the crew and of course the Rockets, Ann Cairns, Lyn Jay, and Janet Stanley, giving an amazing colourful display of fashion and harmonious vocals.

With this they backed everyone in turn with a collection of songs that evoked memories from a period very special in the history of Merseyside on both sides of the river and worldwide.

Gerry Murphy gave a solo performance with some of his choice of music and guitar magic and everyone had a bit of a sing along to some of the fine music in his repertoire.


I must mention the back room crew from Budge Groundsel with the microphone, on the floor to Steve Pavett behind the mixer desk and Ian Grant who with his usual flair buzzed around Catering, Cleaning, and sorting out those things that nobody sees but all help to make the night go with a bang.

It was an excellent turnout from the Vintage Members with Mike Norton meeting and greeting on the door and just about everyone else throwing their two penny worth in, flogging the raffle tickets with something like twenty fantastic prizes on offer.

My apologies if I have failed to mention anybody but full credit to Jan Kupeczek and the other Vintage Rockers for putting this together.


 Many many thanks to all those who gave support, turned up, and contributed to make a fantastic night of entrainment one of the regular local to St Josepha’s Community Hall “said it was one of the best nights they have enjoyed for years and he hoped it would be repeated at some time”, for everybody, the proceeds will be split between Vintage Radio and the YMCA the home of our studio.


Maybe with some internal Sanatogen and Touch of WinCarnis Tonic Wine libations, and perhaps a quick rub down of Sloan’s Lineament or Fiery Jack on the outside, you may see those creaking old bones deciding not to put their instruments back in the pawn shop just yet.

Watch this space.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (7th June 2014)

Monday Bank Holiday on Sandy Blog Spot (26th May 2014)


A small group of us met at the usual time in the Arrowe Park Hotel and with a little chat and some fine food, the conversation flowed.


Many thanks to Jan K, Roger W, Stu Mc, Lyn Jay and Joan K, for the good company. This prompted a number of topics I would like to broaden out to all our members; there have been some undoubted improvements to the range of topics and subject matter displayed among our programme output. This is excellent but no doubt can be extended and improved upon with your help and assistance. Have you a suggestion on this particular subject.


Another topic was how we indentify our listening audience Mike Pill has produced some statistics recently that give an overall picture, but is there a way to narrow this down in a clear and easily understandable format. Mike is away now but will no doubt elaborate when he has time.


In line with many other Volunteer Organisations finance and funding is a very important feature and while we have committee members working on this aspect constantly. In saying that we would welcome any constructive ideas and suggestions about improving our financial health. This of course also dictates the direction for Vintage Radio is to take, we are a Community Organisation but also must consider commercial avenues in the form of Sponsorship and Donations so if you can help in this way let the committee know.


From all the reports the Vintage Rockers are very successful in fine tuning and honing their collective skills in preparation for the 6th June event in St Josephs Hall Birkenhead don’t forget if you have not yet obtained tickets do it now there are few left, bring along your friends and relatives for a night of fantastic entertainment, plus supporting a good cause both the YMCA and Vintage Radio.









                                 The Vintage Rockers

On Wednesday 14th May the Vintage Rockers made their debut performance at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, in the Blue Lounge. After a nervous start the band got into its stride and the music flowed.

There were about 80 people in the lounge and before long they were up and dancing, (I hope the venue had a licence for dancing!) The band should have been on for 1 hour but slightly over ran by another hour and a quarter as the ‘fans’ would not let us finish. We were a bit worried that the staff would complain, but at the end of the show, a staff member said what a good afternoon it was and that we would be welcome to perform there again. It was a good prelude to our big show at St. Josephs hall, North Road, Birkenhead on the 6th June. Tickets for that show are selling well with Apollo Music, Birkenhead Precinct selling out their allocation of tickets. We had to rush more to them. The Rockers will be joined on stage by Gerry Murphy and guests for a spot and Ian and Steve will keep the night flowing with their 60’s disco. There will be a raffle and food will be available to help soak up the very good priced drinks. Also all ticket holders will be automatically entered into a special draw for some special prizes. So we hope to see you all there when you can meet the band and the volunteer members of Vintage Radio, the best Community Radio Station on the internet.


Subject: Just a quick roundup from the AGM
 Vintage Radio Members and others interested ( A Quick Information Note)

Many Thanks to those 31 members who turned up for the General and AGM on Monday 28rd April 2014, this turned out to be a long couple of meetings, that involved a couple of changes to the Main Management Committee Structure. Most of the existing committee agreed to remain in the position for another year thanks to the unanimous support from those attending.

Whilst the Constitution did not allow the Chairman to continue Gordon Nicholas will still be very active and assisting the other officers to continue the smooth running as before.

Jan Kupeczek is the New Chairman. And I know he has your full support, Gordon’s last Chairman’s report emphasizing the amazing contribution made by past and present members to the success of Vintage Radio since its inception in 2008 and especially to John Cotcher who launched the whole concept and idea in the first place.

Alas in the past five years we have seen some original and founding members for one reason or another no longer present or continuing in the organization and they will be fondly remembered for their individual contribution.

However it is now the responsibility of the present membership who always has and always will play the most vital role to continue with the success and strive for greater recognition into the future. We can all play our part continue to make, manage, and produce interesting topical radio programmes for the larger community to enjoy.

It is most important that we all have some input into the encouragement and assistance into the many functions and facets required to keep Vintage Radio in the forefront of community activities, I am in the process of producing a comprehensive report of the AGM meeting for general circulation to all our members, in the meantime please contact any members of the Main Management Committee and offer any assistance possible as outlined in numerous documents issued for your information and guidance in the past. Thank You Sandy ( Hon Sec)


 Hey Folks (21st April 2014)


Take a look at the Vintage Radio Schedule for this week, you will see that three of the programmes are all attributed to myself.

This is totally unnecessary as you well know there are many of you who produce excellent programmes all that is required is the programme be an Hour Long, preferably start with a Jingle and involve as much programme material other than actual music that you can manage.

Try and include some station identity about every 15 minutes.

 Talk about local events and other community organisations but keep references to specific dates to a minimum so your programmes can be scheduled among the six programmes to be aired on a Monday.

  If anybody wants to carry out any editing using the computers in the Green Room or actually make your programmes remember to simply book a spot on the Web Site Calendar then all the equipment available is there for your use.

If you want any assistance just have a word with myself or Jan and we will see what we can do for you.

 Training or Equipment familiarisation between ourselves is of paramount importance and has always been part of our aims since the inception of Vintage Radio, I have learned lots of things from a number of our present and past members who have all been pleased to show others how they make and produce their programmes.

 Remember when you have produced your one hour programmes place them into “DropBox” this is a free to download programme and enables you to transfer large files to each other and also allows the people in Vintage Radio to place your programmes into the schedule for Monday in particular.

  This has many advantages, for a start you and your family, friends, and neighbours can listen to your own efforts during the Monday schedule, this has the potential to increase our listening audience and spreading the name of Vintage Radio into many more areas, that can be good for you and good for Vintage Radio so why not try it.

  Vintage Radio Station belongs to all of us and never to one individual is all it needs is for you to take an active part in the best way you know.

  It would be most helpful if you can send any comment, suggestion or idea via the Web Site so we can gauge the response, especially if there is a subject matter you would like to see included in the overall scheduling and programme output.

  Could you for example be interested in or contribute with maybe some Poetry, History, Arts, Dance, Stories, Sports and Hobbies, or Activities like, Gardening, Cooking, Fishing, Reporting, Interviewing, even plain old reminiscing with like minded colleagues.

All very valuable topics that add great interest and colour to our radio broadcasts.

 Cheers Sandy Cameron




Sandy Reminder Blog Spot 17/04/2014 As you will be aware our normal end of the month informal get together this month will not take place as usual, the last Monday of the Month is the 28th April, this is also the date for our Annual General Meeting so we will be seeing each other at the AGM, and this will be at 1.00pm prompt in the large meeting room at the YMCA.

The Treasurer David Crosby will be there early to collect your annual subscriptions, so please be early so we can get on with the meetings, the YMCA has other commitments for the use of the Meeting room so we want to be organised and carry out our business quickly, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any Questions, Queries, Thoughts, Ideas, etc please communicate these with the members of the Management Committee before the event so they can be dealt with efficiently. You can send your comments via the e-mail to myself This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish.

That also applies if you wish to be considered for a position on the Main Management Committee, all the positions are open to a majority vote at the AGM, the present committee members have agreed to continue in their present position with the exception of the (Chairman) Gordon Nicholas who under the constitution rules will stand down and be succeeded by Jan Kupeczek the present (Vice or Deputy Chair).

One of the main issues facing Vintage Radio is of course funding, some plans are in place to try and effect funding sources and any assistance, or information and help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

There are many ways you as individual members can assist in terms of making greater use of the facilities on the Web Site, plus Equipment Available for use in the Studio and Green Room.

For Example: Making, Editing, Interviewing Guests and Producing programme material, with Circulation of Publicity Information and generally getting the name of Vintage Radio known over the widest possible range of the potential listening public and any other organisations.

Your support and the support of your friends, family, and neighbours in the Vintage Rockers Event on 6th June are all important contributions.

Your personal attendance and outside broadcasting at any other Community Events is a valuable way of spreading the service and suitability of Vintage Radio in the greater community and attracting Sponsorship or Donations that can all help to keep Vintage Radio running or even expanding from our present position.

That is most valuable for yourself and your programmes plus the Organisation as a whole, so please take part.

Sandy Cameron (Secretary)

Vintage Radio.

General Meeting and Annual General Meeting

28th April 2014

to be held in the large conference room first floor YMCA Building, 56 Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead, Wirral. CH41 2TJ: 1.00pm until about 4.30 (finish sooner if possible.)

Hello Vintage Membership and Interested bodies As announced earlier last month and details placed on the Web Site, it that time again when we have an Annual General Meeting, As in previous publications you should all be aware of members who make up the Main Management Committee:

Gordon Nicholas (Chair) Jan Kupeczek (Deputy or Vice Chair) Mike Pill (Technical and Web Site) David Crosby (Treasurer) Will Redfern (Fund Raising) Ian Grant (Publicity) Irene Roberts Bulmer (Non live day Programmes CoOrdinator) Ken Harper (Technical and Training) Sandy Cameron (Secretary)

All those positions are made available subject to Constitution and any other rules and regulations for people to make application and fill those positions all you need do is make your application and the results will be subject to a majority decision.

Last year there were some minor changes and all the Applicants or Volunteers at the time were elected and appointed without any opposition, but that does not mean you should take this, as the case in all circumstances, new applicants if successful will be welcomed and encouraged.

If you wish to be considered for any of the committee positions, please contact myself or any other member of the present committee and complete any documents required, preferably before the event, in order that proceedings are not held up or delayed, this makes the meeting run more smoothly.

The annual General Meeting will take place on the 28th April in the usual location of the YMCA building; prior to the General Meeting and AGM, the Present Committee will be holding a committee meeting on the 15th of April. It will be greatly appreciated if any applicants, or member’s suggestions, comments thoughts and ideas are communicated to the Vintage Radio Management Committee before the 15th April to ensure smooth running of the AGM. On the Day.

There are sound reasons for this request as the procedure for organising General Meetings and AGM or even an EGM have been fraught with some difficulties on this occasion. It is possible that some arrangements times and dates may even need to be re-arranged at short notice this is due to the large meeting room at the YMCA has other bookings and prior commitments, combined with some unforeseen complications on my part, for that I accept full responsibility and I apologise.

In short, I have had problems with my main computer system. In that respect I would ask if you know or suspect that any interested parties who are not aware of the date and time that you communicate the necessary details to them.

I will also leave detailed information in the YMCA Studio, so check your pigeon hole box in particular those who may have difficulty in receiving e-mails via the normal methods. I would point out all the relevant information is on the web site, and can be easily accessed via your local library, VCAW computer suites and of course the on line computer in the green room of Vintage Radio in the YMCA Building. To which you all have access if required. Thank you Sandy Cameron (2nd April 2014)


Sandy Web Site Calendar & Blog Information

As Usual the last Monday of the Month we take the opportunity to have an informal chat and a get together round about Noon in the Arrowe Park Hotel, this is a chance to meet and greet any new members, maybe introduce them to the others and generally have a chat, all are welcome so why not come along and perhaps have a spot of lunch and meet the Vintage Members. Monday 31st March Arrowe Park Hotel 2014 12 o’clock

Latest News: Mike Pill has been adjusting and improving the Web Site and the various pages so that those who wish can update their own details, perhaps add a bit of interest to your particular subjects or interests and spread a bit of your information to the general public and other members. Log on to the Web Site and check out the features.

There are a couple of features Mike would love somebody to take in hand and this will give you the chance to try out any Journalistic exercises you might fancy, Think about the “What’s On Column” “Community Events” “Vintage Events” “Arts, Crafts, Media”,” Hobbies and Interests”.

Speak to Mike Pill he will give you all the details and any instruction or tuition you may need, if you can write a few lines & things with your computer the rest is easy and very interesting to learn. You have a golden opportunity to make something of interest a creation with your own stamp of identity for Vintage Radio and the Public.

 In a Few weeks’ time we will be having our Annual General Meeting, anyone who wishes to be elected onto the Management Committee and help to organise or run the various functions, let me know I can send you application forms, job descriptions, and any other paperwork you may want.The present incumbents are >Gordon Nicholas (Chairman) Jan Kuperczek (Vice or Deputy Chair and Live Days Programme Coordinator) David Crosby (Treasurer) Sandy Cameron (Secretary) Will Redfern ( Fundraising Efforts Coordination) Ian Grant ( Publicity and Marketing Coordination) Mike Pill (Web Master and Leading Technical Engineer) Ken Harper (YMCA Training and Technical Duties) Irene Roberts Bulmer (Non live Day Programme Facilitator and Coordinator)all the positions are open to any applicants. Just get in touch and fill out an application form.

We also have other volunteers who look after Facebook (Roger Wright) and Twitter (Ray Lyons) who welcome any photos or articles they can add to these means of mass communication.

Plus all of you should be well aware of the “Vintage Rockers”> and the fantastic show to take place on the Friday 6th June 2014 in St Joseph’s Hall Birkenhead. Your support and spreading the publicity news of this event would be greatly appreciated.

Finally if you have any Suggestions, Ideas, or Comments, please get in touch with any of the Management Committee Members,so they can be evaluated and examined to improve, enhance, make better or take Vintage Radio into an even more successful organisation for the benefit of the Local Community and your listeners. : Sandy Cameron 22/03/14.

Headphone words

Over the past few  months we have been getting very heavy wear on the studio headphones such that out of the three we bought as part of the new studio re-equipping  only one Headphone has survived and that is currently being repaired. (these phones were about £35 each)
Even the membership donated headphones (probably another 3 or 4 at least) have suffered a similar fate.
Most of this headphone damage is due to the  cables dangling and then in turn gets wound around peoples feet and legs. They then move away and the plugs part company with the phones.
These are not the only breakages we have encountered. We are going to look into socket placement.
Your Vintage Radio cannot afford to continue replacing the headphones any longer so we want to strongly recommend that all presenters bring and use their own headphones.
There is no restriction on type or price. Most will work. You can buy them off eBay (new) for a few pounds,  or you can spend a small fortune on Bose headphones for several hundred pounds a time.
There are loads of phones at all ranges of prices, quality and comfort, whatever you are happiest with. Apart from anything else its a lot more hygienic to use your own.
You may need to buy an adapter plug to allow your phones (usually 3.5mm jacks) to fit our sockets (1/4" jacks)>
The Committee decided we will be buying some very cheap headphones for occasional studio use for those who forget.
It would also have been very helpful if, when someone does break a headphone or socket, they would tell the technical team, enter the fault in the studio logbook on the desk, and given that Vintage Radio have very few funds an offer of a contribution towards the phones repair or replacement would be appreciated.

Vintage Blog Spot 6th March 2014

Hey folks, you cannot fail to see just how much the Vintage Radio Station has attracted lots of news coverage in particular among many other local community organisations.

Mike Pill and the committee wants your help to take it a step further, one of the things Vintage Radio needs help on is to make the web site stickier. It is vital to increase our listener base as well as the page hits we get.

One key way in which we can all help to do this is to add content to the site.

Not necessarily via the presenter pages, which are essential, but content about topics that Vintage listeners might be interested in also? You will have seen that the Web Site front page has a number of tiles or blocks of colour, some of which do things and others which don't.

If we cannot get volunteers to fill in the blanks with contents Mike Pill have to start removing tiles.

Now we don’t want to start diminishing any of the content we want somebody to take it a stage further that is where you come in.

For example, James Kay and David Crosby have volunteered, to produce a regular article on Theatre reviews etc. Mike will be adding some more calendars to support what’s on in the Theatre and Media world.

We would like to see lots more articles etc, On other topics and subjects.

What Mike wants are more volunteers to help find, add and create content for the site For instance it would be great for our members to find, create and add content to the site directly themselves.

For example local organisations or groups that you may have an interest in Leisure or Sporting activities, Gardening, Simple DIY, Foreign Language, Story Telling, Drama, Religion, Politics, Antiques, Art Performing or Creating, Holiday Destinations and any Experiences past or planned.

Mike Pill will provide you with guides and training. All that is needed is you or someone you know, perhaps a friend or partner anyone who can write, and is reasonably familiar with a computer but doesn't necessarily want to go on air?

We have a great station but we mustn't forget that we are an internet broadcast station therefore we have to embrace all that's good about the Internet and use it to promote our station.

We need to make it grow and it’s not just about sitting in the studio and making programmes although that’s our primary and important aim.

I believe that the key to our successful growth is content, content and content a variety of programmes, articles and pictures that are regularly changed and updated.

Another area where we need help and input is to help expand our “What’s On” on in Wirral calendar probably based on some input from the free newspapers.

We have embraced social media using Facebook and Twitter via Roger Wright and Ray Lyons which helps expand our digital footprint as an internet radio station but we also need to do more to provide content for Rodger and Ray so your help is needed here as well.

By making the web site stickier with added content we can grow your audience and of course boost the Vintage Radio Station for the benefit of everybody. Sandy 6th march 2014.


Quick News Flash This Saturday !st march 2014 at 10.00am to about 4.00pm in the Birkenhead Town Hall its the Wirral History and Heritage Fair, Free Admission.

If you thought you knew all you need to know about the Wirral Present or Past Then get yourself along to the Birkenhead Town Hall and be amazed.

All the local organisations involved in History and Heritage will be present and you can browse the information they have, Learn about the vast number of heritage locations in Wirral and beyond.

See for yourself all the displays and get first hand information on Who When and Where or How.

Your particular location came about and who the important people in the past set it all up.

It is a great venue to take the children and grandchildren and experience the event free of charge.

One or more of the stalwart Vintage Radio Members will be there at this annual event, you could perhaps Help out distribute a few leaflets pick up the contact details of the groups taking part Maybe even record a few interviews for use on your radio programme.


How many of you use a PC or laptop that runs Windows XP? Regretfully the answer should be very few or none.

Microsoft are withdrawing support for this version of Windows software on April 8th.

Its around 14 years old and was replaced by Windows 7 and now this in turn has been replaced by Windows 8. If your PC is running Windows XP, unless its small netbook and even this will be 3 to 4 years old, then it will be quite elderly and due for a change or upgrade (to Windows 7 or Windows 8) especially if you want to use it on the Internet after April 8th.

After April 8th 2014 Microsoft will not be issuing any security updates for this version of Windows.

What does this mean to you? If you never ever use it on the internet e.g. browsing or email and never plug in memory sticks or CD's etc. from 3rd parties then you should by and large be OK.

But after this date in April using your PC on the net will be potentially dangerous, especially if you do internet banking or shop on-line. Yes, your anti-virus and anti-malware software (which you do have , don't you?) will afford some limited protection for a short while but unfortunately that's not the only way the bad guys can compromise your PC and get access to your personal details, files etc.

What can you do? It does depend on how old your PC is. It may be possible to swap out Windows XP for Windows 7 or Windows 8. Oddly Windows 8 tends to run better on older equipment than Windows 7.

Typically a new version of Windows will cost around £80 to £90 plus you need someone to install it if this is not something you feel confident in doing.

There is some test software you can download from Microsoft which will tell you if Windows 7 or Windows 8 will run on your PC or laptop. If it can't upgrade your PC to run Windows 7 or 8 then your only option is to replace your PC or install something like Linux - not really for the faint hearted.

A stark and potentially expensive choice. But look at it another way, if your raincoat lets in water what do you do - you buy a replacement.

If your PC is running Windows XP then its quite old. Probably the only exception being if its one of the small netbooks that were popular a 3 or4 years ago before tablets and iPads took off.


Sandys Blog Page

The big news of late is the event planned for Friday the 6th June, it’s a sixties night planned to give a fabulous night of entertainment staged by some of our Vintage Radio Presenters providing the entertainment bringing back those fantastic memories of the Local Dancehalls and the clubs coffee bars and gigs in community halls and local parish centres where bunches of young lads with a collection of instruments belted out the music that rocked the world.

In the days called the swinging sixties, what a period in musical history between Liverpool Merseyside and Hamburg to the rest of the world the Mersey Music Sound was supreme and every other city bust a gut to follow and produce groups that became household names.

Some even today still pumping out the tunes that have kept generations on the dance floor.

Our own Vintage Rockers many of them played amongst the groups and stars that went on to put the Mersey Music right up there amongst the all-time greats of Music and popular culture into the history books.

The Vintage Rockers will be on stage in St Joseph’s Hall, North Road, Birkenhead, starting at 7,00pm and just for a fiver you can have the best night of music and dance you could ask for all for a very good cause raising funds for the Wirral YMCA and Vintage Radio your local community radio station.

Sandy Blog Spot (25th February 2014


Sandy Blog Spot (27th Jan 2014 Arrowe Park Hotel)

A good turnout and much laughter during the short informal get together at the Arrowe Park hotel we occupied three tables and indulged in a little musical chair’s to chat to each and every one present.

A very welcome visitor came to see us after reading of our station on the Web Site and we all made him feel welcome, following a recent big birthday he wanted to see what Vintage Radio was about and if he could fit in in some way, so he will be joining Sandy on Wednesday morning for a chat and look see in our studio. Have a listen.

Mike Pill the Technical Guru explained about some of the rapid changes taking place with the web site if you log on to the web site and go to the members pages there is now an improved and the best opportunity to place items of interest on the new setup of the Forum Pages, I had a little try out and following the simple instructions also available on the web site managed to cut and paste a publicity and promotion document prepared by Gordon Nicholas for use in other organisations News Letters.

Check it out and if you wish let us have a little feedback. Roger Wright, Stu McPherson, Tom Platt, with Jan Kupeczek and Ray Lyons swapped some anecdotes and banter one table while Gordon and Mike plus Jan and myself explained to our visitor Brian how we can assist him with some basic training and familiarisation of the studio equipment, the Earl of Hardwick popped in briefly, maybe out exercising his pony and trap, a good distance from the Hardwick vast sprawling estates, or maybe not, I am not sure how far his empire extends.

Always remember folks the last Monday of each month round about noon we have a little get together just to swap notes, The pub provides a range of food and drink from a simple sandwich to a full lunchtime meal as you wish, and everybody is welcome, it’s a great opportunity to maybe put a name to a face or a voice to a name.

The next big General Meeting will take place on the 3rd of February in the Conference room of the YMCA right next door to the Vintage Studio, any new or prospective members more than welcome starting at 2.00pm come along and express your Thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions, and Comments that can have a positive outcome and improvement to the Radio Station .

Sandy Blog Spot 23rd January 2014

Hey Folks, Just a quick reminder The Last Monday of the Month will be 27th January, as you know we normally have a little impromptu get together at about twelve noon in the Arrowe Park Hotel Birkenhead.

Come and join us. Just pop along maybe have a bite to eat or just a simple drink and a chat, meet the others bring along any friends or relatives who may be interested to play some part in Vintage Radio, all are welcome.

Now, Make a note in your diary a week later we have a General Meeting for all the Vintage members plus any members of the public who are interested.

The General meeting takes place in the Baden Powel Suite on the first floor next door to the studio Starting about 2.00pm on the 3rd of February2014 General Meeting.

Various members of the Management Committee will be outlining where we are up to, what we hope to continue with next, plus seek your ideas, suggestion, and thoughts about what can be improved, enhanced, or maybe changed and the general direction of the Vintage Radio Station.

For the rest of the year 2014.

There are a number of things in the pipeline and the general meeting is your chance to take part, to learn about what is available and how you if you wish can take an active part and be involved in the proceedings, perhaps learn some new skills or develop your techniques in making, presenting, editing, and researching and producing good quality radio programmes along with interesting Web Page information.

Cheers Sandy 23/01/14


Vintage Radio is a community broadcasting group set up to show that older people can and do contribute usefully to society as well as developing their own personal skills. The contributors are all volunteers. Originally set up by Help the Aged in 2008, all the contributors are volunteers and they dedicate their time and enthusiasm to producing radio programmes, which are then broadcast to a worldwide audience via the Internet, Facebook and Twitter. 

Clearly, this is a winning formula because very soon afterwards, Vintage Radiowas adjudged runner up in the 2009 National Counsel and Care Awards organisation for their unique portrayal of older people in the media. 

In 2010, as part of a project in conjunction with the Media Trust, a programme we made featured the work of Vintage Radio and in particular the recording of recollections from individuals in a residential home in Birkenhead. This story formed part of a television broadcast later that year. 

In June 2011, Vintage Radio scooped the 'Community Voices' category award – Just one of eight categories contested by 250 nominated community projects across the UK - at the Technology4Good (T4G) awards in London.

Programme contributions comprise of a very wide spectrum in entertainment and music programmes, friendly informal discussions, interviews with prominent local people, on-site recollections taking place within local care centres and broadcasting information about local community organisations and events.  

In addition, our technical team keep the station broadcasting as well as scheduling and editing material, just as you will find in any other radio station environment.

The aim is quite simple, to have fun whilst learning new skills and entertaining and informing others.   We operate from a specialist studio in the Birkenhead YMCA with access to music desks and interview facilities. All are Welcome to Contribute.

You can see what we do at  or go straight to listening to us at Our phone number is 0151 601 7636. Contact us if you want to know more.

All the information is on the Web Site. (21st Jan 2014)

Sandy Blog Spot Information

The Next general Meeting for all membership involved in Vintage Radio and any members of the public who may be interested is to take place at Vintage Radio

General Meeting on Monday 3rd February staring at 2.oopm

This will take place in the usual venue of the main conference room of the YMCA Building, Whetstone lane, Birkenhead.

The Last general meeting was fully covered and is available to read on the Sandy Blog Spot of the Vintage Radio Web Site, for those few who do not have computer access printed copies are available in the studio green room.

If you are aware of any member who cannot use the internet please pass on a copy of this comprehensive report.  Previously Sent to all known e-mail addresses

Briefly Vintage Radio is continually being improved and enhanced sometimes following positive suggestions and or comments from our membership, these thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are always welcome, just get in touch with the Station and submit your ideas for the management committee to consider. The general meeting will give an opportunity for the various committee members to explain any future improvements and enhancements, planned changes to Equipment, Access, and Usage.

There are a small number of events and considerations in the pipeline this may well involve members in outside broadcast occasions, gathering information or taking part in producing special programmes of major significance in the local community.

Joining in and supporting such events makes for very valuable publicity and interesting radio programmes, meeting influential and interesting people belonging to other organisation’s and great opportunities for publicity and recognition of the valuable contribution that Vintage Radio makes to the local community and all its activities.

 We also have another event an informal sort of get together this takes place on the Last Monday of each month at the Arrowe Park Hotel at about Noon, all are welcome come along and maybe have a bite to eat or just a drink and a chat with fellow presenters, members of the committee, it’s a great opportunity to chat to the others maybe learn something new or just swap thoughts and ideas.

The next occasion for that will be Monday 27th January 2014 at about Noon. Arrowe Park Hotel, easy free parking and on all the major bus routes.

Bring along any interested friends and family everybody welcome.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (16th Jan 2014)

Message to all our listeners if you hear any little Glitches or Breaks in our transmission please send us an e-mail. We just like to keep up to date and make sure you get the best of service from your community radio station.

Prime example of every little helps. (Dated 10th Jan 2014)

Hello everyone,

Ian Grant and I spend an afternoon putting the tokens on the cards. We have around 1500 tokens,(3 times last years total,) which,if it is the same rate as last year of 1p per token,should amount to £15.
Well done and thanks to all those who collected on our behalf.
Will Redfern (Fund raising for Vintage Radio)

Hey Folks Blog Spot Update end of December 2013

Monday lunch time in the Arrowe Park Hotel turned out to be a great little session between like-minded people to not only celebrate Christmas but also to welcome the Bright New Year 2014.

Our resident Moonshine Cowboy good buddy Stu was soon swapping anecdotes with The Red Haired Stranger Tom and myself in the company of Mike Pill and Gordon, whilst Baron Von Schroder and Lyn Jay chatted to John Blainey and Jan the Man,

Then we were joined by the Eminent Earl of Hardwick and the good Lady Hardwick. Venturing out from the Vast Hardwick Estates, no doubt taking advantage of the good weather, whilst re-stocking the Wine Cellar at Hardwick Mansion in preparation for the Annual New Year Ball.  

It was hoped that we would have a general meeting in January but due to clog up of fixtures for the room at the YMCA it looks more likely to be 3rd February 2014, but I will let everyone know in good time.

Mike has some issues with the website and software and by and large it all seems to be running pretty good with only a few minor hiccups, it is hoped that some of the systems will be re-structured in the New Year to allow a range of diversity and appeal for the listening public even greater than we have at present.

Gordon is enthusiastic about streaming programme material into a regular routine, and Jan is willing to introduce some more material into the RS2 Player System to again add interest and diversity into Presenters daily programmes.

On that point if any of our members may have some knowledge of Software Systems or equipment that can make a suitable improvement please check with Mike or Jan,

I know some of our regular reliable presenters maybe use systems they particularly like and it is a shame not to share that information with others.  

Tom Platt has done an excellent job in passing on help and assistance along with Jan the Man resulting in some of our presenters who are not as familiar with computers or the play out systems as others are now hosting their own programmes with greater confidence.  

If there is any of our membership that want help and assistance, you only have to ask and between us we will do our best with the resources we have.  

Jan has done an excellent job of rustling up the schedules for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, together with some minor adjustments on Christmas Eve, and with the best will in the world the material gathered and scheduled for New Year’s break from our normal routine should be sorted out now.  

Then we can all get back to the usual Vintage Radio output that has shown a steady improvement Year on Year since its inception.  

So here is to 2014 and the wish that all of us who are interested in working together, and assisting each other in making this Community Radio Station better and more popular, have a great and very interesting time ahead of us. Cheers: Sandy

30th December 2013
Hey folks
Just a quick reminder, if you have had enough of rich foods and just fancy an informal get together we will meet in the Arrowe Park Hotel
at about midday Monday 30th December 2013, you can get anything from a packet of crisps to lunch or a drink and chat about Vintage Radio,
bring up any bright ideas or constructive comment.
All ideas and suggestions welcome.
There is a general Meeting planned for in the YMCA from 2.00pm to about 5.00pm with the Management Committee,
Where we can discuss where we are at present with Vintage Radio and maybe where we want to progress too for the future.
As always all Suggestions, Ideas, and Comments welcome to improve or enhance the station, its up to you to participate.
I would be grateful If you know of any one who does not get e-mail that you pass the information on, and bring your family and friends if they could be interested in joining us.
Cheers  Sandy (Hon Sec Vintage Radio)

Sandy Blog Spot December 2013

Hello Folks, From the replies I received, staying at the Arrowe Park Hotel for our once a monthly informal chat times seems to fit most people’s needs, No Problem about Parking, on the main Bus Routes, food and drink available from something simple to a full grown meal.

So if you are not too busy and full of the Christmas cheer, how about turning up at the Arrowe Park Hotel round about Noon, meet the others have a chat bring up any ideas, thoughts or suggestions for the New Year 2014.

The Next occasion will be Monday 30th December, do come along and join us.

Vintage Radio kicked off in 2008 and it has to be said has improved a hundred fold, but not to be complacent there is still a lot of improvement that can be carried out and for those who have maybe experience of other radio stations and similar entertainment outlets, your positive suggestion are always welcome.

Technically there are always Improvements and enhancements and the Technical team led by Mike Pill have made tremendous strides forward both with the equipment and the Web Site, and it is possible that you can do your bit to make the Web Site more interesting and informative, help and assistance is available you just have to ask.

The amazing success of our Live Days have gone from strength to strength and we all need to contribute especially with keeping Jan Kupeczek up to date with any changes and alterations that may be required, plus make sure Gordon Nicholas is well acquainted with Functions and Events beneficial to Vintage Radio all round.

Training and assistance both in house and externally is of paramount importance and ensuring that everyone gets an equal chance to learn, present, and gain familiarisation with the equipment we need a lot more people to get involved in this. I personally am very grateful to those who have helped me in the past and present; generously sharing their particular expertise and techniques or knowledge and experience and I have learned a lot from some colleagues.

There are quite a number of people who while working in the background quietly get on with Internet Output, Administration, Banking, Publicity, Fund Raising and a host of other duties needed to ensure Vintage Radio does progress in a direction beneficial to the whole organisation and everyone in it and they should not be forgotten.

Finally to all the people involved with and in Vintage Radio my personal thank you for all the help and assistance I have received throughout this year, you know who you are , and I hope that by trying to keep everybody informed and doing a bit where and when I can I know what a great contribution many people have made into making Vintage Radio the best Community Radio on the internet, plus with all your help we can go on to greater things into the future.

Best Wishes Cheers Sandy

The Blog Page for information. 3rd Dec 2013

Hey Folks, A quick reminder, have you made a Christmas Programme or two so that Jan Kupeczek can schedule these into the Christmas Day and Boxing Day, you can do the same for New Year’s Day if wished, it’s a great chance for you to send your own personal greetings and good wishes to the listeners. Plus members of your family, friends, and neighbours.

As you know we have for some while used an occasion to get together just for a chat and swap ideas the last Monday of Each Month at Noon we have met at the Arrowe Park Hotel, as I said the last meeting those present discussed maybe a change of venue. I want to hear from you first of all do you want to carry on this type of informal meeting.

A couple of suggestion has come up so now is your chance to have a say,

1: Carry on meeting at the Arrowe Park Hotel (the next occasion would be 30th December)

2: Change the venue for next year starting in January, suggested possibilities try a place in New Brighton, Birkenhead, Parkgate, or suggest another up to you.

3: We would be looking for a Pub or Café location that members can get anything from a Cup of Tea or Coffee, maybe a sandwich or simple snack or even a low cost lunch.

4: If we have enough interested people you need to make some response so we can try some place out or if you are not interested just let me know.

Just to keep you up to scratch there is computer equipment in the studio that you can make programmes on, apart from the main studio, you can also edit programmes and transfer to CD, or Memory Stick as you wish, if you are not sure how to do this speak to Jan or myself and we will try to help you.

Also know you can also book the main studio on Non Live Days, booking is essential to avoid any disappointment and overlapping with others, you can only book the studio through the members of the Management Committee so designated in previous correspondence, check out the web site.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and of course a very successful prosperous New Year for 2014. Let’s hope that we can together drive Vintage Radio to even greater success.

Cheers Sandy

Sandy Blog Spot 25th November 2013 Meeting in the Arrowe Park Hotel:

Many thanks to those who showed up, we had the usual natter and one or two items came up for discussion The Venue for one.

Let me explain the idea of a once a month informal get together originated from Karen and this excellent idea was it allowed our members to meet and chat , invite friends or family and generally get to know each other.

The venue then was the New Quay Hotel at Parkgate for a while that was popular and well attended as the numbers began to decline it was suggested we try a new venue, maybe closer to Birkenhead and on easy bus routes, this helped with those who do not have transport.

We have been meeting on a monthly basis at the Arrowe Park Hotel and attendance has been sporadic but very pleasant new members young and old meeting other members and airing any views, ideas, suggestions, and suchlike.

Now a question have any of our membership got any bright ideas of maybe another venue perhaps you are aware of a local pub that is able to supply a range from a simple sandwich to a lunch time meal with a drink or coffee at a reasonable price, perhaps we could try that for a period in the New Year depending on what you think, and if sufficient members are interested we give that a shot.

Now you will all be aware of the Christmas period just around the corner, have you prepared a Christmas programme Jan Kupeczek would like to have enough programmes to schedule for the whole of Christmas Day, or Boxing Day maybe even New Year’s Day as well, so you need to contact Jan Kupeczek with either pre-recorded programmes or the intention to present your normal programme, all depending on your personal choice, one way or another Contact Jan Kupeczek and clear up the issue, and do it now.

Thanks to all our presenters who are getting into the habit of completing the Studio Log Book, remember to log yourself in and out plus any of your guests, this is for Vintage Radio management Information.

The studio log book is to remain on the desk in the Green Room

Note: The overriding safety and security issue is you must sign in and out at the YMCA Desk and when obtaining the Studio key or returning the key without exception.

Failure to do this with the YMCA will see you banned from the building.

Changing the subject: Remember you can only use legitimately obtained Original Music Tracks from a legal source as per the instructions issued by the Vintage Radio technical team, downloading from unacceptable sources like Spotify or U-Tube on studio equipment is not allowed, broadcasting illegal material on Vintage Radio Equipment is not allowed. Broadcasting illegal and unsuitable material from Vintage Radio, Take Note: You as an individual are liable to prosecution if you infringe OF-COM rules, and Vintage Radio Management Team will enforce that legally if necessary. Sandy Cameron (Secretary) 25 11 2013

Don't forget if you are buying on line do it through the Vintage Web Site, that way we get a small discount and it costs you nothing

Same service, same price, same delivery, just better for Vintage Radio, check it out.

Reminder from Sandy BLOG SPOT

1: Decide if possible what you are going to do about the Christmas Period

2: If you intend to do your programme as normal speak to Jan Kupeczek for live programmes or contact Irene Roberts Bulmer for pre-recorded material and programmes. (Via Gordon)

3: If you intend to put stuff into drop box contact Ken Harper or Gordon Nicholas to make sure you have access details.

4: If you want to pre book the studio then contact Jan, Ken, Mike or Gordon as per the directions issued earlier this month after the General Meeting.

5: The last Monday of the month is 25th November this is an opportunity to meet on an informal basis as usual in the Arrowe Park Hotel round about noon, this is an ideal occasion to chat and see if for instance any of the members want to get together during DECEMBER in the studio and have maybe a small celebration for Christmas. Perhaps a small number of presenters taking a turn to sit at the desk and exchange greetings etc. This can be recorded and maybe put out on the actual Christmas Day broadcast as a sort of Vintage Radio Christmas Party.

Note This is only a suggestion, the Management Committee are always open to suggestion, thoughts, and ideas, from the membership, remember this is your community radio station how do you want to see it develop into the New Year and beyond.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,           Keep Jan up to date about who wants to do what and when.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,      Pre Book the studio equipment to make your programmes.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     Access to your personal pages and on the web site.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Vintage Radio Chairman and direct link to the YMCA.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Blog Spot, general circulation of information, Playlists etc.

In the meantime,Spruce up your own personal pages in the Web Site; perhaps add some seasonal greetings, information to readers and listeners. If you need help just ask.

There have been some tremendous steps forward over the past period since the last Annual General Meeting, the new year will see some more changes and improvements with your help and encouragement, that is why we all need your feedback and participation, listening numbers have gone up, public interest and awareness has risen, the range of presenters and programme material has widened, there is scope for much more, and if we can broaden the range of topics, interest, appeal, and community involvement with more new members, even better.

Cheers Sandy Cameron (Hon Secretary)


Vintage members are encouraged to sign up to Twitter and then you can follow Vintage Radio on Twitter.

To sign up just search for Twitter and find then sign up.

Within twitter search for @vintageradio08 and click the box to follow.

Vintage radio will then follow you and anything you tweet will show up on Vintage Twitter feed.

If you have any photos or info you want adding to our twitter feed send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Water is life

How many folks do you know who say they don't want to drink anything before going to bed because they'll have to get up during the night!!

Heart Attack and Water - I never knew all of this! Interesting something else I didn't know

Question: I asked my Doctor why some people need to urinate so much at night time.

Answer: from my Cardiac Doctor -Gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright (legs can swell). When you lie down and the lower body (plus your legs and etc) seeks a level with the kidneys, it is then that the kidneys remove the water because it is easier.

This then ties in with the last statement! I knew you need your minimum water to help flush the toxins out of your body, but this was news to me.

Anytime is the correct time to drink water... It is Very Important.

Take it From a Cardiac Specialist! Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body:

2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion

1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure

1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack I can also add to this...

My Consultant also told me that water at bed time will also help prevent night time leg cramps.

Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and that will wake you up without a doubt.

This eminent Cardiologist has stated that if each person after receiving this e-mail, sends it to 10 people, good chance and very probably one life could be saved!

I have already shared this information. What about you? Do forward this message.

It may save lives! "Life is a one-time gift" use it but do not abuse it, you only get one.

Sandy Blog Spot 28th October 2013

A great Nonette of presenters turned up at the Arrowe Park Hotel for lunch or a coffee and this fooled the bar staff into thinking we were the mysterious set of customers sent from the head office to spy on the service and quality offered by the hotel.

They need not have worried, the service and quality of food and drink were pretty good, better for some Baron Von Schroder managed to intercept prince Jan of Kupeczek burger and snaffled the cheese (much against doctors’ orders) Stu McPherson back from his mighty tour of the USA  had some interesting holiday experiences. Mike Pill seems to have gathered the next couple of star attraction to be featured on the front page of the web site, whilst Gordon Nicholas has found a new Radio Station on the air waves.

Following the expert Ray Lyons, I have now joined the Twitter set and am looking forward to learning a thing or two from our own resident twitter exponent.

James Kay and Roger Wright swapped anecdotes on the excellent structure of their respective programmes, one can only admire the depth of research they both put into their presentations.

All in all nine of us had a pleasant couple of hours chatting and gaining insight into the many various way to obtain good music and the use of a variety of systems to either print out playlists plus providing plenty of information to make the programmes on Vintage Radio appealing to the widest possible audience.

The last Monday of the month informal get together in a hostelry is the best chance for presenters and technical guys to get together and swap stories and information, the present Venue of the Arrowe Park Hotel may not be a permanent feature if anybody among our Vintage Members can suggest another suitable location we could try that out Variety being the spice of life.

Watch this space and do not forget the general meeting 4th November 2013 in the YMCA.

Gerry Murphy radio & gigs etc.

Oct-Dec. 2013 Radio appearances: “Soul Coaxing” Wednesday 6-8pm

 October: 23rd 30th November: 6th 13th 20th 27th Gerry’s Acoustic Lounge at Thursdays 8-10pm

October: 24th: Stan Ambrose (legendary BBC Folk Music broadcaster) 31st: All previous & future guests demo compilation show.

 November 7th: Ken Smith 4th: David Hirst 21st: Jad Azkoul (classical guitar special) 28th: Gary Fulton (tbc)nch


 Acoustic Lunch at the Baltic Fleet: November 17th:

 Personal: October 25th: Gladstone Theatre performing "The Ballad of Dixie Dean" as part of the "Dixie Dean Story". 7.30pm

 October 31st: The Albert Hotel, LarkLane November 5th: The Albert Hotel, LarkLane Wirral Guitar Festival November 14th:

 Floral Pavilion New Brighton 12-2pm (free)

 November 20th: Williamson Art Gallery - support to classical guitar maestro Jad Azk

 Are you Red or are you Blue

At the Gladstone Theatre the story of Bill Shankly will be unfolded kick off at 7.30pm 18th October 2013, at the same venue the story of Dixie Dean will be unfolded again the kick off 7.30pm 25th October 2013.

Performing the grand finale will be our very own Gerry Murphy in the company of some very famous names from the football world, that’s got to be worth the admission price itself.

Gladstone theatre for details

Hey Folks,  Listen How many of you have actually logged on to the Vintage Web Site recently.  May I suggest you do that right now, compare the changes that have and are taking place, I would like your comments, I would also like you to recommend to all your contacts to have a look at the web site.

Some things we would like to know:

A: Did you have any difficulty negotiating round the web site.

B: Did you find the pages you wanted, including your own, and would you like to add or improve in it any way.

C: Do you have any suggestions, ideas, and thoughts about what should be included.

D: The object of the exercise is to make the web site Informative, Attractive, Interesting, and worth logging on to.

Mike Pill the (webmaster) has done a fair amount of work so far he intends to do more, but it helps if he can get some feedback, not just from you as members but perhaps your friends and relations as members of the general public, this gives him a better chance of getting everything working correctly.

I don’t need to tell you about Publicity, we need this to give us a better chance at getting some funding, maybe better equipment, and improvements all round. You need more listeners, a wider public appeal and the added kudos of being part of the best successful community radio station in Wirral (For a Start)

This note has been sent to every member of Vintage that has a web address, if you are aware of a member who does not have such facilities pleas pass on a copy, for those who do not have computer access you can always view the web site in the green room at the YMCA. If anybody wishes to be removed from this circulation list just reply with cancel and I will remove your name.

Cheers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Liverpoo Echo Wish List

Important Notice from Will Redfern, so please help out collect as many tokens as possible, and get your Family, Friends, and Neighbours on the case. "4 tokens will now appear in paper every day for 8 weeks. Please collect and submit tokens directly to Vintage at the YMCA or your friendly neighbourhood Vintage personality. Please keep an eye out for bonus token days which will give a boost to our token collection.

Fund Allocation - The prize pot is allocated to us based on the number of tokens each submits as a percentage of the overall total. The concept is simple, the more tokens, the more cash – EVERY TOKEN COUNTS!

The best thing about this campaign is that every group on the Wish list that sends in tokens is guaranteed a share of the money. Key dates Last day for tokens in the paper Sat 30th November Token submissions deadline – Mon 13th Jan 2014"

In the pack there is a collecting box and posters,can we put the posters around the YMCA? Gordon can you alert the staff about this scheme and can we have a tray/box at reception for them?

Will grown up choice,listen online.

Adventure before dementia

Hey Folks Last Monday 0f the Month 30th Sep 2013

It was good for me to be out and about and many thanks to those who turned up for a friendly little chat in the Arrowe Park Hotel. I found the combination of age groups added a better dimension to the usual chat about events and the studio equipment.

Mike Pill was able to elaborate on the e-mail circulated about the dynamic new look to the Web Site, it will take a little time for him to bring about the changes in the overall look and function of an improved front page, and Mike was keen to impress on everybody the importance to taking ownership of your own page with interesting views and topics you are interested in written in your own style and presentation.

Roger Wright and Ray Lyons are doing a sterling job on Facebook and the Vintage Facebook account spreading the word into many different locations and attracting greater interest.

Jan Kupeczek and Tom Platt with Roger Wright and others, have stepped up to the mark and filled all the spaces during the gaps for holidays, sickness, that have resulted into some un planned changes taking place so do remember to keep Jan fully up to date if for whatever reason a presenter is unable to fill their slot.

Sue Rees is working with Will Redfern, Ian Gant, Mike Pill and others bringing about some possible fund raising prospects together with some required changes and enhancements to the whole process giving the Radio Station a more positive profile with renewd energy and purpose.

I personaly found it very refreshing to be talking to our newer younger members Steve Pavett and Craig who have the enthusiasm of youth together with knowledge of technology involving smartphones, computers, Laptops, and software that all help to make programmes better and easier to create.

Gordon was held up at the studio but wanted to thank all those who supported and assisted in the recent function with the Wirral OPP 23rd Sep 2013 at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. P I want to remind everyone about the Heswall Music & Arts Festival that is taking place the first two weeks of October.

This big event is a perfect opportunity to gather many more interesting interviews plus distribute leaflets and general raise the profile of our community Radio Station, so keep in touch and come along to help out. If you need any recording microphones contact Mike Pill or Gordon Nicholas.

There is to be a full general meeting to take place Monday 4th November, if you have anything you think should be on the agenda than contact me without delay for this to be included.

Cheers Sandy 30th Sep 2013 (more information on the general meeting nearer the date)


I'd like to encourage any Vintage Radio presenter to build their own personal web page.

A number of you have already started but I'd really like everyone to have their own page. Why should you do this?

By adding some interesting information onto the web site it helps make the site more 'sticky' and in doing so will help keep people from moving off the site before they have a chance to listen to your programmes.

If you can use a word processor you can create and edit your own page.

A user guide is available. Training is available (about 2 hours at my house) We are first and foremost an internet broadcast station and therefore we have to embrace the internet.

The only way to increase our audience is to promote our programmes and the station with as many different ways as possible.

This is why we also have our own Facebook page and our own Twitter feed managed by Roger Wright and Ray Lyons respectably.

But we do need to add as much about our programmes as possible on the web site, its not enough just to announce who you are and what you do on your programme. the same applies for the information about your programmes you give Irene Roberts Bulmer for the non-Live days and Jan Kuperczek for the Live days - they need information about your programmes.

A short version can go against your programme schedule entry but the really interesting bits can go in your own personal presenter page if you have one. When you look to see what on the TV etc you look at your TV's electronic programme guide, the newspaper etc. to give you some idea of what's on. Well unless the information isn't on our web site how will people know about your programme? So help Vintage Radio increase its market size and help boost your personal audience - create a web page.

Contact Mike Pill for more details.

We have decided to offer individual email addresses to any Vintage Radio member that wishes to have one to avoid using their personal email address on their own web postings. An an all members email has been  sent asking that if any are interested then to contact Mike Pill at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To o manage the email addresses I'd prefer them to be of the form christian name followed by first letter(s) of their surname. But in practice any character string would do but no spaces, dots or other characters please. Any letter, number or underscore is OK. Once set up I can change the password to whatever they wish to use. (min 5 characters of which at least one character must be a digit or a letter).

A SPAM filter has been set.

many Thanks Mike Pill (Webmaster)

Sandy Blog Spot 23rd Sep 20/13

Hey folks, somebody famous (the name escapes me) once said “There are only two certainties in Life, One is Death the other is Taxes”

Well on Monday Wirral Older Peoples Parliament in combination with many other organisation held a grand meeting to discuss the first certainty Death.

Now we all know this is a subject some people do not like to talk about, like it’s some sort of Taboo, the speakers at this conference came from all professions Nursing and Health Caring to Hospice, Surgeons, Solicitors, Doctors, The Clergy, Funeral Directors and Cemetery owners and of course the Local Council. ( I dont think we had any Tax Inspectors on this occasion)

They all had a spot to tell their side of events and also answered a barrage of questions from the audience, some quite heart wrenching, some very matter of fact, some even amusing and of course some very straight forward and factual.

The questions raised and answered ranged for very important items like “Power of Attorney, Inheritance, and Disposal of assets. Religious and Non-Religions different practices and faiths right down to Types of Coffins, Burials, or Cremations, even to the selection of music quality and of the sound system in the local crematorium. (Apparently this is of best quality with a huge range of choice) we should be so lucky at Vintage Radio.

However this whole event was Educational, Informative, and Profoundly interesting to large number of those who attended and participated in lunch, huge thanks to our intrepid reporter Gordon Nicholas who managed to conduct some interviews, Bert Schroeder and Fred Eccleston who set up stall to display our wares, Ian grant with Steve Pavett assisting with distributing a large number of leaflets all the team generating interest and publicity for Vintage Radio.

The venue at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, is a superb location Wirral OPP and ourselves have been there before, and its these type of functions that are so important in keeping the name of Vintage Radio in the forefront of the best Community Radio Station on the internet.

So many thanks to all who took part and assisted we all working together did a magnificent job.

Remember next Monday 30th September at about 12 Noon we have an informal get together in the Arrowe Park Hotel. Come along you can meet some of the others, swap stories and learn what others are doing and if you have any Bright Suggestion, Brain Waves, and Comments or even Complaints,  these can be discussed and ironed out at the Management Committee Meetings in preparation for the General Meeting planned for early in November, when everybody gets a chance steer the whole organisation towards greater success, that we all should strive for.

Many Thanks Sandy 23.09.13

Sandy Blog Spot Sep 18/9/13

Hello Folks:

Many Thanks for all the messages of goodwill after my little jaunt to Hospital, I will give you a blow by blow description of what happened, after a good day at the Giants Festival in Birkenhead where with Jan Kupeczek, John Blainey and Wife, and Albert Ellis we paraded the Giant round Hamilton Square and gave out hundreds of leaflets plus explained to any who wanted to listen all about our Community Radio Station and had our photograph taken many times.

Our own Bert Schroder resplendent in his Hawaiian shirt regalia gave some excellent performance with the band he is a member of and entertained the large crowd for hours, the weather was good and by and large everyone had a wonderful day of fun.

Shortly after reaching home I began to feel hot and sweaty and began to lose clear vision, my wife dialled 999 and in a very short while the ambulance arrived I was being initially treated for VT (Ventricular Tachycardia) basically a very fast heartbeat but dropping blood pressure, in the rapid ambulance trip to Arrowe Park Hospital at some point my heart switched back into normal rhythm and I began to feel better.

In the A/E department they carried out some tests and decided to switch me to Broadgreen Liverpool (Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital) after a whole series of tests and observation it was decided to fit me with a (ICD) Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator. Similar to a pacemaker device. I was taken to theatre and a small electrical gadget about the size of matchbox was inserted into the skin above my left chest and a couple of wires plugged into my heart muscle. This clever little gadget monitors my heartbeat and in the event of detecting any abnormality will trigger off a pulse or shock to bring my heart rate back into the normal routine,

chances are I may never need it but it is always there just in case. This is very reassuring.

Meanwhile I am not allowed to drive and have to surrender my licence which is a nuisance plus I must avoid any location of super large magnetic fields like Airport Security screening devices for which they have issued me with a special pass, as I am not planning on going anywhere just now is not too bad. At the moment I am feeling pretty good and taking some rest for a while. As you will gather I will express my gratitude and admiration for all the Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons, Technicians, and support staff in the various Hospitals, Wards, and theatres for the excellent and paramount skill, care, and attention I have received.

Despite what you may hear in the media we in Britain still have a superb National Health System, and we should all strive to protect it. You can play a small part in this area by making some effort to attend the Function in the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, 23rd September hosted by Wirral Older Peoples Parliament (Wirral OPP)and Wirral University Hospital Trust (WUTH) full information in a News Letter available at all the public library’s and Wirral Council Outlets.

Vintage Radio: Management Committee hope to arrange a general meeting early in November, to ensure we get the best from these meetings aimed at positive progress, if any members have any Questions, Suggestions, Ideas, or topics for positive improvements and enhancements please get in touch with the Management Team so they can be discussed and considered in good time.

Gordon Nicholas (Chairperson) Jan Kupeczek (Deputy Chairperson) David Crosby (Treasurer) Sandy Cameron (Secretary) Mike Pill (Webmaster and Technical Equipment Manager)

all details on the web Site.

Cheers Sandy 18th Sep 2013

August Bank Holiday 2013:

The Mersey Planet Light Vessel in conjunction with Vintage Radio:

Our very own Gerry Murphy along with a host of other performers put on a fantastic show over the Bank Holiday Period

Entertaining a huge audience in the way they know how, they really had folks movin and groovin.

With Nicky, Fred, George, Rob, Chris, Leo, and the serenity Trio all playing live Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Sandy Blog Spot 21st August 2013

Hey Folks September is looking like a busy month for events and happenings, right now volunteers are needed to help to make and decorate or dress some giant figures ready for the Giants Parade to take place in the Hamilton Square Quarter of Birkenhead, leaflets with all the detail information available in your local library or One Stop Shop and in the Pyramids Shopping Centre, the YMCA and Vintage Radio taking part in this fun day celebration. Contact Gordon or Jan if you can help.

Later on in September Monday 23rd Wirral Older Peoples Parliament will be having a big event in the Floral Pavilion New Brighton, this is a well-attended event and Vintage Radio have a golden opportunity to set up a table and talk to interview many people from other Community Organisations, members of the public and generally make the public aware of our radio station, copies of Wirral OPP newsletter available in the studio and also at your local library, get involved. Contact Sandy for more details.

Following that Heswall Festival takes place between 28th September to 12th October, again prime opportunity for our out and about reporters to observe and interview members of the public from all backgrounds and make interesting programmes as before. Recording Hand Microphones available contact Mike Pill.

In the meantime I would like to gather together any information, ideas, suggestions, from our membership articles to make another newsletter thus letting everybody know who is doing what and when, any functions or events that you know about and want others to be aware of. In the past this exercise has spread the word about Vintage Radio, boosted our listener’s base and attracted new members. Send your ideas, comments, suggestions to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) I will try and put all this together. I need your support, we do not get to meet each other very often and it helps all our members be kept in the loop and part of the team that is Vintage Community Radio.

Contact Will Redfern: if you can help in funding applications.

Contact Ian Grant: if you can help with fundraising and publicity

Contact Gordon Nicholas (Chair), Jan Kupeczek (Deputy or Vice Chair), Contact David Crosby (Treasurer) or contact Sandy Cameron (Hon Secretary) for any Comments, Ideas, Suggestions, about how things can be improved or enhanced and discussed in our regular Management Committee Meetings.

If you have an Equipment Technical Enquiry or Web Site Question then contact Mike Pill.

For any Live day time slots, holidays, unable to attend, etc Contact Jan Kupeczek without fail so to give him a chance to substitute or find a fill in for emergencies.

Log on to the web site and check out the blog spot to keep up to date.

Cheers Sandy Cameron.

General Roundup Dear Members:

We are soon to have one of our few general meetings scheduled for the 4th November in the Large Meeting room at the YMCA. Before that meeting I would like you all to take a look at the Vintage Radio Web Site, Mike Pill has spent a lot of time and effort to make the web site look more attractive and better giving maximum information for listeners logging on to the station. This is where you as individuals come into the process, many of you have a personal page and you are encouraged to update and amend that as and when you wish.

There is also a need for some of you to take ownership of publicity and general interest for the public to read and or listen to during the broadcasting hours of Vintage Radio.

The purpose of the meeting 4th November is to explain in more detail about the phase Vintage Radio is going through and the part played by yourselves and the management committee members to ensure that the station becomes even more successful.

We together have made remarkable progress in the past year but we still need to progress further if we are to attract the sort of Sponsorship and Financial support required.

Facebook and Twitter:

Both have played an important role in spreading the word about Vintage Radio the Facebook page managed by Roger Wright, and the Twitter feed recently introduced thanks to Ray Lyon (you can see both on the front page of our web site) please use these and send any interesting photographs or comments to add interest.

Mike Pill would really like to expand the content and material on the web site by appointing an events editor to capture local events and add them to the web site – with possibility of having a regular broadcast slot about local events. I'd also like to see someone take on the role of overall content editor for the web site – a sort of newspaper editor role. This person would be responsible for finding, writing and adding interesting content, ideally complementary content to the programs, to the website. It could for example include content about housing, medical, legal, financial issues etc. It could also act as a vehicle for short stories and articles. But committed volunteers are required for both of these posts. So if you wish to assist in this manner Mike Pill. Web site editing training will be given and user guide is available. The training required is just a couple of hours.

Sandy Blog Spot:

As part of the duties of Secretary I am also very keen to widen the appeal of the radio station not just for the elderly population but those maybe not so elderly who relish the opportunity to put something back into society. Apart from doing a bit in the studio maybe playing music, reading poetry, chatting to others we have some excellent presenters who are good at this, and I believe you could do more, if it’s a case of you want some assistance then just ask. I personally am not quite able to participate in the studio presenting for a while. But would welcome your thoughts Ideas, and suggestions for the committee to consider.

Jan Kupeczek (Vice Chair):

Has made fantastic progress in attracting more presenters and has offered training or any equipment familiarization required to any who are interested plus added diverse material to the RS2 play out system to enable Presenters to vary the playing of music with what I would call “Snippets” like jingles that can be inserted between record tracks. As and when more material of this nature is available, Jan will be interested to hear from any members if they would like to participate in the scheme or something similar, the idea is to include as many different voices, Different characters, and actual presentations to add a much welcome variety in the station output. In Particular some female voices would be most welcome. There may well be an opportunity for a small group of interested members to enact some of this material live in the studio. (Similar to a drama Group)

Presenters in general:

The need for your Emergency Progs: Now you need to make sure you have done this adequately. All you need is a simple SD Card to use on the equipment available in the Studio. Make some your programmes that can be used if you are away on holiday and more importantly if for any reason you cannot get to the studio. Speak to Jan as soon as possible. You need to make sure the programme is not date or time specific in order that this material can be used during any absence.

Informal Get Together 28th October 2013:

The last Monday of each month at about 12 noon is an ideal opportunity for any who are interested to get together let’s say to meet and greet others from the membership who maybe you do not get a chance to see or chat with normally. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and maybe learn from each other and discuss things in general about 12 noon come along to the Arrowe Park Hotel, perhaps have lunch or just a coffee, all are welcome bring along your friends and family or any others who may be interested in joining us.

Monday 4th November the General Meeting:

Will take place in the conference room next door to the studio starting at 2.00pm. Come along and learn about the exciting progress that you can be a part of, and meet the Management Committee to learn more of what is going on.




Vintage Radio Live Community Recordings

Tragic Loss of the Thetis Submarine

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

Birkenhead Central Library (Oct 2010)

Liverpool Overhead Railway

Derek Arnold Historian

Birkenhead Central Library (March 2011)  

Nelson and Trafalgar

Derek Arnold Historian

Upton Village Library

History of Storeton Woods

David Casement Chair of the Friends Group

Birkenhead Central Library (April 2011)

Death camp Auschwitz

Derek Arnold Historian

Home of Oasis member

Gunboats on the Mersey

David Owens Local Historian

Bebington Central Library (September 2011)

Fortunatus Wright the Wirral Privateer

Gavin Chappell Local Author

Wallasey Central Library (october 2011)

Birkenhead Priory

Colin Simpson Curator

Wallasey Central Library

History of Comedy Performance and Talk

Brian Lloyd Local Historian

Bebington Central Library (February 2012)

The Titanic Band

Fred Eccleston Vintage Radio Presenter

Prenton Library with B/H History Society

The Bounty the real story

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

United Reform Church Rock Ferry

FEPOW Memorial Plaque

Bert Schroeder Recording for Vintage Radio

Ceremony at Pier Head Liverpool (May 2012)

Thomas Brassey the Railway king

David Casement Local Historian

Prenton Central Library Bookfest Week (2012)

Oradur Sur Glane by Derek Arnold

Annihilation of a French Village WW11

St Barnabus Church Bromborough (Nov 2012)

Atlantic Convoys the Liverpool Story

Derek Arnold Maritime Historian

Fort Perch Rock New Brighton (may 2013)

Richard the Third

David Owen Local historian

Bebington Central library (June 2013)

George Ward Gunn VC

His own story

Neston library

The History of Fort Perch Rock

Derek Arnold Local Historian

Irby Village Library (October 2012)

Agent ZIG ZAG World war Two Double agent

Derek Arnold in the company of ladies

Greasby Ladies Group (November 2013)

This is a list of superbly presented CDs Organised and presented By Fred Eccleston with the assistance of Technical Director Bert Schroeder all made as part of the Live Community Recordings that gained an exceptional award for Vintage Radio. Discs are available and not only are they extremely interesting they make very special presents for people who may have an interest in Local and National History in particular Maritime History.

In order to obtain Colourful Cleverly designed and presented copy’s please contact Fred Eccleston direct

you can also leave a message for his attention by e-mailing Vintage Radio from the web Site