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That Old Chestnut Spring

That Old Chestnut Spring is in the Air

Is it just me or do flowers, plants, Bushes, Trees, all seem to be growing at what used to thought the wrong time. I seem to notice they are either coming into flower early or blossoming way ahead of what I thought I was used too. Perhaps this is Global Warming   I have heard of or is it that the seasons are changing. True we may have had a mild winter perhaps without any severe cold spells, certainly have not seen any thick heavy snow for some time in our locality. But then we are fortunate we live in or on the Wirral Peninsular, a delightful place with some beautiful surroundings, unique panoramic countryside, and of course coastal landscapes of very special beauty.

Visions like the early showing of Snowdrops pushing their heads above the ground, I am told there are more than a dozen varieties most common to our climate are actually from other parts of Europe like Poland or even Italy (Galanthus Nivalis) botanical Name and sometimes referred to as (Candlemas Bell) nobody is quite sure when or how this arrived in this country but they are a popular attraction when seen in full bloom and carpeting remote areas of woodland. I am reminded that popular as they are you should not pick the flowers or dig up the tiny bulbs, just leave them alone and they will flourish best left to their own devices. However Organisations like the National Trust together with reputable Wild Plant Retailers do have supplies and will best advise you what species will do best in your garden depending on the location you live.

Do get in touch with us and perhaps visit the studio, tell us about your garden, any special plants that you like, our listeners would be delighted to hear this sort of information especially those who may not be as fit and agile as they would wish, perhaps not able to get into their own particular garden spot or other places of Natural beauty.