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What is the difference between Night and Day?

Hello to you personally, I have attended a number of Meetings, Seminars, Consultation, and Opinion gathering occasions hosted by a number of different organisations but each have a slightly different approach to a mixture of Giving out Information and Gathering opinions or comments. Basically when you get down to the rock bottom I believe this can be categorised into what can realistically provided as to what can realistically be expected, there arises the. First Conundrum:

What will be provided and will you as the end customer be satisfied, the simple answer is No, it is no because we are all individuals and what we think we would like to happen is about as different as your name , address, post code, Telephone No, Colour of Hair, Eyes, and how many teeth you have.

Round about now you’re asking what the hell are we talking about its Death. That terrible word that is inevitable and as sure to happen as sunrise or sunset. Lots of very clever and learned people have tried and tried to come up with a phrase, or statement, even a description that makes it easier to talk about, and that means Talking to yourself first,  let alone Family, Friends, Neighbours’, Religious Leaders, Solicitors, Counsellors, Doctors, Nurses, and Undertakers. To name just a few.

Second Conundrum: Those in charge of our Government, Council, Society, and Community, have a job to do, they have a responsibility to carry out certain functions and manage the day-to-day running of whatever Group, Organisation, Department, or Community you live in and inevitably Die in. Yes I know that are being paid to do this job, I have learned through many years of experience that there is a world of difference between what you get paid to do and how you actually do it.

Now we get down to You: For instance do you know what you want to happen when your Clock of Live runs out. Have you thought about it? Have you made a Will, have you looked at what’s involved in a lasting power of Attorney, do you know where you want your last hours to be. Is it in Bed, Hospital, Hospice, Home, or maybe riding a horse at full gallop along the beach, does it matter, it’s not going to make or mean anything to you.

Third Conundrum: Your personal wishes means a mountain of things to those you leave behind, those who hold your hand when the clock stops, those who pay their last respects and those who remember long after the event, and strangely enough those whose job it is to see that you get tidied away nicely (As my great Aunt once said to me, that was all she wanted). At the time I did not have a clue what she wanted, buried or cremated, what hymns she liked, what to do with Flowers, Donations, Notifications, forms to fill, solicitors to see, and who to notify and a whole host of other things.

All I can say is I do now because all those services and help guidance and experience is freely available to you from numerous organisations and groups, bodies, or departments, so do yourself a favour and everybody else while you are fit and active get it sorted. There is no possible excuse you can make sure (You are Tidied up Nicely) and painlessly in peace and tranquillity when the Clock of Life Runs Down.



Are you as prepared, as you should be?

September is upon us, and before you can blink, we are half way through the month. You will have noticed that it is not so light in the mornings now, and the day seems a little cooler. Low and behold, Autumn is here only to be closely followed by the Winter. Now do not get the idea the year is running away with you, but and it is an important But.

Now is your best chance to prepare for the colder season, it’s not a case of batten down the hatches yet, just a little preparation is called for.

1: Heating: Is you heating to too scratch, in other words has it been serviced in the last twelve months, if not why not.

2: Food:  Check your food cupboards, look at the dates, why not take a little trip to the bargain stores and fill up with maybe some Packet Soups, a few Tins of what you may fancy on a cold winter morning, Tea Bags, maybe a packet of Biscuit’s, Rice or Spaghetti Pasta for instance, if you keep these dry they can last for ages, a Portable light or battery operated lamp, don’t forget a couple of candles, you never know.

3: The House, Flat, or Bungalow: Is it draught proof, do your doors and windows open and shut OK, who has your keys in case of an Emergency, is your family, friends, carers, all available and easily contacted, Phone numbers and any instructions understood. Remember This is just a basic check that you and everybody else is prepared for what may be a cold spell, that could mean, any difficulty in getting out and about or even visitors coming to see you.

Things that people often forget and get caught out on is a decent Torch, Fresh Batteries, Warm Comfortable Clothing even a nice snuggly blanket, proper safe footwear, Gloves and A Hat. These do not need to be at hand just that you know where they are in case something happens or you have some kind of Emergency. Have a handy list of Phone Numbers to be used in case a sudden cold snap or something unexpected leaves you in the Lurch.

A few moments of forethought and a little preparation can make a world of difference, as long as you can stay Dry, Warm, Comfortable, and Communicate you should have no problems at all.