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Time of many Changes.

Changes come fast and furious, what with Wirral Borough Council and its ever changing senior staff members seemingly caught in a revolving door syndrome. The bins seem to be getting more and more colourful, not to say even more complicated into the bargain. All over Merseyside both sides of the river Political Boundaries being re-drawn. A purge on those dropping litter or allowing their animals to foul the green areas and beach fronts or popular country lanes and pedestrian walkways. The Media in the form of Free Newspapers print many stories of atrocious events or criminal activities. Even despicable members of the population involved in heinous activities, it must make you wonder why do WBC want to add to this with their own free Newspaper, when I say free it will be paid for by you and me without as much as a by your leave. One thing is Constant tune into Vintage Radio and enjoy the best in Variety, Taste, and Selection, seven days a week and 24 hours a day, surely something to satisfy the wishes of our rapidly aging members, who bless them are just ordinary members of the public, who devote their time and efforts to bring you the very best in Community Radio Stations.


 A Timely Reminder to think about.


With beginning of the Autumn and Winter months creeping up on us, now is a good time to take stock so to speak. Take a moment or two to think about what do I need, in the way of making sure that I can keep my home Dry, Warm, and Comfortable.

Most of all take this moment of reflection to consider yourself first; perhaps you have some routine to your life.

Ask yourself in the worst of conditions like a severe frost or heavy snowfall am I able to carry on doing the things I normally do.


The Home for instance how is my Electric, Gas, or any other form of Heating and Lighting and cooking equipment. Is every thing working OK, or do I need to have something checked, maybe serviced, or just cleaned up, so I have no problems.


Same with the Car if you have one, and any other sort of Transport you use or rely on. That brings to mind your Communications, Do you have all the phone numbers to hand, either so way you van get in touch or if others can get in touch with you.

For instance, can you speak to your neighbours and do they know your telephone number or how to contact you in an emergency.


There are a few organisations that provide assistance if required, and are always willing to help out members of the more senior members of the community, it is worth knowing about them and of course them knowing about you, perhaps in the event that you need deliveries at some time.


Remember in the event of a hard frost, icy cold wet slipping conditions, and such it is really not necessary to put yourself at risk by going out.

Better, you stay at home warm and dry with the required home comforts readily available.

On the rare occasions we get a heavy snow fall Transport, Deliveries, Family, Friends, Neighbours, may not be able to reach you, so you need to be as self sufficient as possible even if its only for a day or two.

If you take some measures to cope with even the most extreme of conditions, then by and large you will not encounter any problems, as the chance of very extreme conditions in this country are not the same as other parts of the world, but that is what catches people out as they think it will never happen to me, don’t take the chance.