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Do you have any Family, Friends, or someone you know who now lives in another country, well why not say a big hello. If you have their address or just the town, even the area they live in. It’s a good chance they have a local radio station, just send them an e-mail maybe with a request or small dedication to the local radio station in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, America in fact anywhere in the world. Copy in Vintage Radio so we can read out your message and dedication on your local community radio station right here, make a mention of ( and you could be pleasantly surprised by the result. There are thousands of Merseysiders living in many parts of the globe and they like nothing more than to hear a local voice talking about an area that they know well, on both sides of the River Mersey. It’s good to swap ideas and greetings, especially at time of family get together and memories of loved ones. Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, etc.

The local radio stations where they now live can read out your messages and your friends or family can send out your best wishes right here or listen in to the Vintage Radio Station all due to the power of the internet all over the World. Check out the Blog Page for further details, in connection to Australia.