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Vintage Radio December 2nd to 8th

We are starting a major upgrade programme for our studio starrting on December 2nd involving replacing our studio desk, replacing some of our rather elderly servers and re decorating the studio so we will not be hosting any live studio productions for that week. Whilst we are busy re decorating its business as usual, although you have to wait until the 3rd when we start our normal programmes again.  From the 2nd to the 8th we will be playing a load of fantastic material from our archives for this studio upgrade week..

We are building some faster rack mount servers, consolidating some of our existing software packages onto fewer machines and rationalising some of the way in which we organise the studio software.  We are moving our new servers into a new rack mount system to allow us easier access for cabling etc. In addition to the decorating we are also physically moving our studio desk around so it faces the other direction! We are also setting in place a new set of presenter training to bring everyone up to speed with our new desk and systems.

Mike P, Tech support team, 22nd November