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UPDATE: Studio CD player temporary replacement

UPDATE 14th March

Our new CD (American Audio) player has arrived. Ian Grant and Steve Pavett will be installing it in the studio as soon as they can.

UPDATE 4th March

The faulty player is with our supplier being repaired. We have ordered a new one which we should get in next week or so to replace it and the repaired one will then act as a spare system. We have decided to get a different make of CD player. It is very similar but there are some minor differences. We will put a cue sheet in  the studio to help the transition.


As you all know we have been having problems with CD drive 1, it is proving to be extremely temperamental and will not always read a disc. CD 2 seems OK.  We are in process of sending they whole system off to be repaired under warranty but this does mean we will be without the system for anything up to 6 weeks.

Stu McPherson has kindly offered to loan Vintage Radio his CD player system and this will be installed and tested on Tuesday (21st) ready for next week. Unfortunately Stu's system does not support USB memory sticks nopr mp3 files, so until such time as our system is returned we can only use CD's recorded using the standard commercial audio format. We believe it will play CD's recorded with .wav files. 

Please note that whilst commercial CD's will not cause a problem it is strongly recommended that you do NOT use CD-RW (the rewriteable discs) try them out by all means but come prepared with a normal write once (CD-R) disc as well.  Please also note that ONLY commercial audio format audio CD's will be capable of being played until the CD system is repaired and returned. This may take 4 to 6 weeks. This is not acceptable but we have few options.

Also please note that FADER START is not supported. You will have to select track and press the Play button the appropriate CD drive.

If playing mp3 files from USB  memory sticks or CD's is a problem then there are two possible options;

1) Use a laptop, mp3 player, iPad or similar tablet device (it must have a stereo 3.5mm audio socket e.g. for headphones or line out) 

2) create commercial audio format CD's with free software. e.g CDburnerxp (This works with Windows, 7, 8.1 and 10) -

I am unable to advise if a similar software package is available for Apple devices at this point in time

Mike P, Technical support, 21st February 2017