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This guidance is for programmes being played from our streamer prior to a presenter going live from studio. 

(this is NOT programmes from our archive nor emergency programmes from RS player or Play It Live)

When you come in to the studio e. g. at 10am or whenever, for your presenting slot, when pre-recorded programmes from the archive (not Emergency programmes) have been broadcast , rather than another live presenter, the off-air alarm should be flashing in front of you on the desk. At about 30secs BEFORE you are due to go on air clear the flashing silence detector alarm by playing a jingle or music track. It should only take about 10 seconds to clear the alarm. You will see the status of the alarm change in the small window at the top right of the clock PC and the light will stop flashing.

This means that you will be able to go live from the  studio at the exact start of your presenting slot.  It wont go out live until the system switches you over at 10am or whenever, BUT it will ensure that the alarm is cleared and will allow you to go live from the studio on time.

If you just start broadcasting on the hour without doing this you will have a dead period when the Silence Detector Alarm will still be playing emergency music UNTIL it recognises there is audio coming from the desk. This recognition period should only be around 10 seconds but for some reason it can sometimes take longer. But if you clear the alarm first before the start of your slot then there should be no problem.

Mike, Tech Team Coordinator, 12th January 2017