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New media player

Yesterday (10th January) we introduced a new media player - currently in a tasteful shade of purple. If you don't use TunenIn  it is accessed in the same way as the previous player, by clicking the red ListenLive button on the Home page. However, we have had some reports of the player not working correctly. In almost all cases this is due to your browser not recognising that the player page has changed to the new purple player.. To make sure that all works correctly you need to make sure that your  browser cache is cleared followed by selecting the player page again or by  requesting a new page is from the net. The latter can be achieved by holding the control key down whilst briefly pressing the f5 key and this  should do the trick.

We also plan to put a player directly on Home page in addition to TuneIn and the red player. Whilst this will be more convenient you will have to remember that if you navigate off this page the programme music will stop. This why we open the player in a new window without any navigation. This allows you to continue to browse via the main window whilst keeping Vintage Radio playing.

Mike, Technical Team

1547hrs, 11/1/17