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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017, In this part of the country we have had a remarkably mild Christmas Period even to the extent of almost a frost free start to the New Year, but do not become complacent there is still a strong chance of some cold bitter weather just round the corner, and yes Snow, Ice, and all the problems that brings.

However keep prepared with some emergency supplies and items within the house hold that can see you through these periods.

Dried Packeted Soups and Tinned Goods are favourite Spaghetti Pasta in all its forms are a good way to prepare simple warming meals, you can add various other ingredients to ring the changes, items like Tuna or tinned meat and peas for instance.

There are lots of variety and variation on how to prepare simple sustaining meals in many Magazines, and of course on line if you have access to internet connection via a Smart Phone or Tablet these days, together with numerous community organisations.

For entertainment and amusement tune in and listen to your radio while you move about maybe take in some gentle exercises, its good to move about if you are able walk from room to room and use the stairs if possible to keep your muscles and circulation going, access to the internet allows you to explore and inter communicate with Friends, Family, and Groups that make you welcome and a feeling of belonging, even stretch your mind with a quiz or two.

Make some plans for the spring and summer, places to visit, things to do in the garden as the weather improves, always remember here on Vintage Radio our presenters will be talking about a multitude of subjects along with sending out your dedications and playing something of your choice, to amuse , entertain, and interest others.

We strive to welcome you and your thoughts either in person or via the air waves and let you participate in any community activities that take your fancy, just e-mail or call our studio and become part of the growing community of like minded people in whatever form you wish.

Sandy Cameron.