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Technical problems in studio - 21st July - update from the 20th

UPDATE 22nd July

So far so good today. Whilst there have been some  problems with BT's network it looks as if its starting to stabilise.

UPDATE 12-13pm

We seem to going out on-line at present. All players and TuneIn are working. The BT problem if it still exists was patchy.

Tech Team

UPDATE 21st July.

It seems that the broadband problems are continuing. We are currently unable to access our servers or stream output from our studio. BT still are having problems with their core network and this is affecting our service. It is out of our hands. We understand that some customers are even unable to access the Vintage Radio web site - just to compound the problem. Please bear with us we are as frustrated as you.

Tech Team


20th July  

Apologies to our listeners. We have had some broadband problems, a suspect power outage which has affected our servers plus to cap it all we have had a presenter who hasn't been able to come in.  this morning. We are running on some archive programmes until normal service can be returned later in the day. Apologies once again. 

Technical team

11-12am, 20th July

1151hrs update

It seems that BT have been having broadband problems in their network this morning whicg affected our service delivery. It seems to eb stable now. Fingers crossed.

Technical team