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Vanguard "Vision for Healthier Wirral and your local NHS



Vanguard is a vision for the future well at least a vision for 2018 at the moment, this is an element that will no doubt be under constant review, Vanguard is all about planning the years ahead and some changes, to Where, How, and When the National Health Service amongst other things will deliver the services required by the population.

The National Health Service is an organisation since its inception in 1947 has undergone many changes right across the country. Here locally Arrowe Park Hospital is less than forty years old since its particular planning and inception and we must all be aware that in the period of forty years there has been a constant and varied set of changes. Not just Structural Changes and they have been many.

Now we have far fewer actual locations connected to health and social care across the Wirral, at the same time those locations have changed in fundamental ways, with a combination of Technology, Practice, Techniques, Specialities, Training, Accommodation, Management, and Expectations.

These fewer locations deliver wide range of Medical, Physical, Operational, and Social Care services, covering Maternity, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Mental, and General Health Services to a growing population plus aging population.

The Wirral Clinical Commissioning NHS Group, in partnership with Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Wirral Community NHS Trust, and Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. That is many titles covering a huge area of our locality, as they are looking forward with Vision to a Healthier Wirral that is what Vanguard is all about.

Wirral is not on its own in such an endeavour as Vanguard, the same sort of operation is taking place at a number of locations throughout the country; Wirral is only one of 29 other areas engaged in this mammoth task that will change the way Health and Social Care will be delivered or carried out.

Of course as always ultimately paid for by the entire population of Great Britain. (Remember GB is also undergoing some fundamental changes that can possibly have ramifications on the overall enterprise of Vanguard Nationally)

Vanguard has been described  in un official terms as “throw away the present rule book” and re write the entire National Health Service in order to provide a more comprehensive medical health and social care system from the cradle to the grave, that is affordable and sustainable far into the future.

This is a personal view, I am not even sure there is such a thing as a Rule Book, but it will be interesting to see how al this inevitable change process evolves over the next few years.

Information that is much more detailed is available just by visiting www.wirralccg.nhs/Vision2018 .

There you can learn about how you can become involved in the consultation process, receive up to date information, ask questions, and have your voice heard. After all you or your loved ones will in one aspect or another be directly effected by the fundamental changes that will result from Vanguard and the vision for the future of a healthier Wirral    Sandy Cameron (Vintage Radio)