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System problems

We have been having persistent problems over the past week or so with our service provider who host our players and streams which means that only our TuneIn feed is working (at the time of writing) most of the time. This is something we are not very happy with but unfortunately it is out of our control.  To change service providers would cost us a lot more money. We hope that the problems with our service provider will be resolved very soon. Please be patient with us as we do appreciate it ruins ytour enjoyment of our programmes when you are unable to listen to your favourites.

Tech Support, Sunday 11-30am, 17th August



Our Service provider has had some technical problems with one of their servers, the one we are hosted on. They have been recovering all their clients from their backups but it has taken longer than they expected. This means that our trial 128k service is still unavailable but we hope it will restart soon.

Tech Support, Monday 2000hrs, 18th August