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Vintage Rockers at Fort Perch Rock 20th July

VintageRockersThe Vintage Rockers and Rockettes in fine form playing another of their popular live gigs. The Vintage Rockers had yet another resounding success with a Show in Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton, They spent a few hours playing to select audience under the Marque inSandyFortPerchRock glorious weather, some rocking great music and entertainment that very soon had some of the audience dancing under canvas.

New Brighton on that Sunday was teeming with people enjoying the glorious weather that reminded me of the days in the 60s when Rock and Roll was King. Along with the music from the Rockers and Rockettes we were treated to Budge Grounsell on the mike with his tunes from yester year, plus Alan Schroeder conducted a little informal chat with Len Burnett about his fantastic book that went into detail of the Rogue Dockers and the exploits both sides of the river in the heyday of the thriving river Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.

During the show we were treated to some first class poetry readings from the renowned and talented Ron Entwhistle. Congratulations to the line up of Ken, Janet, Jan, Alan, Lyn, Stu and Bert. Check out the Vintage Web Site for many more photographs of better quality from Mike Pill and many thanks to the support of Fred, Ray, Jim, in addition to the three inanimate regulars that are always there clustered round the baptismal font in sharp suits but don't say much.