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YMCA Trainees go "On Air"

Recently YMCA Wirral teamed up with Vintage Radio to deliver a unique Radio and Media Course to some residents. Vintage Radio taught them a range of skills and knowledge surrounding radio broadcasting and programme production.


YMCA trainees, Nigel Hughes  YMCA CEO, Ken Harper (Vintage Radio project manager) and Ernie Hardwick (Vintage Radio trainer)YMCA Wirral understands the value of working in partnership with a variety of like-minded organisations. By combining expertise and resources means our
people are given fantastic experiences that benefit from the added value this approach brings. Our many partners come from far and wide, ranging from local authorities, funding bodies, other charities and service providers.



Our work and particularly our training programmes, aim to encourage the development of self-confidence, self reliance and sound judgement, along with well-developed social and citizenship skills and a sense of personal morality, empowered by confidence and ability in the core skills, which are fundamental to leading a fulfilling and effective life.



We believe that this benefits all the people we work with both academically and socially, giving them the potential to contribute positively to society as a whole and consequently, benefit the wider local communities of Wirral.



Through our work we aim to embed a culture of respect for each other and to apply this in relationships with other people they come into contact with throughout their lives, demonstrating an awareness of diversity and equality as positive and necessary ideals to enrich their lives and the lives of all.



The culmination of the course was a day’s broadcast of their own show starting at 9.30 and finishing at 5.00pm! Three YMCA presenters, Liam Birrs, Lee Williams and Chris Culverston manned the desk in the studio armed with their music choices and kept everyone entertained throughout the day, which proved to be a huge success. During the day when not “on air” they shared other duties which included, each being Station Manager and studio support roles.


All the lads were full of praise for the help and support they had received from Vintage Radio but wanted to particularly thank Ken, Ernie and Irene for their encouragement, help and support during their training.


Nigel Hughes
YMCA Birkenhead


Trainees and Nigel Hughes (YMCA CEO) The team from the YMCA Ernie, Irene and Ken
Chris Lee Liam