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Vintage Radio off the air - not really!

For financial reasons we have changed our Service provider as previously mentioned  but this may result in some of you with Internet radios  and PC's setup to internet radio services apparently losing  service. We'd like to re-assure you that Vintage radio is still here and braodcasting its award winning programmes. The new service allow us  to connect even more people at even higher quality. .

We are getting around all the organisations and directories we are registered with but in some cases even when we do it can take several days to re-establish service with our new service providers.

We hope you wil bear with us and please let us know via our guest book or email if we have missed  your internet radio provider or directory. Or perhaps call us on the  studio phone. (0151 601 7636)  It isn't manned all the time but it will go to an answering machine  if we cannot answer the phone.