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Breaks in broadcast - UPDATE 4th June

Apologies for  the breaks in broadcast. We are trying to track down these intermittent breaks which have been plaguing us on and off for the past few weeks. We have changed the Player on the home page to solve another diiferent problem and it seems that we may have substituted one problem for another. We suspect a network problem between our studio and our service provider who is reponsible for our radio streaming service.

If you have problems with the breaks try one of our other players on the ListenLive page or click here to go directly to the page.

As of 4th June we have changed the  player yet again so are keeping our fingers crossed. If it doesn't look as if the player has changed then (on Windows machines) hold the  CTRL (control) key down on your keyboard and press the f5 key (along top of keyboard) this will get a new copy of the page. Close the player and the re-open. It should then display the new player.