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Studio is available for recording programmes

The new studio is available to all Vintage Radio members who wish to record their programmes prior to broadcast:

1) make sure  the Google calendar we use is set so your studio slot is booked. If you don't have direct access contact Mike  Pill or Ken Harper and we will give you access

2) you need a new memory card, our new system doesn't use Audacity or USB memory sticks as the recording media. To make a recording you will need a SD or SDHC memory card like those used in most digital cameras.. You will also need an SD / SDHC compatible card reader to read the files on the card. Most recent laptops in past 4 years or so will have such a reader but they only cost s few pounds if you need to buy a seperate one and they just plug into a spare USB slot on your PC.

One of the cheapest on-line shops for memory cards  and card readers is 7 day shop in Guernsey, As of May 2012 a 4GB SDHC card will  cost about £4 or £5 delivered but if you need one in a hurry then you  can buy them for a few pounds more at ASDA and probably more in PC World or Curry's. It is suggested that the cards are a minimum of 2GB. We are recording at 192kb/s in mp3 format but may change to wav format files. If we do the storage per hour will go from about 90MB to about  600MB or so per hour file size.

Note: If the card has been used or previously formatted on a PC then it is recommended that it be re-formatted on the Denon recorder - this is not essential and no problems have been encountred but you have been warned. (the Denon is situated at the bottom of the CD player cabinet) before use. A user guide will be made available in the studio and on the web site as soon as possible. But until that happens give Ken Harper a call if you have any questions about using the Denon recorder.

As we now have four Live studio days a week  the studio is available for use Saturday and Sunday. Monday we are planing to use the studio as part of a training course in conjunction with the YMCA until after the 14th october. After this date please check with Ken Harper who has been running our training programme.