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Problems solved - we hope! NOT QUITE

UPDATE - Sat 11th 2-25pm

Our early optimism seems to have been unfounded and we are still having internet problems.

UPDATE - Sat 11th Feb

We spoke too soon. Scheduling for Sat 11th started about 15minutes late. Apologies for this. Clock / timing problem, now sorted.

Problems solved - we hope!

We think we have now cracked the disconnections that have plagued the station over the past week. Our statistics and error messages are now zero - probably tempting fate!

For the technical minded amongst you we had three different overlapping problems some of which  had identical symptoms:

1) Our streaming service provider suffered network problems with their broadband supplier

2) We had a faulty CAT5 ethernet cable that gave a randomly intermittent connection

3) We had a major database failure on our station automation software which necessitated a database rebuild and reloading a new version of the software.

Whilst all this was happening  there were IT maintenance tasks underway in the YMCA where our studio is located.

So we are keeping everything crossed and hope all is now well. Normally we would only expect to have to solve one fault at a time but three was a challenge for the technical team. We have had about 2 days of no fault messages so we are hoping!

Mike, Technical Team