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Outage - Disconnection Update Monday 6th February - UPDATE

Problem with Vintage Radio programmes

Apologies once again but we are still suffering from problems with our internet feed. We are looking into all options and cannot be certain when a stable service will be resumed. Please be patient as we are also very concerned and frustrated as the problem is out of our hands.

UPDATE Monday 6th February 8-21am

We are still having broadband problems which are causing breaks in our sound and 'looping' of our programmes but the problem seems to be calming and stabilising a little.

If you get a looped programme, close your browser and Listen Live window and re-open again.

UPDATE Monday 6th February 9-45am

Just to compund our problems our programme scheduling software which has been running without any major glitches for almost 2 years non-stop decided to thow a wobbly and output three identical programmes simultaneously. This has been fixed.

We haven't seen any more problems with our broadband since yesterday evening so we are hoping this problem is now resolved. So many apologies to all our listeners and we hope your listening experience will now stabilise and get back to normal.

Mike, technical team