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Outage Wednesday 1st February 2012

Having just recovered from our programming glitch yesterday we had an outage this morning caused by our service provider who distributes our station on the internet. This was resolved about 10am this morning and we are back on the air. We hope it hasn't disrupted your listening pleasure too much.

This is the text oif an email from our Service Providers.

From: Canstream Internet Radio <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


For stations broadcasting online, as you are probably aware BT has
issues this morning following their planned work in the early hours.

Canstream has advised our subscribers that our ISP is doing what it
can to route around BT's issues but if you continue to see problems
they will only be resolved when BT fix their underlying network

Non-Canstream subscribers who use BT broadband for Internet and
webcasting are likely to be affected by this morning's outage.

Broadband users who are not BT subscribers can still be affected by
this issue depending on your broadband provider's Internet transit.