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UPDATE Vintage Radio will be broadcasting on 87.7 FM from 5th November!

Its all buzzing here at Vintage Radio as we have just been told by OFCOM that we have our  RSL licence  to broadcast starting on November 5th for  28 days to December 2nd 2011

Our frequency allocation from  OFCOM is 87.7 FM - the same as the previous two RSL's.

We submitted the forms along with a  cheque for £400. The £400 is just to apply fro a licence. Now the application to broadcast is approved we have to stump up another couple of thousand pounds for the two broadcast licences we need and then there is the additional costs for PRS and PPL which cover our music copyright fees.

If you listen to us, like our programmes then any donations would be very welcome,  no matter how small.

Just use our safe and quick PayPal system if you'd like to help us with a donation via your credit card. Just click on the  PayPal logo on the web site