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Sound problems 13th April UPDATE 29th April

29/4/21 We have been stable and fully on-line since last Tuesday. If it was a braodband issue that has now resolved itself. We also had a cooling fan failure which mean that we had to take one of our servers off-line to replace the fan. This has been resolved so we were off the air for about an hour this morning from around 8-45am.

20/4/21 Whilst we are waiting for more information we are cautiously optimistic that the sound problems we have had this past week or have been resolved.  It seems to have been relalted to part of our braodband service as well as a server problem caused by a corrupted Windows update file. So far today the system has been stable. We hope this is not a temporary situation. Unfortunately we will be taking the station down again for a couple of hours this comimg Sunday ( 25th April) morning from around 8-30am onwards as the recent fault finding work has uncovered a potential cooling problem with one of our servers which needs to be addressed ASAP.

13/4/21 We arre having some technical difficulaties today which results in our sound breaking up. We think its to do with our broadband feed and if so is out of our direct control. Please bear with us.

Mike P , Tech Support

25th April 2021