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Tuesday 15th studio problem UPDATE

UPDATE 1313hrs  Tuesday 15th January

As of about 10am we were able to get on air for John Nolans programme. It seems to have been stable for the last few hours so fingers crossed. We have upgraded our software that had failed to the latest version so we hope it will be a little more stable and resilient.

Mike P Tech Team.

Monday 14th

Apologies, we have had a set of problems Monday .  Hence our service has been poor to non-existent most of the day. Essentaily a software issue followed by coincidental and unlinked server crash. Both issues now seem to be fixed and stable. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE 2048hrs 14th January

Regretfully we have suffered a major software failure on our main server which runs teh station. We are working hard to get VR back on line.. It looks unlikely we will be back on-line before midday tomorrow. We will have a better idea in the morning.

Mike P Tech Team