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Every attempt has been make to make this web site and its features compatible with modern browsers.  It has been tested with Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9; Firefox 10; Google Chrome and Safari on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is designed to fill the screen on 1024 pixel wide screens and is at its best when displayed on a modern wide-screen display.

Internet Explorer 6

If you use or know someone who wants to see this web site but still uses Internet Explorer 6 then the site will not work properly. It is strongly recommended that if Internet Explorer 6 is used, you upgrade as a matter of urgency as its also not a particularly secure browser as well as not being compatible with this web site.

Apple compatability

We have a iPad compatible player and it should work with all Apple products using iOS or OSX variants but we are unable to test all. We have done some basic tests with an iPad 2

Our Podcast page still uses a Flash based player which unfortunately means that neither iPad, iPod nor iPhone, which do not support Flash, will not work.


We have tested the web site with some Android devices but unless your device uses version 2.3 or above then it will not support Flash. Flash has been withdrawn from Android 4.1 abd above. There are some work rounds but you do have to have some knowledge of Android operating systems. Until we can find an html5 equivalent we will have to stay with Flash. However whatever you use , you can still download the podcast and play it on your tablet , phone etc be it Android Winows or Apple.

Windows Phone and Windows 8 RT (phone and tablets)

We have not been in apostion to test devices using these operating systems. But the TunedIn app is available for devices running these Windows operating systems and indeed almost any operating system known to man at