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About Vintage Radio

John CotcherMany mature listeners felt that their tastes were not catered for and the music they liked and the issues they felt were important were often overlooked. Then along came Vintage Radio!

Many of us were enticed into Vintage radio by some articles in the Wirral based free newspapers inviting anyone who was interested in coming along to a meeting. From this inaugural meeting in August 2008 Vintage Radio was born and is going from strength to strength.

Vintage Radio was started by John Cotcher of Help the Aged in August 2008. At the time Help the Aged were responsible for Juliesponsoring the project and covered the costs of buying and hiring equipment, advertising and all the many things that have to be spent and more importantly organised to get radio station up and running. [Ed: Vintage Radio is now self funded via various grants and awards and kind and generous help from many sources] John was responsible for getting everyone together and project managing the set up of the station together with 9 full days of exciting new programmes. John had some previous experience in setting up a community radio station - Carers FM and he built on the experience gained.

Who did we want?

Howie and AnnVintage needed people who could create and present programmes, market the station and sort out the technical issues and design and put togther a web site.

Most of us had no broadcast radio experience, in any capacity, although many had skills which were transfereable in terms of experience in writing, engineering and IT skills and so on. But we have all been through a steep learning curve and are still learning.


Track recordKaren and Anne

Our first broadcast in February 2009 gave us the confidence that we had a winning formula, our award from Counsel + Care proved it.We then followed that broadcast by our second one in November 2009 for over 3 weeks 24/7. We have been broadcasting 7 days a week for 12 hours a day on the Internet since April 2010. From mid January 2011 we started broadcasting to midnight each day.

Charlie LansboroughVintage Radio has trained well over 30 mature people who were completely new to radio and we have many more who have joined the team. They have learnt many broadcasting skills so they can now create and present their own live shows.

Vintage Radio aims to entertain and inform. The power of the media means that Vintage Radio’s presenters can ask the questions their listeners want answered.


Let us know what you want from your Vintage Radio, what would you like to see changed, what you'd like to hear in future programmes?

Please email us or leave your comments on our Guestbook page. Your feedback is very important to us!