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Tom Platt



Born in 1947 and raised a 'Bacco boy'(from Back st. Ann st.), then living for some years in Naylor road, Bidston, Tom worked in the building industry until due to an accident, he changed careers and became involved in care and support for various individuals. During his training he has been involved with pre school, youth outreach, and mental health, and has worked for M.I.N.D.,incuding the management of two psychiatric homes. His happiest time was being employed as a D.C.O. at Riverside Day Centre for adults with special needs, then going on to help create 'Everyone's Cafe' based in Central Park Walled Garden, Wallasey, where the clients were encouraged to bring their own ideas to the project.

All his life, Tom has been a lover of all kinds of music, especially Rock & Roll, which comes across in his show. Tom always says he was blessed or inherited his Mams vocal chords as he
has a great voice and is able to hit notes a lot of famous contemporaries struggle with. After singing with Trilogy, a local based band for nearly 15 years,Tom has performed as a solo
artist for over 10 years.

Being called in to several radio shows, and with support from his wife Annie, Tom was encouraged by others (including our own Alan Schroeder) to go into radio broadcasting. All kinds of music can be heard on his show, including Irish, Country, Trad.Jazz, Blues, Opera, but always there will be Rock & Roll.

  Over the past few months I have been helping to train new presenters. One of them is John Nolan who has only one arm. As it is his left arm he can use, I have been able to work with John as I also am left handed.


I am presently showing James walsh how to use the studio as he wishes to become part of the team. Jim is a retired youth worker and does a lot of PR and voluntary work for and with Suzanne Collins, one of our local acting talents (previously of Brookside fame).  We hope to have an event towards the end of the year whereby a video link will be made between ourselves at Vintage Radio and one of the original writers of the famous Martin Luther King speech, 'I Have a Dream'. With Jim and Suzanne's help this will be a boost for all our listeners as well as Vintage radio.


We have had a lot of fun in the studio as John got used to working the desk,now he is quite competent on it.

 I still sit in with John,but as soon as he can work on his own he will tell me "its my studio" and I will pull out.