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Sandy Cameron: Is one of the regular long-term and original presenters on the station he likes to play a huge variety of music in what he describes as Random Selection interspersed with a little chat, plus any visitors to the studio can come in and have a chat; If you have a particular type of Music or Listening Pleasure you want to tune into, then let us know, and we can try and meet your wishes, perhaps you could come into the studio and tell us all about what you do.

We welcome Community Group representatives to come into the studio and tell the listeners about a particular function or event in the planning or scheduled and how the public can be involved and take part.

Sandy also belongs to the "Wirral Older Peoples Parliament" and what was once "Wirral Country Park Friends Group" for further details log on to our web site and tune in on a regular basis.

If you have an interesting tale to tell, or perhaps you wish to promote some function or event, then why not get in touch with the station and see what we can do for you and your cause.

We very often have representatives from other Community Groups visit our studio for an informal chat with one of our presenters all are welcome just get in touch with the station by sending an e-mail, alternatively send us a copy of your latest flyer or leaflet and we can read out the detail during our programmes.

We welcome any suggestions and ideas that you may have to boost your listening pleasure, e-mail the station and tell us what you think.

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We are always interested in promoting local community events or functions, very often we are found working with other community groups and carry out on the spot interviews at various large functions. Wirral OPP for example also have function for the public in conjunction with Age UK Wirral, and past venues in Prestigeous locations like New Brighton Floral Pavillion, Hulme Hall, Williamson Art Gallery, Hoylake Community Centre plus a number of Libraries have proved to be very successful in the past.

If you feel you would like to try your hand at presenting get in touch and check out the details via e-mail at no cost, we are a voluntary organisation



Vintage Radio Station News (Text from the News Letter 2014)

 Vintage Radio gives a unique chance and a location to display the talents of the older generation in a convivial atmosphere and friendly manner, we need people to Devise, Create, Manage, and Produce Simple Entertainment Programmes. Or carry out Admin, Clerical, and Management Functions.

You can do this by just Volunteering to Read, Write, Talk, and Listen to members of the public who may want to send a greeting, have some music played, or listen to Poetry, Drama maybe just exchange News, Views, perhaps address Topics, Chat and just join in with some Banter. Whatever your skills are they will be of great value. Vintage Radio is an amazing opportunity for you to reach out to others who for whatever reason may not be able to get out and about as they would like, but Vintage Community Radio could be their only link to the outside world through you and your talents.

                   You can be an Exceptional Voice for Older People                  

Our Vintage Radio’s Volunteers:  All our presenters for the most part as the name would suggest, belong to the more mature generation. To be fair the average age is in the 60 plus, some of the Music Played is also from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, right up to the present generation. In fact we play whatever the listeners request.

That of course is determined by YOU we want our style of presentation to be such that the listener knows the programme presenter is a fellow enthusiast and is addressing them individually.  One aim that through the radio broadcasts any isolated people should learn about others in a similar situation, and they have an opportunity to share taste and savour the programme output whatever that taste or genre maybe. Vintage Radio publicise and attend many events and occasions of interest to the listeners, even interviewing and chatting to all present at these events. The conversations after editing are then broadcast during our programmes of topical events and public occasions spot. Depending on circumstances the conversations can be broadcast live via the magic of the internet, and on line air waves, if you think you could take part in this you need to contact us right away. Do not hesitate-do it via our web page, come along dip your toes in and see if you like it before you make any commitment, you will be made most welcome.

Vintage Radio is presently aimed at providing a LIVE radio service at least 12-hours a day, 5-days a week, with weekends of Pre-recorded or Repeat Material. Specifically for persons aged 50 and over who live in Wirral and Merseyside in general. With special regard to those living in sheltered accommodation, Rest Homes, Nursing Locations, or just private residential properties. We strive with a mixture of entertainment types, reflecting the capabilities and talents of our Volunteer Presenters. This can take the shape of Interesting Topics, Different Types of Music, some Humour and maybe fond memories from yester-year right up the present day. Together with current information regarding Health, Diet, Hobbies, Pastimes and Services etc.  Maybe involving some Dance and light Exercise for Physical Health. We are always encouraging the positive aspects for any age in the general population, especially older people who live within our broadcast area and have access to the internet, Facebook, and twitter.

 IMG 5909 The local sixth form college had pupils involved in media studies and sent along one of their pupils to see how we oldies ran our radio station. This proved illuminating on both sides with the youngsters showing the oldies some tricks with new technology. The oldies in turn, showing the youngsters the art of talking to the listeners and playing the sort of music that had both sides toe tapping to the beat. Jim Walsh and Alice being a good example of autumn and spring in action on the desk. Young Alice said her own granddad was delighted to discover Vintage Radio right here in the heart of Birkenhead, even sending a request of his own .and becoming an avid listener to Community Radio.

Professional local actress Suzanne Collins called into the studio with Jim Walsh. Jim helps Suzanne in her theatre type workshops. Tom Platt his wife Annie with Jim Walsh do their double or triple act Mid-Week and invited Derek & Lyn from St Catherine’s church community group in Church Road, Birkenhead talking about their experience, also other guest again expected in the New Year is Mr Barrington Ward, best known as “Baz” who was a “roadie” to all the major pop groups through the 60s and 70s period and he still gets calls now if any of the old groups need help getting equipment.

 Ian Grant: interviewed the Lord Mayor of Wirral in the studio, also had a couple of the original DJs from the very famous “Radio Caroline” talking about the days of off shore radio broadcast following the dedication event in the River Mersey earlier this year, they actually envied our studio set up as being more luxurious than they ever had on the so called “Pirate Radio Ships”.

Roger Wright: Has welcomed numerous prominent people for a chat on Radio ranging from Civic Leaders, Representatives from the Clergy, Politics, Sports, Golf, and numerous Community Charity Organisations, covering a vast range of Topics and Interest.

 Five of the RockersThe Vintage Rockers and Rockettes have freely entertained countless numbers of the public at a number of venues and events across the length and breadth of the Wirral peninsular, With a unique brand of good old Rock and Roll just as it emanated from the glorious days of the Famous Mersey Sound, that resonated throughout the world in the Swinging Sixties. The Vintage Rockers & Rockettes remarkable overnight success follows over 50 years of hard won experience for most of the group and the attendance plus active support from the rest of Vintage Radio is very much appreciated so do please keep it up.

Pete Best, the Beatle's original drummer, returned to the YMCA after more than 50 years to name our studio "The Pete Best Community Broadcasting Studio"   During the visit Pete was interviewed by Ray Lyons who was able to ask questions about the music scene back in the ' 60s. On hand to meet Pete were members of the "Vintage Rockers", several of whom knew Pete from locations like the Cavern Club and Orral Park Ballroom to mention one or two, in those early days and performed with other groups at the same venues, in and around Merseyside both sides of the river.

James Kay: Regularly brings along interesting people from the World of Theatrics and Am-Dram groups amongst other in the public entertainment arena. This together with Roger Wrights community hour guests provide a welter of variety in the subjects for conversation, choice of listening matter and topics to chat about. James pictured left with Faye plus one of our technical gang Steve Pavett who with  others under the guidance of Mike Pill keep all our equipment maintained and in running order, making life easy for our non-technical members to be ably presenting the rich variety of entertainment that have enabled Vintage Radio to win awards in the past.

Vintage Radio Station Presenters: trawl the music world looking for suitable quality material to output from the Classic’s, Opera, to Rock and Roll, Big Band sounds, Country & Western, or just Folk, with flavours of World Wide musical entertainment. Poetry international and homespun, narrated by enthusiasts. Together with topical programmes and up to date information of local events are a regular feature of our programmes. So a visit to our Web Site is a must for you. There you will find something of interest to a wide audience, if not then why don’t you tell us or even provide something yourself that may be of interest to others, you are always welcome to visit and see for yourself.

Log on to  have a listen read the wealth of information in the Web Site Pages, send us your comments, dedications, requests, think about joining us and making a valuable contribution.