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John Beech

I woulld like to keep a record of today's program on Comedy featuring my friend Brian Lloyd. I can listen via Windows Media Player on my W7 pc. Using the Windows Record  facility I can produce a WMA file. However I cannot then play this file. Is there some copy protect system or am I doing something wrong?

I would be grateful for your advice.




Vintage Radio Guys

Enjoying the music in Costa dell Heswall got the chairs out in the garden, sun shining, birds singing, all well with the world.


You'd better be good today Sandie, I'm listening......ha!  Have the glitches been fixed now?


Sue x

peter summers

hi I have been listening to the station for two days now I'm enjoying the music you're playing but I can only listen whilst streaming through the Internet unable to pick up the station where I live at St John's Park New South Wales but while I'm on an the net keep up a good selection of music 

Ernie's Biggest Fan!

Well done to everyone involved in Vintage Radio - you have all worked so hard and done a marvalous job.

I would just like to say what a super DJ Ernie Hardwick is. I know he also does the technical backstage work too so he's multi-talented! Well done Ernie - you're a star!

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