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Mary Scondane: Great Sing along with Stevie D

I had a great listen with some of my family a collection of Irish singalong music it was just right for an Easter weekend, many thanks Stevie D

bernie mcelvogue: team photos

Lovely pictures & lots of information, But, where are the pics. of the 'handsome` Budge Grounsel.

Robbie Matthews: Vintage Radio

A huge thank you to Sandy, Jim & Tom and all at Vintage Radio for having us on the show today, we had a great time and enjoyed the fun side of radio, 3 great guys and we are delighted you are supporting us as Community Organisers, We are more than happy to support Vintage Radio and hope to become regular guests and supporters of your station. Thanks guys

John Wreglesworth: Roger Wright's Wednesday Music Show

Let me say before anyone else that Roger's show today (4 February) with its 'hill' related tunes touched new peaks (or even Picos). Great show! I liked 'Joe Hill'. It's a pity that the theme music from Sly Stallone's most famous movies couldn't be used as the Rockies!

Mary: Schedules

I like the new Saturday Schedule, its good to have a variety of voice and many different presenters. But I think there should be a t least a month between repeated programmes. Why not ask the public for some contributions in the form of short stories and anecdotes.

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