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Mary: Schedules

I like the new Saturday Schedule, its good to have a variety of voice and many different presenters. But I think there should be a t least a month between repeated programmes. Why not ask the public for some contributions in the form of short stories and anecdotes.

Mary Scondane: Improved Saturday Schedule

Like the new Saturday Schedule, it is good to widen the variety and scope of the output, I understand that the many repeats is because you have very limited supply of fresh material. Why not ask the public to make donations of things like letters or stories to be read out over the air waves.

Hans Larsen: Film Soundtrack Show

Hi There That show on Film Soundtracks was just great! Brilliant music, great presentation with lots of knowledge on the subject. Great listening! Thanks to the DJ from a (totally unbiased elder brother) Hans Larsen

Linda marshall: Fridays Kevin

Love Friday Breakfast with kevin keep up the good work xxxx

Mary Scondane: Repete Programmes

Why are there so many repeated programmes on Monday and what are the references to a waveband that I cannot get on my radio.


Response from Vintage Radio 24th Feb 2014:


"We like to re-use our extensive back catalogue of programmes, as does any other broadcaster, but sometimes we miss the reference to a waveband when checking the programmes for re-broadcast or its not possible to remove it without a lot of editing. We hope to go back onto the radiowaves (VHF FM) but costs and in particular a lack of spare frequencies in our part of the UK preclude this for the time being." 

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