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primus88: Relatives

I have some relatives in Australia, and they have tuned in at some amazing time of the day and managed to recored part of our programmes on a "Live Day" they like to hear about local events and of course some familiar accents. "Good on Yer Sport"


I just want to say - I'm 25 and I love this radio station!


Studio looks good, and everything looking tidy, one or two small jobs to complete yet.

But we are up and running with Mimium off off time, thanks to the technical team.

Brian Lloyd

I am writing to thank Fred and Bert for the excellent quality of their recording of me giving my talk at Bebington Library in February. I and my family and some friends listened to the broadcast yesterday and we were really impressed.

I was made to feel very much at ease in the interview, and was pleased with the way the atmosphere and audience interest was captured by you. I shall be continuing with my talk ' Now There's a Funny Thing', in aid of Claire House and look forward to receiving the disc in due course.

Brian Lloyd 

John Beech

I woulld like to keep a record of today's program on Comedy featuring my friend Brian Lloyd. I can listen via Windows Media Player on my W7 pc. Using the Windows Record  facility I can produce a WMA file. However I cannot then play this file. Is there some copy protect system or am I doing something wrong?

I would be grateful for your advice.



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