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Sylvia Cheevers: Gerry Murphy's Soul Show

Hi..thank you for your response...I did tune in and out of the show that was on on Friday between 6 and 8 but couldn't hear any of Gerry's Show. Also Gerry said on his Acoustic Lounge Show that he would be recording them for over Christmas...they don't appear to be on the schedule at all...will they be on next week perhaps? Regards Sylvia Cheevers This captcha is terrible...4th time of trying.

Sylvia Cheevers: Gerry Murphy's Soul Show

It's very disappointing when you put a show on your schedule and then don't actually put the show on! Gerry told us he would be away but a recorded version of his show would be on on Friday between 6 and 8 pm but it wasn't and I didn't hear any explanation/reason. And what on earth is the image verification below supposed to be!!!! Do you not actually want any comments? Fifth time of trying...

Reply from Vintage Radio 29/12/13

Dear Sylvia, We are sorry you weren't able to hear Gerry Muphy's show on their usual schedule. We put out a special Christmas schedule this week as you will have seen in our schedule listing and we should perhaps have made it clearer that this was the case. We did, however, broadcast two of Gerry's Soul Coaxin' shows on Thursday 26th in the afternoon starting at 2pm and also on Friday evening starting at 7pm.

As far as the images at the bottom of the post form are concerned. We get a terrible problem with SPAM and this is just one of the many ways we have to use to keep the SPAM posts down to a manageable level.

graham: showa

great shows,great presenters,always a good line up of music both old and new,and great compatitions.

james roland
reall enjoyed todays interview with William! cannot wait to hear him again!is the Facebbok page Online?

Agnes Fitzgerald
I just want to chat with Stu... Done it before but cant rem how I started! Love the music thank you Stu

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