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I was having a listen to Vintage online last night and was surprised that I enjoyed it, although I am target audience being well into my fifties. Most community stations try and emulate the big boys and fail, but your station has a distinctive character. I really liked the older voices and conversational tone which were "comforting" (best word I can think of for it).

Neil Cameron

Hi Sandy,


Enjoyed hearing your Irish music show just now,

look forward to the next prgramme,


all the best, from Neil and Jack Cameron, Sussex by the Sea

robert jackson

HELLO, IWOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE concerned  with my Special People`s interview with ALWYN HIND broadcast on 17 March.THANKS MIKE  for new impressive web .I like the way  the photos enlarge and stand out.However there is one mistake .Blue Dusk acrylic painting is actually upside down.


                   Robert Jackson,artist

Howie (Vintage Radio Presenter)

Great to see that we are picking up new listeners all the time. Peter (Roberts) please tell all your family and friends about us as that is the best advertising we can have. The presenter's name is ERNIE not Eddie Hardwick by the way, not that that would upset our Ernie.

Peter Roberts

Hello, My name is Peter Roberts and I was born in Liverpool in 1949 but sadly left when I was 20 years old.

You have a great website with lots of information that is easy to find. I found your website on the internet and love it, I am listening to Eddie Hardwick at the moment talking to people about Liverpool in the 50/60's and it is bringing back so many memories. Eddie is good and the people seem to be enjoying sharing their experiences with him.

Until finding your radio station I was listening to Angel Radio in Portsmouth where the programmes are introduced by local older folk, but now I have found Vintage Radio I am going to stick with you.

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